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How to Read People

How to Read People

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Published by Seif-Eldeine O
A quick how to guide on How to Detect Sexual Interest, Sexual Disinterest, Lying and Anger.
A quick how to guide on How to Detect Sexual Interest, Sexual Disinterest, Lying and Anger.

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Published by: Seif-Eldeine O on May 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10 Ways to Detect Lying
The following ways to detect lying should not be taken in isolation, rather they should be part of a pattern of deceit clues in that person's behavior. Ask open-ended questions thatstay on the topic of what the person was saying when they used a deceit gesture, and either they will give up on the lie or you will discover inconsistencies in their story and facts.Any of the following signs that have to do with vocals may be signs of insecurity, so, likethe others, be sure to recognize them in a pattern rather than isolation.10. they bring their thumb and/or index finger toward their chin/mouth9. they end their sentences in a higher tone than they started (like they are asking aquestion)8. they hide their palms in their pockets or elsewhere (except for grasping them behindtheir back, which is an indication of feeling invulnerable)may also be sign of disinterest7. they touch their noses, ears or the back of their necks6. they answer questions with a question5. they look you straight in the eye and have their corner of their lips turned down in amicro-frown4. they look up and then away3. the use a lot of "uhhhss" or "ummmsss" in their speech2. gestures do not match words (e.g. nodding your head when saying "I am not doing..." or  putting your hands close together when trying to say something is large)1. the person gets defensive rather than offended when accused of lying
10 Ways to Detect Anger
 Not everyone like to verbalize their anger. The following body language and vocalindicators will reveal when someone is angry with you. Like with lying, these clues not be taken in isolation and should be part of a larger picture of clues.10. they use short, aggressive sentences (9 syllables or less) or otherwise become laconic9. they use lots of hard consonants ( e.g. t's, p's, b's)
8. they clutch their fists7. they cross their arms6. they cross their ankles5. they seem to be staring at the space between your eyes4. their body is turned away from you (especially in they turn their back on you)3. their temples start to pulsate2. they do not follow the conversation well1. their pupils become beady
10 Ways to Detect Sexual Interest
10. dilated pupils9. increase in touching (especially women touching a man's shoulders)8. woman exposing her wrist to a man7. a man's voice getting lower when he talks to someone he's interested in6. preening (straightening out clothes, hair, etc.)5. pointing their bodies toward you4. relaxed and open bodies (no crossed arms or feet)3. for a woman, dangling her shoes between her toes2. leaning into the other person1. blushing
10 Ways to Detect Plutonic and Sexual Disinterest
10. crossed arms, crossed legs, etc.9. feet that point toward the doors

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