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325 - N°4

325 - N°4

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Published by Nofullname9870
Insurrectionist anti-state/anti-capitalist magazine
Insurrectionist anti-state/anti-capitalist magazine

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Published by: Nofullname9870 on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(11) Interview with Rebel Jill, anarchist in Japan
(18) Report from Nagai Park evicton, Osaka, Japan
Letter to the comrades of the F.A.I, from Gabriel Pombo da Silva
(21)Letter from Giannis Dimitrakis, in Koridallos prison, Greece
Dendermonde to Teixeiro” by Gabriel Pombo da Silva
(24) Prison Society, Reformism and Insurrection
(26) Letter from Silvia Guerin, of ‘Il Silvestre’, Italy 
(27) Discussing the Prison Struggle
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Patricio Pallarès Bayona
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(32) Repression & Reports
(39) Robert Anton Wilson is Dead
(39) Distro
325collective@hush.com 325collective@hush.com 325collective@hush.com 325collective@hush.com 325collective@hush.com 
“When prisoners empower themselves through collective organisation and solidarity,they become the one force capable of truly frightening those who administer and enforcethe prison system. That spirit of resistance is something that should inspire all of us.
John Bowden, long-term prisoner in UK
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#4/ 325collective.com
. a data network for direct action . . a media framework for social war . . the refusal of fixed territory .
This magazine is an infrequent DIY printed
project of incendiary texts & images,
involving the collaboration of a small
network of anarchists and anti-capitalists
spread across Europe and the World. Most
of the information about current legal
situations of prisoners and anti-political
struggles changes frequently, check out
our web pages for more information and
links. Consider becoming a contributor /
Editorial, April 2007
Since the last issue the world has seen
major ongoing insurrectionary incidents
in China, Mexico and Denmark, and these
are developing and splintering,
reinforcing the broad-based global anti-
capitalist networks that have reflected
 their expansion. More and more people
are resisting capitalism and the global
neo-liberal free market, organising
 themselves horizontally without fixed
organisation and hierarchy.
Social insurgence is growing
internationally, the situation
by resource wars, environmental
meltdown and political repression.
Decentralised direct action against
government and finance is open to all,
and people are getting organised to fight
for a better world, against all the odds.
This battle cannot be fought by reforming
 the system, it must be totally destroyed,
as the rich and powerful will not allow
 themselves to be brought down
peacefully. Everywhere that there is
finance and hierarchy, there is an anti-
political response against exploitation!
We have to overthrow the governments
and business men who want to wipe out
our rebel hearts forever, we want to
directly manage our own lives with the
simplest method
available - direct
between equals.
The secret network 
of prisons around
 the world ran by the
CIA which enabled to
 them to ‘disappear’
anyone into a hidden
world of torture and
murder has been
exposed. Every major
European nation has
been revealed to have assisted, or
 turned a blind eye to routine
kidnapping and secret rendition of
people suspected of terrorism.
These people were held in terrible
places which are blanked out of
maps, where agents of the United
States abuse, torture and murder
people. Poland is home to a secret
CIA base where prisoners were
interrogated in such a way, despite
 the official denials and watered
down reports. British Prime
Minister Tony Blair personally
attempted to obstruct the official
EC investigation into possible
’human rights’ abuses, as did Javier
Solana, the EU High Representative
for Common Foreign and Security
Policy. Evidently, the EU is a project
of military and industrial power, an
advancing prison state of
 technological control, but it seems
all State power is founded on
 violence and imprisonment.
The collapse of ‘Communism’ has
meant Capitalism has almost
enclosed the globe, but still holes in
 the network of control exist, as do
areas of self-organisation. The
current growing ascendancy of
China as a world superpower, (as
 the USA outstretches itself on
dangerous terms against multiple
players,) is a sign of the bankrupt
ideological outcome of Leftism and
State Socialism in general. The
global autonomous anti-state anti-
capitalist movements are the only
significant opposition to State,
financial and religious terror. In
China the base population is
furiously struggling against
capitalist reform with blockades, riots
and barricades, in Oaxaca, Mexico,
 the battle for autonomy has been
brought to its current intense
situation of State repression. In the
police patrolled yuppie-infested coffee
bar city of Brighton, UK, squatters
survive prolonged periods of repeat
evictions and police harass local
people who blockade and agitate
against EDO-MBM, an arms company
building weapons for the Israeli
Defence Forces and the US Army.
In Lecce, Italy, anarchists struggle
against terrorism charges intended
 to stop their agitation with those
people ‘without papers’, and across
 the entire Italian
anarchists fight to keep their meeting
places open. Not just in Italy, but from
 the eviction and demolition of the
'Ungdomshuset' occupied centre in
Copenhagen, (which has been a base
for anti-market, anti-state activity for
decades), to the daily raids and
crackdowns against the okupa/
squatter movement in Barcelona -
Power and Capital is fighting hard to
suppress of every flashpoint of
autonomy and resistance.
Free space is a point of departure for
meeting friends interested in a
common project of conflict against
 the system and its logic.
Affinity, free exchange and voluntary
co-operation are a threat to capitalist
exploitation. They are the basis of the
world that remains in our aspirations,
 transmits itself in our actions and
explodes in the fulfilment of our
Anarchy is Inevitable.

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