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GatesL Positioning

GatesL Positioning

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Published by Liz Gates

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Published by: Liz Gates on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gates 1
Liz Gates - 61421 March 2012Professor Douberly
ENGL 1102 NNPositioning Paper Final DraftIndividually Unique, Together CompleteLess than three percent of the United States is affiliated with a Greek Organization. AtGeorgia Southern University, Greeks make up only eleven percent of the student body. But, evenwith those small numbers
has grown into a way of life. One example is the
fraternity of Kappa Kappa Gamma: Zeta Upsilon Chapter located at Georgia SouthernUniversity.Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) is considered a subculture due to, but not limited to, itsunique set of clothes, ritual, behaviors, and exclusive set of members. Each initiate of Kappa can,on any normal day walking to class, be seen dressed in a t-shirt with the fraternity letters on thempaired with Nike shorts or black leggings. What also separates our group is our secret ritual.Each member, after initiation, is taught the special KKG procedures along with all other Kappasacross the nation. This connects us in an extraordinary bond. The behavior of each and every oneof our girls is also matchless. Upon receiving the gift to be associated with the letters andsisterhood of Kappa Kappa Gamma, each member is then tied to one another to always help andlove.The reason I am so knowledgeable about the subculture of Kappa Kappa Gamma isbecause I am an active member and have been since my pledge period and initiation of fall 2010.I have had numerous leadership positions including Assistant to the Philanthropy Chairman,member of the Standards Committee, and Pi Chi. Holding these positions and being active in
Gates 2
other various events such as intramural sports, homecoming and philanthropy events, and livingin the KKG house has allowed me to see Kappa in all aspects.What made me desire to start looking at Kappa from a researching standpoint instead of  just a regular chapter member was the curiosity of how our group functions. From the moment Isigned my Bid card,I had multiple friends within the first few hours. But, Kappa does servemore than just friendships. I really was intrigued by the social connections made by joining asorority not just with each other but with alumni and sisters across the nation. Also, anotherinteresting subject matter was how upon joining a group of over a hundred women start to blendand acquire common traits just by being associated with Kappa Kappa Gamma.Unfortunately though, some stereotypes do exists as do all groups that have selectmembership. The main misconception of Kappa Kappa Gamma is that we are a bottom tiersorority that consists of the left over girls during recruitment. Also, a stereotype that is incommon with Greek Life as a whole and not just Kappa is that sorority girls are judgmental andconceited. As a member of KKG, I am prone to have a bias pro-kappa opinion. This will take aconscious effort to put aside during my studies.Compared to the other members of Kappa, I see myself quite close in representation.Though each individual still has their own set of morals and unique personalities,we all stillshare the same respect for sisterhood, scholarship, and philanthropy among other things. Thiswill only prove to help me. By being so close to mysistersit will be simple to understand wherethey are coming from andwill help tounderstand my observations.To observe my subculture will be stress-free. Iam present at almost every meeting andlive in the Kappa house.These meetings include our weekly Council and Chapter gatherings.Also, once a week, we have a dinner at the house that is free for all members. Any intramural

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