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When Rest Returns

When Rest Returns

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Published by Saoirse Adair

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Published by: Saoirse Adair on Dec 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 131/10/2008 20:22:00
I needed to sleep. There was just no way around it. I needed to rest.I looked up at the sky. So beautiful, so serene. I laid my head down, anddrifted down into a sleep so deep that if I were on fire, I would never haveknown it.~~~~The air was whipping around my head. I had a headache. The wind was nothelping at all.I slowly woke up, coming to realize that I was not alone. “And you think she will just heal on her own do you?!” I heard a man’svoice. It was deep and rustic, reminding me of a cabin that I had never seenbefore. And at the same time I had known all my life. “Yes, she will heal on her own. We can do nothing for her!” Another man’svoice, older though. His voice sounded like he had learned all the world hadto offer and was now bored of it. Bored of whatever ruckus the younger manwas causing for him.Something screamed within me that this man was somehow important tome. But something was very, very wrong with whatever was happening.I felt ground beneath me. Grass. The softest grass I had ever felt. Like softfur of an animal, if floated beneath my fingers in the wind.I tried to get up. I had to make sense of what was happening. Butsomething was restraining me. I realized I couldn’t move my arms, I didn’teven know if they were there! I couldn’t feel anything…And then the pain hit. It was sharp and searing, like a million bonesbreaking at once. And it was
over. The pain everywhere at once, trying tovie for my immediate attention over each other, causing the pain to worsenmore and more.I couldn’t help it, I screamed aloud. It was too painful even for me.Even for me? Where did that come? I’m not brave. I can’t handle pain…I felt extremely confused. And then it shocked me. Who was I? What wasmy name? Did I remember anything? Was I assuming things about myself that I myself didn’t even know? “Aisling! Oh my dear Aisling,” The younger man said in faux concern, andhad stopped arguing with the older man and was now at my side, for whatreason though? And what was I to him?I tried to open my eyes. They were heavy.
I finally gained enough control however to open them fully. What I sawsurprised me beyond words.The man before me was no one I had ever seen before. I did not know thisman. But at the same time, I knew him from being his leader, from himbeing my advisor, from him being my best friend and closest companion. Orwas he? He also seemed dark, I had seen him as bad also, temperamental.So what was he to me? Good or bad? Friend or foe?He was perfection in my eyes. His face was beautiful, like a marble statuecome to life. His eyes were a deep green, with a slight edge of black on theoutside. His nose and chin were chiseled and sharp, but soft also. His lipswere curved slightly, smiling now that I had opened my eyes. And his hairwas a rich deep brown with the lightest of red tints to them, it shined softlyin the light of the day.The man behind him was older as I had predicted, but not nearly so muchas I had thought. While the younger man appeared 25 or so, the older oneappeared to be around 30. Not nearly so much as his voice seemed. Theolder man had dark hair also, with the same facial features as the youngerman. Was he his brother? But his eyes were different, softer, not as harsh ina green. He looked kindly at me, and glanced towards the younger man Itook as his brother with a look that said, “See? What did I tell you?” Then I noticed what the two men were wearing. They were wearing clothesthat appeared crude and primitive. As if they were hand-made with rawmaterials. They both wore cloth tunics and dark leather pants tied with thinrope. Their shoes, I noticed, were also made of leather.We were in a field, surrounded by thousands more men garbed in the sameoutfit, the only difference being that they were filthy. But in the distance Icould hear more. People were fighting. Why? I could hear swords clangingand screams issuing forth from men’s lungs. What was I doing here? I was awoman…right? I didn’t feel like I knew
though anymore.I lifted my head and looked down. Yes, I was a woman. But that still didn’texplain my being here, and why everyone was circled around me. “Where am I?” I whispered out to the younger man.But he just stared at me, the joy slowly transforming towards shock. “She’ll be fine will she? SHE’LL BE FINE? HOW IS SHE FINE?! SHE KNOWSNOT WHERE SHE IS!” He had turned to the older man, yelling in his face.
I was shocked. Even if he looked harsh, I still didn’t expect this. But, howcould I expect anything? I was making assumptions about people I didn’tknow. As he said, I didn’t know where I was. And I guess that was not good.I guess I should know where I was. But I didn’t. I had no idea as to why Iwas surrounded by thousands of men with fighting going on in the distance.The sun was hot on my face. Why is it so hot? And there are no trees toshade my face. I am already burning with the pain of injuries I couldn’t see.Why must the sun be against me in addition to my useless mind? “It will all correct itself in time! We know not how long. But it will! If yourush it then it won’t! So calm down brother! Go! Go calm down by the tents.Rest. You’ve had a hard scare today,” he pointed to my left, and thencontinued in a much louder voice, “We’ve all had a great scare today! So go,all of you,” he pointed to all of the men surrounding us, “Go rest. If Aislingwere in a mind to, she would want you to go rest. Besides, you all know howhard tomorrow will be without her by our sides!” The men grumbled as they walked away. I don’t know why they would be.After listening to the older man, they apparently were going to need tosleep.When all the other men had cleared and gone to the tents, the older manwalked closer. “Hello Aisling, how are you feeling?” His kind eyes looked at mequestionably, not seeming to know what to ask and what not to ask. “Besides the fact that I know not who I, you, or anyone else is and that Ihave no clue as to where I am, I’m terrible.”  “What type of pain do you have?”  “I still do not know you, how can I trust you?” I questioned him, at themoment not trusting anyone, even though he appeared to care about mywell being. “I do not know how to prove to you that I am worthy of your trust. And youare sure that you remember nothing of who you are?”  “No, I think I would be able to remember it. And I do remember you all in away. I know that I
you. But I do not seem to know you anymore.That’s what it feels like anyways, I don’t know if I actually did know you!”  “Do you even remember who you are?”  “No. I remember nothing.” As I have already stated. “Well, then you will just have to trust me with having no reason.” 

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