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Rookie on the Force

Rookie on the Force

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Published by Eli Yudin

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Published by: Eli Yudin on May 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rookie on the ForceByEli Yudin2012 Eli Yudin
NEW GUY ON THE FORCECHIEFSo... Jeremy Dobbs, is that right?DOBBSYes, sir.CHIEFFresh out of the academy, with thehighest marks I’ve seen in sometime. Exemplary.DOBBSThank you, sir.CHIEFYou think you’re ready to get outon the streets?DOBBSCan’t wait, sir.CHIEFThat’s the kind of spirit I like tosee. But I never trust agreenhorn. I’m pairing you up withJames Radigan. I’ll warn you,sometimes his methods seem alittle... extreme, but he’s one ofthe best we got. RADIGAN!A grizzled old cop saunters in, wearing plainclothes.CHIEFRadigan, this is your new partner,Jeremy Dobbs.RADIGANWhaddya, robbinmaternity wardsfor the new recruits now, Chief?CHIEFHe’s young, but he’s good. Bestexam scores in 4 years.RADIGANI got a 97 on an al-gee-bra examback in 89, but you dont see mebragging. How big’s your dick,kid?(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.DOBBSEx... excuse me?RADIGANLoosen up, Dobbsy boy, it was ajoke. You need a wet-nap for allthat floor on your chin?CHIEFRadigan, how’s the investigationinto those Colombian coke dealers.RADIGANA little birdie tells me they’remaking the swap at the old HairWarehouse on 77th and 3rd tonight,3 am.CHIEFSounds good. Take Dobbs with yo-RADIGANYOU KIDDIN ME CHIEFCHIEFRADIGANRADIGANAright, aright, aright. Get yourbeanpole ass outta that chair kid,quick. Ya need me to pull yourinfant ass outta here on a RadioFlyer wagon?DOBBSChief-CHIEFTrust me here, Dobbs. He’s thebest around.DOBBS gets up and starts to leave with RADIGANRADIGANOh, by the way, Chief... there’s alittle birdie with a broken arm inInterrogation Room A.CHIEFRADIGAAAAAAAAAAAN!Blackout. Scene Raises on RADIGAN and DOBBS entering ahouse.(CONTINUED)

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