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Interview Paper

Interview Paper

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Published by Liz Gates

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Published by: Liz Gates on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Liz Gates - 6142English 1102 NNJulie Douberly5 April 2012The Words of a SisterIt was a nice spring day as I sat on the porch of the Kappa Kappa Gamma housewith my best friend, co-workers, and fellow pledge sister, Kirsten Fisher. She wasdrinking a cold glass of lemonade(had some whiskey in it) as I was painting one of themany sheet signs that hang from our upstairs balcony overlooking Olympic Boulevard.
One simple question of, “So do you regret joining Kappa Kappa Gamma?”, star 
ts theinterview process. A simple laugh as a response could have been enough but I wanted todive further. I explained I was being serious and if she had ever thought that maybe she
 picked the wrong sorority, a big question on girl’s mind during t
hose final days of recruitment. Kirsten then began to understand what I was trying to get at. She proceededto set down her glass of lemonade and tell a story in hopes that it might help.
“Kappa Kappa Gamma has by far been the best thing to ever happen to me. Wh
 packing for college, I was so nervous that I wouldn’t have any friends and I should of just
stayed at home and went to the small community college like all my high school friends.I was convinced by my mother, who was never Greek herself, to sign up for sororityrecruitment thank to a flyer we got sent in the mail by Georgia Southern. I was still
nervous though because I didn’t make really any new friends in my Pi Chi group like theother girls. Yet once I got Kappa a ton of new faces couldn’t wait to say “Hi” and learn
my name. I found the close net friendships I had unwillingly left back home in my small
town. It took only until the first bid night party to realize our sisters were the right choice.Plus, through the almost two years we have been members nothing has made me regret joining. The more I get to know other sororities the more fond I grow of our own
 I took to the time to really think about Kirsten had just told me. We have beenfriends since our fall 2010 pledging period but never once had I heard this story. It mademe reflect on the reasons not only I but my fellow sisters might have joined. Whethergirls do it to find instant friends in a new social and academic situation or to discover newthings about themselves a sorority can offer countless of beneficial aspects. It made methink about how Kappa Kappa Gamma is may not only be a sisterhood to some, but anew home. Kappa offers security and connections the minute you open your bid card. Ittruly is a subculture due to the unique bonds it offers to each member.Upon this comprehension, a new question came to mind. I asked Kirsten yet
again, “Do you feel like Kappa will benefit your future?” Thankfully, she had an
insightful answer. S
he stated that Kappa has, “ given me so m
any more opportunities that
I couldn’t of gained with out the acquaintances and links from other sisters and alumni.
Internships, future jobs, and helpful tips can be received from people and areas that
otherwise would have been closed doors.”
 Once again I contemplated on what Kirsten had said. She made a valid point.Without the connections of not only our Zeta Upsilon sisterhood at Georgia Southern butof all the sisterhoods in America, we could not be as successful as a nation of women.

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