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AFRICOM Related News Clips 8 May 2012

AFRICOM Related News Clips 8 May 2012

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Published by U.s. Africa Command
Today's news clips related to AFRICOM and beyond.
Today's news clips related to AFRICOM and beyond.

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Published by: U.s. Africa Command on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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United States Africa CommandPublic Affairs Office8 May 2012
USAFRICOM - related news stories
Good morning. Please see below news review for May 8, 2012. This e-mail is best viewedin HTML.Of interest in today's clips:-Senators Coons and Landrieu: Remaining Engaged After the (Kony 2012) Viral Video-South Sudan Expects Uganda Backing vs. Sudan-Bosco 'Terminator' Ntaganda Loses Ground to DR Congo Army-North African Fighters Joining AQIM in MaliU.S. Africa Command Public AffairsPlease send questions or comments to:publicaffairs@usafricom.mil DSN (314) 421-2687 or commercial +49-(0)711-729-2687
Roll Call
For some, it was easy to dismiss the effect a viral video could have on the effort to stop crimes against humanitybeing committed in central Africa. After all, what possible influence could tens of millions of young people in the Westhave on a conflict h...
KAMPALA, Uganda -- A South Sudanese official said Monday that his government expects Uganda to play a
substantial role in resolving the border conflict that has at times threatened to plunge South Sudan and Sudan into afull-scale war.
The army of the Democratic Republic of Congo says it has regained control of the entire eastern area of Masisi fromrebels loyal to warlord Bosco "Terminator" Ntaganda.
About a hundred fighters from across North Africa have joined the ranks of an Al-Qaeda offshoot which nowdominates northern Mali, a Malian defence ministry official said on Sunday.
The activities of the Boko Haram sect have attracted another international condemnation as top members of theUnited States Congress warned that the federal government should take a decisive action on the deadly issue thathas caused international embarras...
TUNIS (Reuters) - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) hopes to eventually invest 7.5billion euros a year in North Africa and Jordan to support democratic transition and help economies recover from the
2011 revolutions, its presiden...
MAPUTO, Mozambique - Male circumcision is the best way to prevent new HIV infections in the military, the head ofUS anti-AIDS efforts told a gathering of top army brass from Africa, Eastern Europe and central Asia.
MAPUTO, Mozambique -- More than 445 military and civilian delegates from 77 nations gathered in Maputo,
Mozambique, May 7, 2012, to share best practices in HIV prevention, care and treatment.
As the French and Greeks went to vote in tightly contested polls yesterday in which early exit polls showed thatNicolas Sarkozy had been given the boot, in Russia, former Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is being sworn in today asnew president for the next s...
The MaritimeExecutive
The EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) French flag ship FS Marne visited Djibouti between Saturday 21 April and
Friday 27 April. Whilst there the Task Force Commander, Rear Admiral Jean-Baptiste Dupuis and his staff met withrepresentatives and authorities of the ...
UN NewsCentre
-Time to act is now to avert disaster in Africa's Sahel region, UN officials stress-UN envoy: political crisis in Guinea-Bissau worsens citizens' living conditions
-Killers of Somali journalist must be brought to justice
UNESCO chief-UN genocide tri...
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Senators Coons and Landrieu: Remaining Engaged After the (Kony 2012)Viral Video |
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Roll Call
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By Senators Chris Coons and Mary LandrieuFor some, it was easy to dismiss the effect a viral video could have on the effort to stop crimesagainst humanity being committed in central Africa. After all, what possible influence could tensof millions of young people in the West have on a conflict half a world away?When the African Union announced it was supporting and strengthening a force of 5,000regional soldiers combatting the Lord's Resistance Army just two weeks later " explicitly citingnew global engagement on the issue " the world got its answer.If nothing else, opening our children's hearts and minds to a faraway humanitarian issue hasbeen the great success of the "Kony 2012" movement, which this past weekend mobilizedoffline with grass-roots activities in communities around the world.As parents, it's remarkable to see our own children so passionate about the issue.As Senators who have been deeply engaged in the challenges of central Africa for many years,we can say that the engagement of so many Americans, especially young Americans,supporting the U.S. mission to aid in the capture of LRA leader Joseph Kony and his toplieutenants has never been stronger.Letters and emails have poured into Washington from students from around the country, eachbearing the same message our own children delivered to us: Kony and the LRA must bestopped and brought to justice.Congress has received that message. The engagement of the past few weeks is helping tofocus and strengthen the work of a broad bipartisan coalition on Capitol Hill that is committedto finishing the job.The facts are clear. Kony and his band of criminals have cut a path of destruction throughcentral Africa for more than 25 years. The LRA has kidnapped tens of thousands of children,turning the boys into soldiers and the girls into sex slaves. The vicious nature of the LRA'scrimes and the youth of many of its victims have left scars that are tough to heal. Today, Konyand his top lieutenants are on the run and the United States is working closely with regionalmilitaries to "remove them from the battlefield."Since 2010, it has been U.S. policy to work with governments in the region to stop the LRA andhelp central Africa recover from its destruction. With bipartisan Congressional support,President Barack Obama enhanced that commitment by sending 100 military advisers toprovide training, technical support and strategic counsel to regional militaries attempting to killor capture Kony and his commanders. The administration also increased efforts to providehumanitarian assistance to LRA-affected communities and early warning systems to vulnerablepopulations.Congress' strong bipartisan support for Kony's capture and investment in Africa is nothing new,but it's important to keep the pressure on. Last month, we introduced a Senate resolution withmore than 40 co-sponsors " nearly half the Senate, both Republicans and Democrats " to

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