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Advertisement Rubric

Advertisement Rubric

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Published by kaseytextor

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: kaseytextor on May 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creating an Advertisement!!!
In your small group you will be creating a new product and an advertisement for your product in order to have othersinterested in buying the newest thing on the market! You must have
criteria in order to receive a passing grade for this project (3.0).Please make sure that you are using your class time wisely or else your group will have to get together outside of school.All members of the group will have a role to play. On the day your group presents you will need to turn in your product questions,
newspaper ad and a list of each person’s job and contribution to the group.
You will not only be graded by your teacher but also by yourclassmates! They are going to grade whether or not they would buy your product!Questions about your Product: THESE QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED AND TURN IN THE DAY YOU PRESENT YOUR PRODUCT!!!!
What is the product?2.
What is the product’s name?
What does the product do?4.
What age group is this product geared towards?5.
Who would benefit from this product? Why do you think this group of people would want this product in their home?6.
What strategies would you use to get people to buy your product?7.
Where your product would be sold? (ex. only on-line, at stores and if so what stores?)8.
What type of persuasion tactics will you use to persuade people that your product is the best?!
Group Jobs:
Please give each member in your group a job and write down each person’s job on your final project you turn in.
Task Manager:2.
Time Keeper:4.
Rater:See the Rubric Below to understand the expectations of every grade you can receive. If you have any questions please see your homeroomteacher to clarify.
What you are beinggraded on1.0 expectations 2.0 expectations 3.0 expectations 4.0 expectationsCreating your Product 
You created a product that is already on theshelves all over the world
and you didn’t create a
new ad for the product (meaning you are just using the same ad that astore already owns.)The audience is unsure of who this product isgeared towards. Youcannot describe what theproduct is or what is does.Your group created a flyerbut the spelling is not corrected, the flyer isextremely sloppy and it has no color.You have created aproduct that is alreadymade in this country,meaning it is not anoriginal but you came upwith a new ad
The product doesn’t focus
on one particulardemographic but on acouple different groups of people. You can describewhat the product is but not what it can do.Your product has a flyerthat makes people want tobuy your product but the
spelling isn’t all correct 
and it is sloppy.You have created aproduct that has not beenmade yet in our country.Meaning:
 The product focuses on aparticular demographicand you have focused on aspecial interest group.Your product has beenwell thought out and youhave been able todescribe how it is createdand the stores that carryyour product.Your product has a flyerto attract people to want to buy your product. It isspelled correctly and ismade neatly.Your group created aproduct that has neverbeen seen before!Your product focuses on aspecific demographic andyou can explain why that demographic was chosen.You can describe yourproduct to the class and it makes sense. (Meaningthat another person coulddescribe your product after telling them)You know where yourproduct will be sold in theUS and in other countriesover the world.Your team has createdmore than one flyer to sellyour product that wouldattract others to yourposter. Spelling is correct and each poster has beencreated neatly.
You Advertisement:Creating andPerforming!TV commercial, Radioand newspaper
Your group created an adto sell your product but the one ad you created
isn’t finished yet.(Meaning you don’t have
one full ad to put on TV orthe radio).Your advertisement is not memorized and everyperson in the group isstaring at their piece of paper when they present in front of the class.Your group has nonewspaper ad.
You didn’t think about 
your audience so thelanguage in your ad
doesn’t make sense with
what you are trying tosell.Your TV ad has a script but it is sloppy, people inthe group have different copies and it had to beused when performing.Members have not practiced their ad and arenot prepared.Your group created anadvertisement in order tosell your product andyour group only createdone ad in order to sellyour product. (Meaning it 
won’t get out to as many
people as possible).Your advertisement is not memorized all the waybut you know most of it when you present in front of your classmates.Your group has nonewspaper ad.You thought about your
audience but didn’
t use allof the correct images,language or symbols inorder to get theirattention.Your TV ad has a script,
but it’s not the final copy
and things have beenchanged in your adwithout being changed onyour script.Some members havepracticed, but not all.Your group has created anadvertisement in order tosell your product and youhave created two different advertisements in orderto reach as many peopleas possible.Your advertisement (if TV) is memorized andready to go on TV LIVE! Infront of your classmates.Your group as alsocreated a Newspaper adthat features your newproduct and is ready forprint.You have thought about your audience for each adAnd thought about howyou would use; language,sounds, images andsymbols.Your Newspaper ad isprofessional and neat.Ready to be sent to thepaper.Your TV ad has a script that people have beenpracticing from in orderto get your product sold!Your group has created anadvertisement in order tosell your product and youhave created 4 different ads in order to reach asmany people as possible!(TV, newspaper, magazineand radio).Your advertisement, bothTV and radio ismemorized and ready togo LIVE! In front of yourclassmates.Your newspaper andmagazine ad is ready forprint and needs nothingadd to it. It has beenprinted out on thecomputer and is not handmade.You have specificlanguage, sounds andimages in order to enticepeople to purchase yourproduct.Your TV and radio adshave a script that peoplehave practiced from inorder to have yourproduct sold!

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