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Multi Genre Take 100000

Multi Genre Take 100000

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Published by Christine Truesdale

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Published by: Christine Truesdale on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Rise and Fall of 
Anne Boleyn
A Multigenre Research Paper by:Christine TruesdaleECI 520Dr. YoungMay 8, 2012
Table of Contents
Dear Reader Letter 2.
Personal Ad: Henry VIII3.
Letter: To Anne Boleyn from her father, Thomas Boleyn4.
Henry VIII’s Court: An Extended Metaphor Poem5.
Anne’s To Do List6.
 Note from Henry to Anne7.
I am Queen: A double-voice poem8.
The Courtship of Anne Boleyn: Painting and Narrative9.
Dialogue Excerpt: Anne and Henry10. Annulment Petition: Henry and Catherine11. Marriage Certificate: Henry and Anne12. “The King Creates New Church”: Newspaper Article13. Birth Certificate: Elizabeth 114. Digital Diary Entry: Anne15. Physician’s Statement16. Royal Proclamation17. Text Conversation: King Henry and Lady Rochford18. “The Lady in the Tower”: A Haiku19. Death Certificate: Anne Boleyn20. End Notes21. Biography
Dear Reader,You’re invited to join me as I travel back in time tothe mid-16
century to visit the royal court of England. Thefollowing multi-genre paper is about Anne Boleyn, who isfamous for her seduction of King Henry VIII and rise to thethrone of England. Her journey, which ultimately causedEngland’s religious break from the Catholic Church, istaught to students around the world. What is oftenexcluded, however, is the multitude of people whocontributed to Anne’s story: King Henry, Catherine of Aragon, Mary Boleyn, George Boleyn, Jane Boleyn (LadyRochford), the Catholic church, Anne’s parents, andAnne’s well-known daughter, Elizabeth 1.In the time of Anne Boleyn, court life was complex,manipulative, ambitious, seductive and dangerous, andthose who lived within the castle walls created thesedescriptions of court. I hope that by peering into the riseand fall of Anne Boleyn, I will help bring more knowledgeabout the lust, ambition and ultimate betrayal of court thatis so often lost in the modern world’s fascination with thetopic.This multigenre project serves as a timeline, and it is best understood when read linearly from beginning to end.Yours,Christine

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