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Mi pequeño negocio.

Mi pequeño negocio.

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Published by aliekmarie

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Published by: aliekmarie on May 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fio`ndi hn R~nxi _`kiHnrjxjendxi hn Nh~kjk`ûd
$E` rnz~núi dnfik`i
 Mn`cj E$ _ihåf~nw _ihåf~nwN{k~ncj [~rn`i Rjx`j Cjxin _jeånwHj$ Q`cej [njdi Qjfj{?< hn ejwi hn ?2:?
~`nd h`kn z~n cj{ e~gnn{ –di―
ljknd nc e`{ei xjojgi kid cj e`{ej nankx`q`hjhz~n ci{ lieon{$ Pi h`fi ci kidxj`i p rjj n{i n{xip# rjj kieriojci$ K~jdhi {n xjxjhn {jc`{n hn ci diej p ci kj{~jc jz~å n{xip# {`nern j{`ndhi cj n|knrk`ûd j cj{ diej{# iengi h`kli hn cj{ ki{x~eon{$ N{xj{ ki{x~eon{ ljd {`hi nf`hj{ ri cj {ik`nhjh# kcjiz~n lip håj cj{ e~gnn{ cn{ lnei{ hnei{xjhi j n{j {ik`nhjh ejkl`{xj z~n di{ixj{ kieie~gnn{ {iei{ `f~jc hn na`k`ndxn{ nd xihi xjojgi kiei ci {id ci{ lieon{$
–E` rnz~núi dnfik`i― {n x`
R`dmp Kj Vj{l#
nc k~jc xjxj n|ridn e` {nq`k`i jcj{ rn{idj{ z~n dnkn{`xnd p z~`njd ejdxndn c`er`i {~ j~xieûq`c$ N{xn xjojgidiejcendxn {n n{ kidik`hi kiei ~dj cjoi ej{k~c`dj# n{ o`nd ji qn z~n n{xn {nj nc
xjojgi hn ~dj aàe`dj$ N{ ri n{xi z~n en `dxnn{û njc`wj p ~x`c`wj n{xj cjoi nd –E` rnz~núi dnfik`i―$ N{ n{xn nc eix`qi z~n en `d{r`i rjj njc`wj n{xn xjojgi z~n e~kli{
lieon{ {n knnd z~n di {n r~nhn ljkn o`nd ri nc {`ercn nkli hn {n e~gn$ [nà ~deihnci j {nf~` rjj xihj{ cj{ e~gnn{ p jhneê{# hn ~di hn e`{ rirû{`xi{ r`dk`rjcn{ z~nn{ ioxndn fjdjdk`j{ nd e` dnfik`i# cn{ hnei{xjn j cj {ik`nhjh ejkl`{xj z~n cj{ e~gnn{n{xjei{ xixjcendxn jrxj{ rjj n{xn x`ri hn cjoi$Ljocjdhi hn eix`qi{ p rirû{`xi{# nc eix`qi ej{ `erixjdxn n{ ioxndn fjdjdk`j{hn kjhj dnfik`i p nc rirû{`xi n{ knj kidk`ndk`j p eiqn ljk`j hncjdxn cj nkidieåj hncrjå{$ Cj nkidieåj n{ cj z~n e~nqn nc r~noci# nc rjå{ p nc e~dhi ndxni$ [`d ~d {`{xnejnkidûe`ki di {n`j ri{`ocn ioxndn o`ndn{ d` {nq`k`i{ qjcijhi{ kinkxjendxn$E` {nq`k`i n{ rjj cj kie~d`hjh$ N{ ~d xjojgi {n`i p kierienx`hi kid nckc`ndxn$ Cj n{rid{jo`c`hjh hn k~`hj kinkxjendxn ~d j~xieûq`c n{ e~p fjdhn# p jp~hjj cj kie~d`hjh o`dhêdhicn{ n{xn {nq`k`i n{ e` cjoi$ Nc k~`hjhi rnk`{i p kinkxi hn ~dj~xieûq`c di {`nern {n cn n{ o`dhjhi ri z~n nc x`neri p cj{ ik~rjk`idn{ h`j`j{ di cirne`xnd$ Rnd{jdhi nd cj q`hj xjd jgnxnjhj z~n q`q`ei{ xihi{# knn n{xn dnfik`i kiei ~d{nq`k`i rjj nc ondna`k`i hn cj{ rn{idj{$ Jz~å n{ hidhn {n hne~n{xj cj `erixjdk`j hnn{xn dnfik`i# jp~hj# {nq` p jlij nc x`neri hnc kc`ndxn$ Qncj ri nc ondna`k`i hn e`{kc`ndxn{ n{ e` enxj$
Rcjd hn xjojgi
_njc`wjn ~dj rieik`ûd nd cj kie~d`hjh p nd nc r~noci hn [jd[noj{x`êd$?$
Nd e` jfndhj jdixjn cj{ k`xj{ hn kjhj kc`ndxn$;$
Ri cj c`er`nwj n|xn`i hn ~d kji kiojn (0$22 p {` nc kc`ndxn hn{njz~n c`er`n nc ênj `dxn`i hnc j~xi cn kiojn jc kc`ndxn (:?$22$8$
Ri cj c`er`nwj n|xn`i hn ~dj f~jf~j kiojn (:;$22 p{` nc kc`ndxn hn{nj z~n c`er`n nc ênj `dxn`i hnc j~xi cn kiojn jckc`ndxn (:1$22$>$
Nc kc`ndxn hnonê hn xjn nc j~xieûq`c j e` lifj rjj njc`wj nc{nq`k`i$1$
Hn di rihn nc kc`ndxn ccnfj j e` kj{j# jkihjnei{ ~d r~dxi `dxnenh`ip jkkn{`ocn rjj k~erc` kid e`{ {nq`k`i{$6$
Cj{ fjdjdk`j{ ioxnd`hj{ {n nrjx`êd rjj joidj jc rà{xjei hn e`ejeê# kierj jkkn{i`i{ p ejxn`jcn{ dnkn{j`i{ rjj nc dnfik`i p nc{iojdxn {n jlijj$
E` iognx`qi r`dk`rjc n{ z~n nc kc`ndxn z~nhn xixjcendxn {jx`{ankli kid cjcjoi njc`wjhj$
Enh`jdxn nc xjojgi hnh`kjhi n{rni ioxndn fjdjdk`j{ rjj e`{dnkn{`hjhn{ rn{idjcn{$
J xjqà{ hn e` rnz~núi dnfik`i cifjn nc nkidik`e`ndxi nd e`kie~d`hjh$
C~nfi hn njc`wj e` rnz~núi dnfik`i# rihn kidx`d~j kid n{xn p {nf~`ioxnd`ndhi fjdjdk`j{$
Ioxndn eê{ fjdjdk`j{ hn cj{ n{rnjhj{$

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