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AP U.S. Unit 3 Exam + Answers

AP U.S. Unit 3 Exam + Answers

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Published by danwillametterealty

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Published by: danwillametterealty on May 07, 2012
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Unit III Exam1.Which of the following BEST reflected the idea of manifest destiny?a.The signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty b.Henry Clay’s position on Texas in the election of 1844c.the establishment of Texas as an independent republicd.the campaign platform of James Polk in 1844e.northern Whigs during the Mexican War 2.All of the following contributed to the conflict betweenMexico’s government and settlers in Texas in the early1830’s EXCEPTa.the collection of import duties b.the support for annexation by John Tyler and JamesPolk c.Mexico’s decision to abolish slavery in it’s territoryd.Mexico’s law requiring acceptance of the Catholic faithe.the coming of power of General Santa Anna3.The main reason for the U.S. delay in annexing Texaswas thea.Controversy over the boundary of Texas and Mexico b.Opposition of Great Britain and Francec.Independent spirit of the settlers in Texasd.Opposition in Congress to adding slave statese.Opposition in the Mexican government4.Which of the following was the LEAST important issuein the election of 1844?a.settlement of the Oregon borde b.acquisition of Californiac.rechartering the Bank of the United Statesd.reduction of the tariff e.annexation of Texas5.Which of the following was NOT a major consequenceof the U.S. war with Mexico?a.U.S. annexation of Texas b.Long-term Mexican resentment against the UnitedStatesc.Securing Texas’ southern border on the Rio Granded.Increased sectional tensions over slaverye.Cession of California and New Mexico to the UnitedStates6.Which of the following is a correct statement about theWilmot Proviso?a.It forbade the introduction of slavery into territoryacquired from Mexico b.It denied President Polk additional funds to conduct thewar with Mexicoc.It compromised differences between the North and theSouthd.It passed both houses of Congress but was vetoed by thePresidente.It was proposed by the Whigs to embarrass theDemocrats7.Which of the following is LEAST useful inarguing that territorial expansion was motivated by a desire to spread slavery?a.William Walker’s campaign in Nicaragua b.The Ostend Manifestoc.The slogan “Fifty-four Forty of Fight”d.The annexation of Texase.Opposition to the Wilmot Proviso8.During the settlement of the West, all of thefollowing were true EXCEPTa.the overland trails were used primarily by thevery poor  b.a large percentage of the western miners wereforeign bornc.the mountain men provided much of the earlyinformation about the Westd.In the 1830’s and 1840’, the U.S. governmentgave squatters the right to buy federal landse.The chief interest of most pioneering familieswho moved West was to engage in agriculture9.Which of the following had the greatest impacton transportation in the 1850’s?a.canal building b.improvements in the steamboatc.the expansion of railroadsd.the development of clipper shipse.changes in design of the overland wagon10.The first major transportation project linking theEast to the trans-Allegheny West was thea.Baltimore and Ohio Railroad b.National Roadc.Erie Canald.Lancaster Turnpikee.Clintons Big Ditch11.In the 1830’s and 1840’s, all of the followingwere generally true about immigration EXCEPTa.Most immigrants came from the British Isles and Northern Europe b.Improvements in ship technology made the oceanvoyage relatively cheap and fastc.The South attracted the least number of immigrantsd.An overwhelming majority of native bornAmericanse.Poorer immigrants lived in the cities while thosewith some money farmed in the West12.During the 1840’s, large numbers of Irishimmigrated to the United States mainly becauseof a.British persecutions in Ireland b.U.S. policies offering free landc.Support from the Irish American Aid Societyd.The development of textile mills in New England
e.Famine resulting from the failure of the potato crop13.Nativist reaction to immigration resulted in?a.The formation of the Know Nothing party b.The splitting of the Democratic – RepublicanPartyc.Major changes in the immigration lawsd.Increased immigration from Southern Europee.Greater sectional differences between Northand South14.All of the following restricted the growth of labor unions before the Civil War EXCEPTa.Increased numbers of immigrant workers b.Economic Depressionsc.Opposition of southern plantation ownersd.Judicial decisions15.Twenty years after the ratification of the U.S.Constitution, Congress prohibiteda.Slavery in all U.S. territories b.Slave ownership by Federal Employeesc.Immigrationd.Importation of slaves into the U.S. e.Efforts to change naturalization laws16.Which of the following activities was most commonly practiced by African Americans as a means of resistingslavery in the early 1800’s ?a.Sitdown strike b.Legal actionc.Political actiond.Armed revolte.Work slowdown17.The turnpikes, canals, and steamboats as newtransportation links generally encouraged all of thefollowing EXCEPTa.lowering of freight rates b.economic growthc.rising land valuesd.migration of peoplese.larger voter registration
Early 19
century educators included all of thefollowing excepta.John Dewey b.William H. McGuffeyc.Noah Websted.Emma Willarde.Horace Mann19.The growth in political democracy in the 1820s was duein part toa.the egalitarian ideas that had developed duringcolonial and Revolutionary times b.economic prosperityc.continued suspension of political partiesd.the abolition of the Electoral Collegee.the development of a Unicameral legislature20.Southerners feared the Tariff of 1828 becausea.it would hurt the manufacturing secto b.they believed that he federal power this bill represented could be used to suppress slaveryc.it might hurt Andrew Jackson’s politicalcareer d.they were convinced that it woulddestroy the American woolen industrye.the wealthy would lose some political power to the poorer masses21.The Second Great Awakening was characterized by all of the following EXCEPTa.Efforts to encounter the rationalism and disbelief of the Revolutionary era b.Belief in free will in combination with thedoctrine of original sinc.Efforts to appeal to people’s emotionsd.Growing unity among Protestants churchese.Widespread belief that the second coming oChrist was near 22.Which of the following is true of the Americantranscendentalists?a.Supported government actions and regulations asthe solution to social problems b.Argued for the importance of human intuitionand individualismc.Prosecuted for their radical viewsd.Belonged to an experimental commune that practiced plural marriagee.Played a leading role in the Second GreatAwakening23.According to the cult of domesticity, a women’s proper role wasa.Teaching in the growing number of free publicschools b.Balancing the obligations of family and career c.Striving toward social and economic equalitywith mend.Leading the movement for political and socialreforme.Acting as a moral leader and educator of thefamily24.The leading spokesperson for the tax-supported public school movement wasa.New Dow b.Joseph Smithc.Charles Finneyd.Horace Manne.Timothy Dwight25.All of the following were true of the temperancemovement EXCEPT
a.It was largely restricted to the southern states b.German and Irish immigrants often opposed themovementc.By the 1850’s, the movement advocated the legal prohibition of alcohold.The early leaders of the movement were Protestantclergymene.It was the most popular of the Jacksonian era reformmovements26.Dorothrea Dix was inspired to dedicate her life to ahumanitarian Crusade bya.The mistreatment of women factory workers b.Conditions in the poorly funded public schoolsc.Discovery of the confinement of the mentally ill inlocal jailsd.The lack of schools for the blind and deaf e.The increase suicide rate in Pennsylvania and NewYork prisons27.The abolitionist movement had the effect of a.Weakening white southerners’ attachment to slavery b.Converting most Americans to the abolitionist positionc.Increasing the chances for compromise between Northand Southd.Proving moral persuasion was more effective then political actione.Bringing the issue of slavery to the forefront of thereform movement28.William Lloyd Garrison and the American AntislaverySociety supporteda.Gradual emancipation of slaves without compensation toowners b.Immediate emancipation of slaves without compensationor emigrationc.Gradual emancipation of slaves with emigration to Asiad.Immediate emancipation of slaves with compensation toownerse.Violent overthrow of slavery in the south29.The Seneca Falls Convention was significant because ita.Initiated the religious revivals in the “burned-over district” b.Demanded the immediate abolition of slaveryc.Issued a historic declaration of women’s rightsd.Addressed concerns for the education of childrene.Concluded that the Auburn system was a failure30.Perfectionist aspirations to create a utopian society are best reflected ina.The Hudson River School b.Thoreau’s experiment at Walden Pondc.American Colonization Societyd.The organizing of revivalist camp meetingse.The founding of New Harmony, Brook Farm, andFourier Phalanxes31.Jacksonian Democrats favored all of the followingEXCEPTa.Rotation in office b.Universal suffrage for white matesc.The caucus system of nominating candidatesd.Rewarding political supporters with government jobse.Presidential electors being chosen by popular vote32.After the election of 1824, the president’s choiceof Henry Clay as secretary of state resulted ina.The end of political bitterness between the majo parties b.The revival of the Federalist partyc.Widespread criticism of the spoils systemd.Charges of a corrupt bargain with John Q. Adamse.A political alliance between Clay and AndrewJackson33.An important effect of the tariff of abominationsof 1828 wasa.Increased prices for cotton overseas b.South Carolina’s adoption of the theory of nullificationc.The election of a democratic president, AndrewJacksond.The alliance of north –Eastern workers andWestern farmerse.The growth of manufacturing in the South34.The revolution of 1828 revealed that political power wasa.Shifting to the Western States b.Shifting to the Southern Statesc.Entrenched on the Eastern seaboardd.Gravitating toward conservative elementse.Evenly divided between Whigs and Democrats35.Which of the following documents would bemost useful in evaluating President Jackson’scommitment to democratic values?a.The Specie Circula b.Veto message on the rechartering of the SecondBank of the United Statesc.Congressional hearings on the “corrupt bargaind.Supreme Court cases on the Indian-removal issuee.Calhoun’s writings on nullification36.In the 1830s, the factor that most directly promoted the development of a two-party systemwasa.The growth of the immigrant population b.Increased interest in foreign affairsc.Changes in methods of nominating and electingthe presidentd.Increasing section conflict between northern andsouthern states over the tariff usee.The dropping of constitutional limitations on the party system37.“The duties of all the public officers are, or atleast admit of being made, so plain and simplethat more is lost by the long continuance of men

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