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325 - N°6

325 - N°6

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Published by Nofullname9870
Insurrectionist anti-state/anti-capitalist magazine
Insurrectionist anti-state/anti-capitalist magazine

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Published by: Nofullname9870 on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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. . a data network for direct action . .
. . a media framework for social war . .
. . the refusal of fixed territory . .
“Even when he is not an anarchist, the criminal who attacks a banker, a factory owner, a manufacturer, atreasury, a mail truck, etc., is sympathetic to those amongst the exploited who think that the wage slaves that defend the pennies and paper money of their boss,(whether private or state) are suck ups and snitches.”- EMILE ARMAND (1872 - 1962)
325@hush.ai 325@hush.ai 325@hush.ai 325@hush.ai 325@hush.ai 
#6 / 325collective.com
(7) International Resistance News
(14) From Autonomous Space to Liberated Space
(16) Thoughts on our meetings together
(19) Berlin : In Chaos (Autonomous Days of Action 2008)
(21) Notes from International Anti-Prison Gathering, Germany 
(29) Letter from John Bowden: Return to Resistance
(30) Ronnie Easterbrook on Death Fast
(31) The Situation of Freddy, Marcelo and Andrea
(35) The European Silicon Valley 
(40) Delinquency 
from ‘Cartles I’ 
(41) An overview of the hungerstrike in the German prisons
(46) Is the illegalist anarchist our comrade?
by Emile Armand 
(49) Belgian Chronology against the prison world
(50) Statement about the taking of hostages
(51) 3 Anarchists arrested in big kidnapping case
(52) Letter from Polikarpos Georgiadis
(53) Letter from Fenix Delgado
(53) On Struggle, Prison,and Social Control
(54) In the Shadow of the G8: Repression and Revolt in Japan
(55) The Festival is Over: Japan report 2008
(58) Interview with Christian S, Anti-Fascist
(56) Repression & Reports
(66) Notes on Ketamine
(67) Let’s block everything
*{ Pages (4, 5, 6, 33, 39, 40, 48) Sections from
“Considerations on Illegality 
by Alfredo M.Bonanno 
Editorial. Jan 2009
And again we begin....
325 is an insurgent anti-prison zine of social war & anarchy,
published underground for the last 5 years. It is an irregular
platform for hidden news of the ongoing resistance against
capitalism and the state, and the situations of the prisoners,
who are imprisoned for their ideals. Prison is the feature that
unites all features of modern society. When you step outside
from the cells you are not free- the streets, the buses, trains,
supermarkets, libraries and workplaces are under
surveillance and controlled by a corrupt system of deadly
machinery. The agents of the system appear not to be living
beings, for they are anti-life. Inside them is only cogs, gears
and wheels, empty of emotion, empathy and beauty.
The cops can burn to death a 21 year old African man, Oury
Jalloh, strapped down in a holding cell of the police station of
Dessau, Sachsch-Anhalt, Germany, with impunity.
The cops can shoot down Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 15
 year old rebel in the public square of Athens, Greece, in front
of everyone. Without compassion, without remorse, without
any trace of what it takes to make our hearts human.
The cops can shoot down Jean Charles de Menezes, a 27
 year old electrician on his way to work, in front of crowds of
people in plain day and escape even bourgeois ‘justice’.
All these killers are simply disposable tentacles of the
monstrous incompetence and bloated arrogance of the
entity known as the state. Unwilling or unable to think for
 themselves they are animated by the machine, subjugated
minds and vital body of a vast living death stretching down
 through the ages of humanity, like a gross sickness or
 tumour. It is time to put out the existence of this horror and
 transform our world beyond recognition.
This magazine is an infrequent DIY printed project of incendiary 
texts & images, involving the collaboration of a small network of
anarchists and anti-capitalists spread across Europe and the
World. Most of the information about current legal situations of
prisoners and anti-political struggles changes frequently, check out
our web pages for more information and links. Consider becoming a
contributor / distributor.

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