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Leukaemia Script Draft 2

Leukaemia Script Draft 2

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Published by Sammy Butler

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Published by: Sammy Butler on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An Original Story bySammy ButlerWritten bySammy Butler
Logline: An educational animation for Key Stage 3 children informing on how leukaemiadevelops in the body, how this affects the way it functions and how it is then treated.Premise: What happens to the body during leukaemia and how is it treated?3 Act Structure:Act 1: The process of how blood cells are made and how cancer cells come about.Act 2: The body is then infected with a virus. Due to the low amount of functioning whiteblood cells the body in unable to fight the infection and becomes ill.Act 3: The process of chemotherapy is shown and the body returns to normal.Step Outline:Step 1: A boy is standing in white space. His silhouette is used to show the inside of thebody.Step 2: The camera is taken to inside his body, through the arm, into a micro world.Step 3: Blood Cells are seen flying through the bone marrow tunnels.Step 4: A stem cell expands and contracts then becomes a new, young white blood cell.Step 5: The wall of the bone marrow is seen covered in the stem cells, all making thedifferent blood cells.Step 6: A young white blood cell then matures into a fully grown white blood cell.Step 7: Another stem cell is seen again in the process of making a new cell, however, thenew cell that is released is a cancerous cell.Step 8: The cancer cell then divides making two cancer cells.Step 9: Now several of these cells are seen dividing.Step 10: The wall of stem cells is seen again but this time not in production. The stemcells are all deflated.Step 11: The cancer cells have divided rapidly producing many copies of itself.Step 12: The cancer cells then enter the blood stream.Step 13: A virus enters the body through a cut.
Step 14: The cancer cells cant fight the infection
 Step 15: The virus begins to divide, spread and grow.
Step 16: The body becomes sickStep 17: The chemotherapy drug, plastic, is introduced into the bloodstream and spreads.Step 18: The drug attacks the cancer cells and kills them.Step 19: A stem cell is seen making a healthy white blood cell.Step 20: The wall of stem cells are making blood cells again.Step 21: The camera returns to the white space where the boy skips away.

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