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My World

My World

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Published by Swami Vedatitananda
This was originally meant to be an attempt at creating a universal mythology.
This was originally meant to be an attempt at creating a universal mythology.

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Published by: Swami Vedatitananda on May 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My World
Some hold the view that God created man. Some others,
that man created God”, said his
father to Upasak.Upasak was a brilliant boy in his teens. His thirst for knowledge was deep and hisenthusiasm in extra-curricular activities was boundless. Every night after dinner, he would walk  with his father along the tree-lined footpaths in his colony, and they would discuss what he hadlearnt in school that day. His father would then explain those topics in greater detail, makingthem all the more interesting. He would sometimes draw Upasak into a debate. Once thediscussion veered round to the Religions of the world and during that discussion,
 father made the above statement. Many ideas of many religions were discussed during that night walk. Ideas such as what the various religions say about God, about Truth, about the goal of human life, how the history of the world is related to religion, etc.By and by they reached home. When they went inside, his father showed Upasak a beautiful painting by the famous Bengali Artist Nandalal Bose, which he had bought that day.
Showing him the painting his father said, “This painting depicts that all
Religions are
harmonious with one another. Some other day, I‟ll explain its meaning.”
 Upasak went to bed thinking deeply on questions like:
Why are there so many Religions?  If one religion was true, what need was there of so many religions, apart from that onereligion? Can it be that all religions are true? 
Wouldn’t that be self 
There seems to be more diversity than unity among religions. In this situation, if we try to establish a unity among religions, will it not be an artificial unity, without any life in it?Having thought quite deeply on these questions, he was totally exhausted. Slippinggently into sleep, he had a strange dream. Later he tried to recall what
he saw in his dream…
  A man, who I felt within my heart, was my dear friend, accosted me. He had a luminous body, and deep blue eyes, that gave him the look as if he was always gazing into the infinite
horizon. He clasped my hand and said, “Upasak, come. I shall take you to some places which willinterest you.”
I felt this would be interesting. Even as I was wondering where he would take me, Ifound I was running with him on a meadow, a meadow of lush green grass. There were no treesand the ground was as flat as a football field. As we ran, we gathered speed, and began to rise inthe same way as an aeroplane rises when it takes-off. We flew straight into the blue sky. I saw  white clouds above me and I rose towards them. It was a great feeling when I hit the clouds andpassed right through them.
 When we had rise above the clouds, we entered into a city, which had a very jolly atmosphere, where people were all engaged in various kinds of discussions on God and man and world and cause-effect relationships, Karma and rebirth, etc, etc. I sort of felt that most of thosearguments were what my father and I used to have in our night walks. But, while our post-dinner discussions generally were inconclusive, here I found that everywhere conclusive answerscame up. Yet, newer topics were again raised and the discussions went on.
My Friend told me, “
, can you guess what this place is?”
No, I couldn‟t.
“Well, this is the Free
Thinkers‟ Paradise.
 As long as you stick to certain minimum rulesof thought, you are free to think about anything in here. The
 y don‟t have any 
taboos here. No
topic is anathema here. Would you like to stay here?”
 Not a bad place to stay, I felt. The people all had fresh healthy looks on their faces,perhaps an indication of their state of mind. I had almost blurted a
, but I held back my  breath and asked him if there were other places he would take me to.No sooner had I asked him this, than we were entering an old impregnable fort built onan island, with heavily armed guards on the ramparts. Inside was a glorious Temple, which Istrongly felt was Grecian. On the steps of the Temple sat an ugly looking old man, surrounded by brilliant youths. There seemed to be some kind of discussion going on amongst them. One of them seemed to be taking down notes. Ah! This was Socrates! And in the Sanctum stood a god, who seemed to be showering his grace on the old man. He was Prometheus.
“You could be one of these youths, you know. What do you say?” Yes, why not? Who wouldn‟t want to be in the hallowed company of Socrates? But…
 In the background of the Temple was an incredibly large stadium in which all kinds of sports and games were being played. There was a board on the stadium wall which said
 Further beyond I saw majestic kings ruling their kingdoms with uncommon fairness,leading their small but formidable armies to grand military excursions and after conqueringforeign lands, successfully spreading their culture to all the four corners of the world.
There was an expansive campus on one side with a board „Academia‟, inside which all
faculties of learning
science, arts, mathematics, and astronomy 
were being researched,taught and learned.
“Upasak, what do you say? Will you stay here or shall we go yonder?”
 I was truly flabbergasted with the glory of Ancient Greece to think that somethinggrander
than this could exist. But if there was something beyond this, I must surely see…
 No sooner had I felt this in my mind than I found we were zooming through thecorridors of the Parthenon and soon were entering a long empty corridor which gave me the
feeling that we were in a Laboratory. We entered a huge room full of gadgetry where a dozenpersons with thick glass spectacles were talking of a hundred thousand things includingcyclotrons and genomes and clones and ecology and black holes and I knew these were modernscientists.
“Upasak, do you get the picture now? This is a place where th
e Free-Thinkers Paradise
and Greece meet. This is called „
The World of Science
‟. Would you
to be here?”
 Should be interesting
, I felt. But…
 The scene shifted to a sprawling town, bustling streets, brisk business everywhere, funand gaiety and music and colors in every house. Gold and silver were strewn everywhere andchildren all had rosy cheeks. Men discussed about Senates and the Army and expeditions, while women talked about fashion and gladiators and sculptures. The houses were all very artistic andarchitecture was suggestive. There was music in the air.
“Upasak, how about this place? This is Ancient Rome, the soul of modern Europe.”
  Yes. But I would rather like to see the ot
her places too…
 Deep blue waters everywhere
. Is it the ocean? No, for the water seems to be flowing. It‟s
a river, but it is so huge. A grand city comes up into our view on the banks of this river. Peopleare strangely clad with colorful headgears. Some people are lashing some others
seems likeslave-culture is prevalent here.Suddenly we saw huge boulders being cut into the shape of large oversized bricks which were being carried to the top of huge structures that later became giant Pyramids. There werestrange places for worship of the Sun-God and the Moon-God and other Nature-Gods.
“Well, how about staying here? This is the Great Ancient Egyptian World. That is theRiver Nile. These are the great Pyramids of Giza.”
I was not sure if I would fit in here…
 The scene morphed itself into an old town, and we were outside a grand, old Temple. Ifelt I was in the Temple of David in Jerusalem. A Grand Old man with long, white flowing beardstood on top of a mountain nearby with two stone tablets in his hand and was talking to people with fire in his eyes and authority in his voice; behind him stood a large burning bush. In theTemple precincts, there were doomsday soothsayers, predicting that the world should sooncome to an end. Elsewhere, mothers were getting their newborns circumcised by old men. On various platforms in the Temple, there were wise prophets advising people on the moral ways of life. Continuous animal sacrifices were going on in front of the Tabernacle in the Sanctum of theTemple. Elsewhere, people were celebrating joyous festivals. Man was happy here and families were closely knit.
It would be great to live with such simple folks, but…

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