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Danika Being Awesome

Danika Being Awesome

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Published by Nihal Thapa

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Published by: Nihal Thapa on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- Income tax17
- Direct election of senators18
- Prohibition19
Women’s Suffrage
- Move inauguration day
“lame duck”
-Repeal prohibition22
-2 terms per president23
-DC residents can vote26
Voting age is 18Presidents:McKinleyT. RooseveltTaftWilsonHardingCoolidgeHooverF. RooseveltTrumanEisenhowerKennedyJohnsonNixonFordCarterReagan
Populism and Progressivism
Populism-Born out of Grange movement-centered in Iowa-Oliver KellyGoals of Progressivism-Improving democracy, getting rid of corruption- limit power of big business, restore opportunity-Pro 16
, 17
, 18
, 19
amendments- women's suffrage, working children, immigrants, religious element-
social gospel
.- Clayton Anti-Trust Act (1914)- Adamson Act (1916) 8 hour workday- Federal Farm Loan Act (1916) support farmers- Keating Owen Child Labor Act (1916)Niagra movement-Black civil rights organization founded in 1905 by a group led by W. E. B. Du Bois and WilliamMonroe Trotter.No more discrimination in public accommodationsRight of men to be with whomever they wantLaws enforced on rich as well as poor-equal protection + educationMuckrakers
-Upton Sinclair i.e. The Jungle- Meat Inspection Act/
Pure Food and Drug Act
Public Relations
-Response to muckrakers. People angry at gov.Temperance-belief of prohibition. Women's Christian Temperance Union. Francis Willard, Carrie A. Nation.Mckinly is shot in 1901- Leon Czolgosz Killed McKinley for the "good of the people."
Pendleton Act-
Civil Service Reform- have to apply for a gov't job
Theodore Roosevelt-First Progressive president. VP in 1900, Political Independence, "A square deal for all." Usesbully pulpit.-
Anthracite Coal Strike
(1902)-John Mitchell and United Mine Workers v. George Baer. Teddy calls them toNat'l Forests-TR takes 150 million acresWhite House, 10% raise and 9 hour workday.-1
president to embrace the media + use it to his advantage-Redefines executive power-Backs labor unions-popular among lower classWilliam Henry Taft-more of a judge. wife Nellie was ambitious. went after trusts.-Payne-Aldrich tariff Election of 1912-Progressive (Bull-Moose party)-TR-->New Nat'lism, expansion of gov't power, regulate oil, downtariffs, do what's good for public welfare-Rep-Taft-->Old Guard-Dem-Woodrow Wilson-->New Freedom, free enterprise, no privileges (triple wall of privilege-trusts, tariffs, high finance)Eugene Debs-->SocialismWoodrow Wilson's presidency-failure at the time, success now. Academic. Made Bryan sec of state. Goes after tariffs.Robert "Battlin' Bob" Lafolette-very progressive local politician
The Emergence of America as a World Power
Cuban RevoltA Nationalist-initiated conflict broke out in Cuba in 1895, the Spanish sent 200,000 troops toCuba. The Cuban insurrectos responded by wrecking Spanish property in hopes that the Spanishwould leave, or at least hoping for US intervention (since the US had significant economicinvestment in Cuba).Commodore George Dewey Navy Commodore who commanded the US surprise attackon the Spanish fleet at the
Battle of Manila
.-Teddy and his
rough riders
 The MaineAmerican warship sent to patrol Cuban waters at the beginning of 1898. When the shipmysteriously exploded on February 15, 1898, it gave the US a final reason to go to war, eventhough the cause of the explosion is still debated todayImperialism
-European powers now created colonies by creating military, political, and business structuresthat allowed them to dominate and profit from the existing populations. America becameinvolved in this new imperialism as a result of the Spanish-American War.Hearst and Pulitzer-Competitors against each other in a circulation war; practitioners of 
yellow journalism
.Treaty of Paris 1898Signed on December 10, 1898; officially ended the Spanish- American War. According to theTreaty, Cuba went free, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines were ceded to the US, and theUS agreed to pay Spain an indemnity of $20 million.
-A group including such luminaries as William James and Mark Twain that argued against tocombat American imperialism. Disliked the American annexation of Spanish territories.-
Teller amendment
: we’ll give cuba lots of rights
 Philippine War-An armed conflict between a group of Filipino revolutionaries and the United States whicharose from the struggle of the First Philippine Republic to gain independence followingannexation by the United States. The war was part of a series of conflicts in the Philippinestruggle for independence, preceded by the Philippine Revolution and the Spanish-AmericanWar.
Emilio Aguinaldo
is the leader.
Roaring 20s
Red scare (1920s)-Caused by -Bolshevik Revolution (1917)-Growing Socialist Party and fear of Russian ImmigrantsKKK (1920s)-Rode the anti-commie wave of racism-Branched out and attacked more groups (Catholics, Jews, Gays)Modern vs. Traditional values (1920's)-Evolution v. Intelligent Design (
Scopes trial
)-Prohibition, and less interesting social reforms-Women's urge for equality began
Quota Acts
of the 1920's-Basically stopped eastern europeans from entering the US. (Because of WWI)-Wanted to 'purify' the American Culture1920's Tech - Radio's Film and Automobiles-Radio created a tighter knit america bring people entertainment and news.-Allowed for political debates to occur via radio-Film allowed for the public to see the World Wars.-Auto's allowed for people to commute further, allowed society to spread out.
Margaret Sanger
- Birth Control Activist- Founded the American Birth Control League-Birth Control allowed women to take control of their sexuality
Marcus Garvey
and the UNIA-Founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association-Proponent of the Back to Africa Movement.-Encouraged Black NationalismHarlem Renaissance-African American art forms sprung up from the district of Harlem.

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