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Mosel Cover Letter 2012

Mosel Cover Letter 2012

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Published by Jack Mosel

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: Jack Mosel on May 08, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Jack O’Connor Mose17 Beverly Rd. Carmel, NY 10512(914) 260-5678
NYS Certified 5-9 & 7-12 / Middle / Secondary Level Earth Science TeacherCover LetterTeaching Rationale:
I am an adult career changer. I became interested in becoming an educator about 8years ago. I believe I have been fully vested in credentialing myself as a unique andhighly qualified NYS Certified, Secondary 7-12 Earth Science and EnvironmentalScience educator.I am energetic, enthusiastic and am environmentally active in our local communities.I have a small business in which I restore water bodies through all natural means,using dissolved oxygen, food grade naturally occurring enzymes and non-pathogenic(aerobic) bacteria. This is a seasonal business where I practice and employ, as well asmodel environmental and ecological business as well as career stewardship within ourlocal community, in the unique role of educator as well as in practice. I integrate thisknowledge and practice involving the hands on activities that pertain to theseecologically restorative endeavors within my Earth Science classroom as it is directlyapplicable to NYS Earth and Living Environment Science Core Content andCurriculum.As an educator, I embrace the practical integrated use of emergent and media richtechnology into my pedagogy. I teach in virtual reality utilizing the virtual world of Second Lifewww.secondlife.com. This is at the leading edge of recent educationalpractices to incorporate 21
Century Educational usage of technology pedagogy inthe classroom. I have presented these skills and advocated the beneficial use of thistechnology for the past two consecutive years while employed as a teacher atMahopac High School, Mahopac School District, Mahopac, NY.As an educator at Mahopac High School, I have very good references to offer fromBuilding Administrator’s as well as from fellow colleagues. I am an effective educator.My student’s formal assessment at the NYS Regents level and Honors level classeswere above average.
My Graduate studies, Master’s Degree Program from SUNY Empire State College,Hartsdale, NY Campus has afforded me a rigorous and beneficial degree of practicalpedagogical and hands on experience. I am well prepared for the changes that areforthcoming in educational best practices management.I am trained and qualified in formal as well as alternative assessment methods. Iembrace a student centered as well as inquiry based approach as an educator. Iemploy diversified classroom management techniques and apply real world andpractical experiences to my classroom. Many of my students have told me that I havea good understanding of their perspective and teach content effectively and maintaintheir captive interest.As an educator, I am fair. I genuinely care that the material we cover is presented insuch a way that it has interest and is transferable for use in the real world. Iacknowledge openly to my students that Earth and Environmental Science or thepursuit of General Science as a means for career choice may not be what they have inmind for a career selection.Science has a connotation for being meticulous and even dull to some students. Inthe study of Earth Science, we explore vastly everything related to our physicalenvironment and well outside of our planet and our solar system. This is a bigundertaking for young minds to embrace. There is much to learn. I relate being anoverall informed and educated adult, having the ability to be at minimum, well versedin general concepts and knowledge of Earth Science as being a great asset for lateron in their educational, professional and social lives.I value being personable and genuinely interested in my students opinions and beliefsas well as their desires as this pertains to their education. The Secondary and earlyPost-Secondary years in education is where a young person becomes who they will be(largely) in their lives. If I can make science interesting and practical as well asinformative to young minds, I believe I have accomplished what I set out to achieve.

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