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Inquiry Paper

Inquiry Paper

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Published by Andrea Greer

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Andrea Greer on May 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greer 1Andrea GreerProf. PresnellENGL 1102April 3, 2012College Choice and the Importance of PrestigeAs I sat in the library contemplating topics that interested me, I took a sip of water frommy clear, sea-blue colored water bottle I received for free one day last year while attending anevent at UNC Wilmington. I placed it on my small cubicle desk and read, for probably the ninthtime, all of the white writing printed on it
, giving facts about UNCW‟s funding and statistics of 
icipants that helped the school‟s success
in previous years. It was then that I thought abouthow absorbed I had been the past couple of weeks in deciding whether or not I wanted to transferschools again and where I would go. I liked living in Charlotte, but I did not like UNC Charlotteas much as I had hoped. I thought about how active UNCW was in promoting the school andfactual information about it for its students, and I began comparing the different schoolsinteresting me. It was then that I thought of researching the different schools I was consideringattending and ultimately if the college I attended, especially regarding its prestige, truly matteredat the end of the day.
My College Experiences: Past and Present
I began attending UNCW as a freshman in fall of 2010 and lived on campus in a suite-style dorm where I met several people. However, there were three of us living in one room soabout a month into living there, I was moved into a different dorm. While it was great to havemore space, it became difficult to establish relationships with people at my new dorm as theywere already forming their own groups. I was easily able to access club and organization
Greer 2
information, and even roomed with a girl who started UNCW‟s first women‟s rugby team
(Seefigure 1). The school (or clubs) focused heavily onstudents being informed about what was happening oncampus and I always knew of events being hosted at the
university. A large part of Wilmington‟s budget seemed to
be on a variety of activities that were almost always free of charge for their students.
While not all of the classes were challenging, many of them were intheir own way and had more liberal approaches that actually enhanced my critical thinking skills.The beach was also only 15 minutes away, creating a fun activity on warm days but alsodistracting at times. While UNCW tried offering activities for students, the winter months wereincredibly boring. Also, school spirit
wasn‟t very high,
likely due to the lack of a football team.Because of the location, I was also worried about difficulties with finding internships and work after graduation, although I was completely clueless what the statistics actually were about this.Finally, th
e school‟s
financial aid was not so grand at first, but by the second semester they gaveme a $3,000 grant for merit; after deciding to transfer, they offered me a $6,000 scholarship formerit and community service for the following year.UNC Charlotte thus far has not fully lived up to my expectations. Since it has been acompletely different experience from Wilmington, it is difficult to truly judge which school is
 better. For starters, they claimed on their website to be the “most transfer friendly school” in the
UNC system. I soon figured out that this was not the case at all. The orientation was a pointlesswaste of money and far from informative, especially on things I needed to know, such as therebeing a transfer student class to help students like myself in adjusting to Charlotte. Did they tellme this while signing up for classes? No. The second problem I found is that they lost my final
Figure 1: First UNCW Women's RugbyTeam
Greer 3transcripts I sent to them from Wilmington, but proceeded to blame my former school. Third,
they decided they wanted proof of my tax information… the weekend before classes started…
and informed me that all of my classes would be cancelled if I did not have this verification in ontime. When I turned the information in on time, they were very rude and said it would take about2 weeks to process and my classes would still be cancelled. There are many more negativeexperiences I have had, and as a commuter I receive absolutely no information from the schoolregarding events or what is going on. If I want to find something out, I have to research it. I wasnot able to join any clubs because of their short time-frame to hold the organization fair, and myadvisers were absolutely no help at all, putting me further behind in my majors.What is good about UNC Charlotte is its location. Charlotte is a wonderful city withcountless activities offered for everyone. The problem is that most things cost a lot of money,and the campus is still secluded from most of the city since it rests in the outskirts of Charlotteand closer to Concord. Also, I realize that living in an apartment could be part of my problemwith not feeling involved in the campus and with meeting new people. As my second semesterhas progressed, I have begun to meet more people than before.Coming into this, I know that UNC Chapel Hill is very well known, has always been oneof the top public universities in the nation, and the students are very passionate about theirschool. I lived near Chapel Hill for a short time and drove through the main roads of campus to
get on Franklin Street (the school‟s most popular road). From what I saw of the are
a, the roadswere very narrow, everyone needed to take a bus or walked a lot, and everyone was focused ontheir destination. I also know, especially because I went to high school with many students thatnow attend Chapel Hill, that it
‟s very Old Money.
This honestly worries me the most about the
school because it could be difficult to find people that don‟t seem to be from a different world.

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