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Country Labor Dialogue - May 2012

Country Labor Dialogue - May 2012

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Published by NSW Labor
You can view the May Country Labor Dialogue here.
You can view the May Country Labor Dialogue here.

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Published by: NSW Labor on May 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ct LbdLg
CCg Cu Cmmus – m 2012
ecently, the Coalition andthe green teaed p to paa law to ban donation roeeryone other than indiidalon the electoral roll.
 This means that unions andcommunity organisations, whohave traditionally supportedLabor, are no longer able toparticipate in the political process.Under these laws, the Your Rightsat Work campaign would beillegal – unions can’t pool fundsand run political campaigns.We need your help.We need lots of small donationsto counteract the Liberals’ andNationals’ wealthy donor base. You can join the Chiey Forum asa Country Member for just $100today and your donation will helpus raise the $200,000 we needfor our Fighting Fund. Thank you for all that you do.
Cortney oche
CUNTRY RNR The Chiey Forum offers youan opportunity to be part of theprogressive community.By joining the Chiey Forum as acountry member, you will be able to:Network with other progressivepeople in government, businessand the community;njoy exclusive access to an onlinelive stream of two events includingthe launch with Bob Hawke; andhare comments online with othersupporters across NW. s part of your $100 membershipyou will also receive a welcome packincluding a membership card and keyring and a regular newsletter.
For ore inoration phone anda on (02) 9207 2000 or eail
meae ro theContry ranier
Join the Chifey Fora a contry eber
NSW Labor has just launched the
Chifey Forum.
 As a country member you can join for
 just $100.
’Farrell goernent attackarer concerned abot Csg
Planning Minister Brad Hazzardhas launched an extraordinaryattack on farmers across NW –claiming the Farmers ssociationis ‘irrelevant’ because of theiropposition to Coal eam as andhis strategic land use policy.Hazard told the BC news thatfarmers, “should buy relevance andget back in the process instead of  just sniping from the sidelines.”“Farmers have every right to beangry – the strategic land usepolicy delivered by the ’Farrellovernment couldn’t be furtherfrom what they were promised bythe Premier prior to the election,”hadow Planning Minister, LindaBurney said.“The Planning Minister can hardlycriticise the people of regional NWfor highlighting a series of brokenelection promises in his strategicland use policy.” The Planning Minister has shownno respect for his own consultationprocess with his attack on thefarmers who disagree with his policy. The contribution of allstakeholders needs to beconsidered. NW cannot havea senior ’Farrell overnmentMinister attacking one side of theequation just because he doesn’tlike what they have to say.Recently the National Party wasforced to make a submissionopposing its own governmentpolicy because it is such aresounding departure from itselection commitments.
Planning Minister Brad Hazzard has launched an extraordinary attack onfarmers across NSW – claiming the Farmers Association is ‘irrelevant’ becauseof their opposition to Coal Seam Gas and his strategic land use policy.
speakin in rane, Laborshadow miniter or Priaryndtrie, stee Whan deandedthe ’Farrell goernent andational meber ndrew geekeep their proie to retain all jobat the local Departent o Priaryndtrie oce.
“n at least two occasions the NWPrimary ndustries Minister has refusedto conrm that she and the ’Farrellovernment will keep their promise,”teve Whan said.During the election campaign, ndrewee was unequivocal there wouldbe no jobs cuts at the DP in rangeunder an ’Farrell overnment.“The question is why is he backingaway from this promise now andcalling on his own government to keepto this commitment? This is hardly thesign of a local member valued andrespected by his coalition colleagues,”teve Whan said.
Johnober tona y Coalseamgaminin hould no t be allo wed un tila  wa ter- tih treula tor y  rame worki inplace baed on independen tcien ti fcreearch and conclui ve e vidence.
hreat to DP jobin rane
Source: Central Western Daily 
’Farrellgoernentilent onradioactiePacicHihway ite
serio qetion needto be anwered aterpected radioactieaterial wa nearthed bythe Pacic Hihway, northo Port macqarie.
Road workers werehospitalised after coming intocontact with the material. The NW Labor ppositionrevealed the tenderdocuments for the PacicHighway at Herons Creekincluded a requirement toremove contaminated wastefrom the site.Why did the ’Farrellovernment fail to get itremoved before it wasunearthed by road workers?“t is now clear why it tookthe Minister more than twoweeks to come clean aboutthe incident and announce aninvestigation – he didn’t wantanyone to nd out that the’Farrell overnment knewabout the contaminatedwaste all along,” JohnRobertson said.Roads Minister Duncan ayknows a whole lot moreabout this issue than he isletting on.
DvLPg FFCvgL PLC
stee Whan write …
 had the pleare opendin a cople o dayrecently at the staininral Conitieconerence in arrabri.
The key questions we needto think about are what arewe trying to achieve? Are wetrying or the grand vision,overcoming the imbalanceo population that sees ourcoastal areas overwhelmedwith a difcult inrastructuretask? Or are we just trying toensure our small country townsare still there and that thereis someone there to produceour ood and minerals in a ewyears time?It’s really only the WhitlamGovernment that has goneanywhere even close to thefrst, with regional growthcentres and the Departmento Urban and RegionalDevelopment. Personally Iadmire that sort o vision, butI’m not confdent that we willsee anything like that in thenext decade.How much shouldgovernment’s intervene?Obviously there are limits.We won’t see good resultsi we encourage a cultureo blaming government orperceived problems andexpecting government to fx it. A community that sits angrilywaiting or the government tofx their problem will probablyend up disappearing.What works are communitieswho come up with – and drive– their own solutions, theyleverage whatever governmentassistance and advice isavailable and they usuallyhave great eedback on howto improve the delivery ogovernment services.NSW Labor made a start onthat with the ‘Building theCountry’ program a ew yearsago but I accept that it neededto be developed urther. OurLabor colleagues in the Bracksand Brumby Government’sdid it in a much morecomprehensive way with their‘blueprint’ policy or regional Victoria.The O’Farrell Governmenthas, so ar, gone nowherenear the ideal with a series oone-liners like ‘the decade odecentralisation’ that have nocohesive policy detail.Our challenge is to makeregional policy something thatis properly thought through andproduces long-term results.
hi i a condened eriono stee’ blo. o readthe ll erion iitwww.contrylabor.co.a.

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