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Dubow Digest American Edition May 8, 2012 A

Dubow Digest American Edition May 8, 2012 A

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Published by Eugene DuBow

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Published by: Eugene DuBow on May 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10 Voorhis Point, South Nyack, NY (845)353-1945
 AMERICAN EDITIONMay 8, 2012Dear Friends:I waited to put this edition “to bed” until the AJC annual meeting (now called theGlobal Forum) finished. It was quite an event with 1300 people signed up to attendand quite a few more on hand as visitors.Germany got star billing. Two of its leading government officials, Interior Minister Hans Peter Friedrich and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle gave importantaddresses.The Westerwelle speech was particularly noteworthy because he clearly laid outGermany’s position on the Middle East. He said
, “It is on the firm foundation of remembrance and shared ideals that Germany maintains its unique relationship withthe State of Israel.The roots of our relationship lie in the past: Together with Israel we are committed to preserving the memory of the Holocaust for future generations and to countering anti-Semitism across the globe.Our relationship is forward looking. Germany and Israel are partners and friends.We are partners and friends because Israel is a vibrant democracy. To this day,Israel is the only full-fledged democracy in the region. I am proud that today German-Israeli ties are closer and stronger than ever.We want to see Israel as a respected neighbor in a Middle East that is finally at  peace. And yet the Iranian regime continues to threaten Israel with annihilation. I want youto know that we will continue to stand by Israel's side. We will not remain silent when
Israel is threatened or its legitimacy called into question. We will stand up whenever Israel is unfairly singled out in multilateral fora. And we will denounce any incitement against the State of Israel and its right to exist.The current Iranian nuclear program represents an enormous danger. We do not deny or question Iran's right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Every claim tothe contrary by the Iranian regime is nothing but propaganda. But we cannot and will not accept an Iranian nuclear weapon. It would represent not only a threat to Israel but to the region as a whole. And it would undermine the global non- proliferationregime, a cornerstone of global security. That is why we are investing tremendousefforts into resolving this challenge. Our aim is simple: We need substantive and verifiable guarantees that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon.
That is about as clear as it gets. I don’t think anyone could ask for more.Let’s get on with the news…IN THIS EDITIONTHE ELECTIONS – France and Schleswig-Holstein went to the polls. Neither onecame out very well for Chancellor Merkel. Thus far, no one can figure out whathappened in Greece.THE GREAT KORAN GIVEAWAY – Giving away religious literature is one thing. If itcomes with a political message it’s something else.GERMAN CITIZENSHIP – FOR HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR DESCENDANTS – It’s ahot ticket. 67 years ago no one would have believed it. A PIRATE UPDATE: CAUSE FOR CONCERN? – Even if a few Pirates give up their cutlasses for neo-Nazi politics that’s a problem.GRASS FIRE: STILL BURNING – How could a Nobel Prize winner be so stupid? Ittook 84 years and more than 60 of them as a hidden Waffen SS member to getwhere he got.MEIN KAMPF: IT’S BACK! – To book stores and schools across Germany.NEO-NAZIS MOVE WEST – Western Germany catches Nazi bug which was onlyknown in the East.ISRAELIS & GERMANS: A NEW RELATIONSHIP? – They love Berlin.THE ELECTIONS2
This past Sunday two elections, one in France, the other in the small German stateof Schleswig-Holstein, had a direct effect on the national German political scene.By this time you have already read or heard that France will have a new Socialistpresident, Francois Hollande. President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel donot come out of the same orientation. Merkel is a genuine conservative who hasstressed austerity in order for nations in Europe to save themselves from crushingdebt and the financial disasters that the worldwide recession has brought about.On the other hand, according to
 AP, "Hollande inherits an economy that's a driver of the European Union but is deep in debt. He wants more government stimulus, and more government spending in general, despite concerns in the markets that Franceneeds to urgently trim its huge debt.
The two leaders will have to learn to get along with each other in order to prevent aneven worse financial disaster. We'll have to wait and see how it goes.The Schleswig-Holstein election is more complicated. From what I can see each of the two largest political parties won a little and lost a little. It appears that the CDU,the Chancellor's party came out with the largest vote and, indeed, their naturalpartner the business oriented FDP got enough of a vote to stay in the stateparliament. However, they did not get enough to continue the coalition they formedto rule since the last election so that coalition has ended. Kaput!The SPD, the other large party (socialist) came in second to the CDU but the finalresult was very close. They have more of a possibility of forming a coalition with theGreens who did well but not well enough to nail down enough parliament seats tomake a two party coalition. They might be able to entice a small local party, theSouth Schleswig Party to join them and that would be enough for a majority. If thatdoesn't work there is the possibility of a "Grand Coalition" between the CDU and theSPD. However, at the moment there needs to be a lot of horse trading on jobs andpolicy so we'll have to wait to see how it all shakes out.Interestingly, the Pirate Party, about whom I have written much, got enough votes tobe in the parliament. However, I have not read that any of the large parties wantthem in a coalition. Maybe they are where I am in trying to understand the Pirates --a state of confusion -- and do not want to chance getting too close to them.However, this is the third state parliament in which they have won seats and, as theysay on Broadway, "That ain't chopped liver!". After all is said and done, the result was not a good one for the CDU and theChancellor. She loses more power in the upper house of the parliament, theBundesrat which is made up of representatives from the states. However, we're still16 or 17 months away from the national election so much can happen before then.
 As far as Greece is concerned, the situation is so muddled and confused it’s hard tofigure out the implications for Germany, Israel or the Jews other than the fact that a3

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