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Published by sort0008

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Published by: sort0008 on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ORANGEbyJoseph SortlandJoseph Sortland120 Quebec Ave SGolden Valley, MN612.600.2846joseph.sortland@gmail.com
FADE IN:EXT. HIGHWAY - DAYThe motel and restaurant lined strip is torn to pieces.Branches, cars and roofs litter the landscape.EXT. LUI’S CHOW MAIN RESTAURANT - DAYThe Chinese-style roofed restaurant sits boarded up withplywood.In front, a small, scrubby tree sits ripped to shreds.A lone orange hangs on the stripped branch of the tree.INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAYThe sterile white room’s silence is broken only by a quietheart monitor beep.MIKE KORN (25), fair-haired, bruised, cut, and bandaged,lies on a hospital bed in a gown.An oxygen mask covers his face; his arm is hooked to a bloodbag.Through a palm branch plastered to the window, an emergingorange sun glows onto Mike’s closed, swollen eye.His eye creaks open.EXT. LUI’S CHOW MAIN RESTAURANT - DAYCars whiz by the blue-sky windows of Lui’s.INSERT TITLE: 2 DAYS EARLIER, 2004Mike, fresh-faced and wide-eyed, in a long sleeve collaredshirt, sits next to the window.He’s fascinated by the oranges on the tree outside.An RV pulls into the highway restaurant parking lot.
2.INT. LUI’S CHOW MEIN - DAYRetirees, construction workers, and bratty kids with pissyparents fill the restaurant.Mike, in a booth with a Chinese paper lantern overhead,stares out the window.C.P. (60), gruff with a tropical shirt and suspenders, plopsa six-inch thick BOOK onto the booth’s table.Mike snaps from his gazing.C.P.The City of Orange’s sacred codebook. Your bible. It has beendrafted by the City Commissionsince the beginning of time.MIKE(shocked)How much of this do I have tolearn?C.P.All of it!Mike flips open the cover. C.P. scowls.C.P.Not NOW.Mike slaps the cover shut.C.P. slides into the booth. Mike brings a steaming cup ofcoffee to his lips.C.P.You hear Hurricane Ana could passby?The cup shakes and a drop spills onto Mike’s white shirt.He sets the cup down.MIKEA real hurricane?C.P.Congratulations.

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