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Elections Work[1]

Elections Work[1]

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Published by AffNeg.Com

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Published by: AffNeg.Com on Dec 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WDW 2008Connor, Dylan, Anthony, Brittany, AparElection D/A1/111
1NC-Obama Good Shell31NC-Obama Good Shell41NC-Obama Good Shell5Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-National Polling6Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Economy7Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-McCains Age8Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Women9Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Latinos10Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-African Americans11Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Iowa12Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Colorado13Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-New Jersey 14Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Wisconsin15Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Missouri16Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Michigan17Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Minnesota18Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-Ohio19Uniqueness-Obama Wins Now-A2: Swing States20Uniqueness-McCain Wins Now-National Polls21Uniqueness-McCain Wins Now-Independents22Uniqueness-McCain Wins Now-War on Terrorism23Uniqueness-McCain Wins Now-Obama Loses Voters24Uniqueness-McCain Wins Now-Missouri 25Links-Public Supports Alternative Energy Development26Links-Public Supports Alternative Energy Development27Links-Public Supports Alternative Energy Development28Links-Public Supports Wind Development29Links-Public Supports Nuclear Development30Links-Public Supports Ethanol Development31Links-Public Supports Ethanol Development32Links-Public Supports Solar Development33Links-Public Supports Solar Development34Links-Public Supports PTCs35Links-Public Supports Hydrogen Car Development36Links-Public Supports RPS37Internal Links-Bush Key to Election38Internal Links-Bush Key to Election39Internal Links-Bush Key to Election40Internal Links-Bush Key to Election41Internal Links-Bush Key to Election42Internal Links-Bush Key to Election432NC/1NR Link Module-Ohio44Ohio Exts. 452NC/1NR Link Module-Florida46Florida Exts. 472NC/1NR Link Module-Pennsylvania48Pennsylvania Exts. 492NC/1NR Link Module-Virginia502NC/1NR Link Module-Missouri512NC/1NR Link Module-Michigan52Link-Women Like Plan53Internal Link-Women Key to Election54Internal Link-Women Key to Election55Internal Link-Latinos Key to Election56Internal Link-Latinos Key to Election57Internal Link-Jewish Vote Key to Election58Internal Link-Jewish Vote Key to Election59Link-Evangelicals Like Plan60Internal Link-Evangelicals Key to Election61Link-Youth Like the Plan62
WDW 2008Connor, Dylan, Anthony, Brittany, AparElection D/A2/111
Internal Link-Youth Key to Election63Internal Link-Youth Key to Election64Internal Link-Libertarians Key to Election65Obama Good-Oil Prices 66Obama Good-Space Weapons 67Obama Good-Space Weapons Exts. 68Obama Good-NMD 69Obama Good-NMD Exts. 70Obama Good-CTBT71Obama Good-Space Exploration 72Obama Good-Leadership73Obama Good-Leadership Exts. 74Obama Good-Leadership Exts. 75Obama Good-Iraq Withdraw76Obama Good-Iraq Withdraw77Obama Good-Iraq Withdraw Exts. 78Obama Good-Bush Tax Cuts79Obama Good-Bush Tax Cuts80Obama Good-Bush Tax Cuts Exts. 81Obama Good-Hair Trigger Nuclear Weapons82Obama Good-Iran Strikes 83Obama Bad-Bush Tax Cuts84Obama Bad-Bush Tax Cuts85Obama Bad-Protectionism 86Obama Bad-Protectionism Exts. 87Obama Bad-Iraq Withdraw 88Obama Bad-Space Weapons89Obama Bad-NMD90
WDW 2008Connor, Dylan, Anthony, Brittany, AparElection D/A3/111
1NC Obama Good Shell
A. Uniqueness- Obama will win now, African American, Women and Youth voters, but it will becloseQuinnipiac 7/15
(2008, "Women, Blacks Give Obama 9-point Lead Over McCain",http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x1295.xml?ReleaseID=1192)With commanding leads among women and young voters and near unanimous support from black voters,Illinois Sen. Barack Obama has a 50 – 41 percent lead over Arizona Sen. John McCain, according to aQuinnipiac University national poll of likely voters released today. Independent voters split 44 – 44 percent,the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. Sen. McCain has a slight 47 – 44 percentedge among men voters and a larger 49 42 percent lead among white voters. But black voters backSen. Obama 94 – 1 percent, while women support him 55 – 36 percent. Obama leads 63 – 31 percent amongvoters 18 to 34 years old and 48 – 44 percent among voters 35 to 54, while voters over 55 split with 45percent for McCain and 44 percent for Obama. The Democrat gets 44 percent to the Republican’s 47 percentin red states, which went Republican by more than 5 percent in 2004, and leads 50 – 39 percent in purple orswing states. “Sen. Barack Obama’s national lead is solid – but it’s not monolithic,” said Maurice Carroll,director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “His support in the black community is about as close tounanimous as you can get. Politicians say that the only uncertainty will be turnout. Sen. John McCain leadsamong white voters. As is usually the case, the outcome probably will be decided in the middle, among theindependent voters, who are evenly split at this point.” About one-fifth of those who voted for New York Sen.Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries decline – so far, anyway – to come home to their party.” By a 55 –29 percent margin, likely voters nationwide have a favorable opinion of Obama. McCain gets a 50 – 31percent favorability.

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