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Passing Clouds ep3

Passing Clouds ep3

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Published by Anjana
Episode three is here!
Episode three is here!

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Published by: Anjana on May 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Passing Clouds 
Written By: Anjana
 Episode Three
Chapter one
Okay so my best friend likes my father’s enemy’s son. I don’t seewhy I should be freaking out about that! It’s not like I like him orsomething… but I’m just bothered! And I don’t even know thereason. I’m just in one of those confused mind states right 
I’ve Physical Education after lunch. So I walk up to the girls change
room and get dressed for P.E. Have I ever mentioned how much I
hate P.E? and How much I don’t fit in? And I hate P.E. more when Idon’t have anyone I know with me. I wish I had Ale
x or Bella with
me but it turns out that I don’t have any class with Alex and just two
classes with Bella!
I don’t even like the P.E. uniform! This shorts is way too short. It 
barely covers any part of my leg apart from my ass! I shut my lockerand go join with the other girls and guys in the gym. I recognize afew of them from my earlier classes.
“We’re going to play volleyball today” says Coach Michael. Great!And now I’m going to play some sport I’ve never tried in my life. I
barely attend any P.E classes in my Middle School. I always call insick or something.
“So how many of you have played Volley Ball before?” asks Coachand a couple of hands go up. “For those who haven’t played volley
ball before, Here are the instructions; No matter what happens just 
try to push the ball away from you!” he says and bounces the ball up
in the air and punches it with a clenched fist and the ball goes to
other side of the court with great force. I’m amused by his power!
“As Simple as that” he says and walks away. Th
ere are totally twovolley b
all courts. “Girls on the left court and guys on the right court”
Says the coach. I, not knowing what to do just stand in the right side

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