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Published by lenyayala

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Published by: lenyayala on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ayala 1
Leny AyalaInstructor: Malcolm CampbellEnglish 1103
Spam Artist: Hip Hop Artists Using the Web to Reach Stardom
When you hear the word Hip Hop usually artists; such as, Tupac, Jay- Z, NAS and Biggie
Smalls are mentioned. What makes these rappers so “GREAT” is that they brought their own
unique style to the hip hop world and gave the audience something “NEW”, unlike rappers in
today’s society. Before the web was introduced to the world, musicians had to find other meansto get their music heard. Therefore, rappers were trying everything they could to get recognition, by trying to get their music aired on the radio or even by passing out demos to random people onthe streets.
All of these things were barriers between the musicians and a much-desired audience
that these pioneers of hip-hop had to overcome just to get their music listened to. Due to the web,anyone who proclaims himself a “rapper” can post their videos on websites, such as, YouTube or 
Worldstarhiphop, for people to view. The web is now home to hundreds of up and coming artist
self- promoting their music. This is advantageous to the artists trying to gain recognition, but not
as convenient for the genre of Hip Hop as a whole. Most of the artist posting their music onlinelack originality and are still able to gain some type of recognition, positive or negative. Artistsgaining a bad reputation online for their lack of creativity are diminishing the overall quality of hip hop and are tarnishing the genre, as oppose to what it used to be. People want to hear something unique; now all that is found online is rappers trying to mirror the rappers who became famous by using the web. Creativity is the key to success in the music industry and
Sloane Houston
5/7/12 5:55 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 5:56 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 5:57 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 6:08 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 6:03 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 6:05 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 6:06 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 6:10 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 6:12 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 6:14 PM
Sentence doesn’t make sense I feel likeyou should say…When you hear the word Hip-Hop artist such as,Tupac, Jay-Z, NAS and Biggie Smalls are who youthink of.
Who says there great?
What Kind of Style did they bring..maybe explain what you mean right here
Why do you say that? What dotoday’s’ rappers bring to the rap game
All of what things?
This sentence sounds awkward to me
Right here you should explain whatthose two things are.
Who are
Reread this part…
Talk more about how it use to be incomparison to how it is now to better show and prove your point.
Ayala 2
without that rappers will never have their own identification, especially in the hip hopcommunity.
Does the website YouTube.com ring a bell? If you are not familiar with this website, you
must have been living under a rock for the past few years. YouTube is a website where peoplecan post their videos online for the public to view; over the past few years an abundance of artisthave gained fame through utilizing YouTube. YouTube has over a hundred million subscribersfrom all over the world; these users are able to view videos from other users from opposite sidesof the globe in just one click.
Musicians have really used YouTube to their advantage in
 promoting their music. In an academic journal written by, Christopher Cayari, he explores theeffect that YouTube has had on Music. Within the journal Cayari writes:
To some, YouTube is seen as a website full of amateurs wasting their time posting poorly
made videos, while others see YouTube as their chance at stardom, their mostunderstanding teacher, or their meeting place with closest friends. YouTube does allowfor all these things to happen. It serves as a virtual coffee house where people can shareideas and gather with likeminded and contrasting individuals to discuss ideas, art, andmusic. (Cayari)The majority of the artist who post videos on YouTube are up and coming and are searching for a stable fan base. YouTube has given the ability to musicians to create their own music videos
and post them as soon as they want to. On the other hand, before YouTube artist wanted their 
music videos played on T.V. stations, such as, M.T.V., but now YouTube has more viewers thanmost T.V. stations so it seems almost pointless to go through that process. Every artist nowthinks they can be the next
Soulja Boy, therefore, they attempt to mimic his style and end up being uncreative. Repetition is a huge problem with musicians using YouTube; every rapper you
Sloane Houston
5/7/12 6:16 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 6:17 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:08 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:11 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:13 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:17 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:18 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:19 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:20 PM
At the end of this paragraph I am alittle confused on what your topic is on… is it on theway rappers use to be? How they are now? Or theweb artist? You hit on a lot of topics in this first paragraph. You may want to look at separating thisinto a couple different paragraphs.
Okay, I see you talk about it here…
When you use these kinds of quotesyou have to ask yourself if its necessary
Phrase this sentence…Youtube has given musician the ability to createtheir own music videos and post them as soon asthey want to.
Reread this sentence it sounds a littleawkward. You may have to rephrase it because of the way it sounds.
The reader may not know who this is…so you have to explain…
Ayala 3
hear on YouTube seems similar and contains no variation in lyrical substance. It is extremely
difficult to find artist on YouTube that are unique because they are all searching for the samething, fame. They are all try to achieve fame in the same exact ways, by creating generic musicthat contains lyrics that cover money, women and expensive assets. It was okay for the first fewrappers to exploit their wealth, but it is beginning to become very repetitive and YouTube isexposing this problem. Maybe, if more creative rappers began utilizing YouTube, it would not besuch a problem, but when everyone is mimicking each other an art form begins to fall apart. Hip-hop is supposed to be an art form that should vary from artist to artist, not a recreation of othersworks and that is what this generation of hip-hop artist believe will bring them fame
Soulja Boy is the epitome of an up and coming rapper, utilizing YouTube to their advantage. He began posting videos on Youtube of him dancing and rapping at the age of 16.Immediately, he started gaining recognition from the public, his style of rapping was veryunorthodox, but he brought
something unique for people to listen and view. From his“Superman” dance to his signature “Soulja Boy” sunglasses; he gave people somethingentertaining and creative to look at (Crosley). According to a Billboard article written by, HilaryCrosley, A year ago, "I was just making songs in my house and putting them online," says SouljaBoy, who was raised by his mother in Atlanta but moved in with his father in Batesville, Miss.,during eighth grade (Crosley). As previously stated, Soulja Boy is the epitome of an up andcoming rapper who utilized YouTube to his advantage. He did not even imagine the impact thatthese songs would have in the music community and the opportunities that he created for other up and coming artist in the future. Just to go over some of the achievements that Soulja Boy’svideos on YouTube have lead him to, in a Billboard article written by, Hilary Crosley, she writesthe following about Soulja Boy:
Sloane Houston
5/7/12 7:22 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:24 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:27 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:28 PMSloane Houston
5/7/12 7:21 PM
But aren’t artist who are not onyoutube looking for the same thing
I feel like there is a lot of opinion inhere with out facts… you need to find facts that back up your opinion to make your argument strong…
You may need to bring this paragraphup to where you first mentioned souljs boy so thereader isn’t left wondering about how he his.
He brought something unique isn’t thatwhat you said earlier that the older rappers did… sodoes he not qualify because he did it throughYoutube

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