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International Threats to Health Freedom

International Threats to Health Freedom



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Published by stopcodex

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Published by: stopcodex on Dec 21, 2008
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International Threats to Health Freedomhttp://www.iahf.com/world1 z 92008-12-03 15:08
Codex International Threat To Health Freedom
(Note: Codex also covered in other categories)
Response to a Good Question: Clarification on CODEX - What is IS- What isNOT - Why the Confusion- John Hammell - August 20, 2003 Bury CODEX From Dr. Raths New Website!!!!- John Hammell - March28, 2000Automatically send a form letter to every member of every CODEX delegation onthe vitamin issue with just one mouse click!!!!Astroturf - Chilean style:Chilean Health Freedom Fighters Identify Pattern of Pharmaceutical Control of Vitamin Trade Association That We're Seeing WorldWide - John Hammell and Matthew Pinkerton - January 21, 2000Expanded, Updated Eye Witness Account: The Battle in Seattle- I've just returnedfrom a history making demonstration in Seattle in which thousands of demonstrators, angered by the gross injustice represented by the World TradeOrganization, succeeded in seriously disrupting the first day of the WTOMinisterial Conference here, forcing the WTO to cancel the first day of thescheduled week long meeting. - John Hammell - December 4, 1999BIOPIRACY (The Theft Of Traditional Healer's Knowledge) CODEX ALERT-Anthony Rees (with intro by John Hammell) - May 4, 1999NutraCON '99- The Selling Out of the Vitamin Industry- John Hammell - April28, 1999Codex Best Understood and Opposed Via Macro View- John Hammell -November 6, 1998The Key to FDA's Letter to Congress on Codex- How FDA is MisleadingEveryone!!- John Hammell - November 2, 1998FDA Lies in Letter on Codex to Ron Paul and Other Members of Congress - IAHFResponds to FDA's Letter to Ron Paul - Requests Oversight Hearing- JohnHammell - November 1, 1998Dramatic Restrictions to Our Herbs and Vitamins via Codex Alimentarius - Panelat Total Health 98- Consumer Health Organization of Canada - November 1998Freemasonry a Benevolent Force for Good? Codex Viewed Against This Facade-John Hammell - October 28, 1998What to do Now to Get Oversight/ Light in the Eastern Sky- John Hammell -October 9, 1998Yetley Has No Response to My Rebuttal of Her Rebuttal- John Hammell -October 8, 1998 Codex Showdown in Berlin Points to Dire Need for CongressionalOversight of FDA as Dr Rath Files Complaint with International Court of Justice-John Hammell - October 7, 1998The Suppression of Orthomolecular Medicine/Website for JOM/FDA OversightEffort- John Hammell - October 7, 1998
International Threats to Health Freedomhttp://www.iahf.com/world2 z 92008-12-03 15:08
 Urgent Matter of Life or Death! Dr Rath Berlin Tribunal InformationProvided- John Hammell - October 2, 1998More Proof of the Global Harmonization Scam to Wipe Out Access to Vitamins.Destruction of Health Freedom in South Africa to be Announced October 9th inPretoria- John Hammell - October 2, 1998The Front Door for the Rath Site is www.rath.nl Prayers Needed for Matthias Rath- John Hammell - October 1, 1998IG Farben Still Alive - See Dr Matthias Rath's Website!!! Codex OversightImperative- John Hammell - September 30, 1998FDA Caught Lying on Video - Oversight Badly Needed Over Codex Comments.Dr Rath Presents Documentation Charging Pharmaceutical Genocide: Names Kohl,Others. Huge Demonstration With Over 1000 German Demonstrators PicketedCodex Meeting- John Hammell - September 29, 1998 Urgent to Congressman De Fazio: Congressional Oversight Needed onFDA Codex Comments- John Hammell - September 19, 1998New England Journal of Medicine Attacks Vitamins - Mainstream Press Runs theStory- John Hammell - September 17, 1998Doctors Urge Herbal Treatment Tests: NY Times Attacks Us Again!- JohnHammell - September 16, 1998Ask Congress to Sign onto Ron Paul's Oversight Letter: FDA Checked on BadCodex Move- John Hammell - September 16, 1998Abridged Version of FDA Document From Hell Can Be Found Here- JohnHammell - September 16, 1998 FDA is Pushing for Maximum Potency Limits at Codex: SimpleInstructions: We Must Flood Enclosed Form Letter in this Week!!- John Hammell- September 15, 1998Caught Red Handed! FDA Codex Comments Reveal Subterfuge- John Hammell -September 9, 1998The Whole Herb to Drug Takeover Scam Explained in Simple Terms- JohnHammell - September 5, 1998CNN Wants U.S. Herbs Regulated as "Drugs" Like in Germany - Quotes Schwabe- John Hammell - September 3, 1998German Embassy Wants FDA to Turn Herbs into "Drugs". See Letter Enclosed!!-John Hammell - August 30, 1998Protest Now!! Codex Meeting to be Held in Germany September 21-25th. AntiGerman Codex Vitamin Proposal Form Letter Enclosed- John Hammell - August23, 1998Urgent Codex & Comments Period Update - CSPI Urges FDA to Back GermanCodex Proposal- John Hammell - August 23, 1998Open Letter to Helmut Kohl German CODEX Vitamin Proposal Threatens LivesWorld Wide: Must be Withdrawn Immediately!!- John Hammell - June 07, 1998Codex Update: Multi-Nationals Targeting National- By John Hammell -December 22, 1997Due to our successful efforts at the international level in getting the German Codexproposal knocked back to step 3, when they tried to move it to Step 5, the
International Threats to Health Freedomhttp://www.iahf.com/worldz 92008-12-03 15:08
multi-nationals have REDOUBLED their takeover campaign at the national levelall over the world. Give this articles to your local health food store and urge themto tune in to the truth!!Anti Codex Library Burned to Ground - Suspicious Fire Guts Law Loft / American Freedom Network - By John Hammell - November 30, 1997A suspicious fire which occurred on Saturday night, November 29th in Johnstown,Colorado gutted the building housing the Law Loft - home of anti Codexresearchers Suzanne Harris JD and Peter Ludwell along with Patriot Radio StationKHNC - the American Freedom Network. Your financial help is desperatelyneeded. For further updates go toLaw Loft Relief Fund.Ted Susu-Mago on Codex- November 26, 1997 - Although what is happening atthe Codex commission meetings is critical, in many respects the American public'sattention should be focused on equally important domestic issues which it has abetter chance of constructively influencing.Consideration of Codex Alimentarius Standards- October 2, 1997 - The Food andDrug administration is announcing that it is considering the amendment of itsregulations that establish procedures for review and evaluation of standardsadopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Your comments due now.Email Addresses of SenateRebuttal To FDA's Memo Which Asserts That Codex Poses No Threat ToAmerican Vitamin Consumers- By John Hammell - September 15, 1997CDSL Pushes Codex Harmonization:Form Letter at End of Article Helps Us FightBack! - By John Hammell - September 14, 1997 - In an effort to harmonize withCodex, the multinational pharmaceutical industry is manipulating the PresidentiallyAppointed Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels, to the detriment of thepublic health.Breaking News: Are Haeger and Winter of Citizens For Health Misinforming theAmerican Public on Codex???- By John Hammell - August 29, 1997 - SusanHaeger and Craig Winter of Citizens for Health will be addressing a nationallysyndicated radio show about the Codex International Threat to Health Freedom,which they seem to think poses no threat to consumers (!!!)Codex Cassette Available- August 28, 1997 - Get the TAPE to amend S.830 inUSA!Codex URLs That Assist In Better Understanding Threat to Health Freedom-August 27, 1997Clarification on: German Proposal Pushed Back to Step 3 in Geneva- By JohnHammell - July 12, 1997.German Proposal Pushed Back to Step 3 in Geneva- By John C. Hammell - July11, 1997 - International Advocates for Health Freedom spurs world-wide grassroots movement which drives German Codex proposal back to Step 3. Also,Suzanne Harris JD of The Law Loft, reports on the Geneva Codex meeting.Will Codex Harmonization End Health Freedom Worldwide?- By John C.Hammell - April 25, 1997 - Canadian battle for health freedom rages. Updatesfrom many countries & guide to fight back.Codex International Threat To Health Freedom: Report From Bonn, Germany- By

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