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Published by nationalmining

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Published by: nationalmining on May 09, 2012
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Expect theUnexpected:
Building business valuein a changing world
In this report we oer a starting point ordiscussion. We present a system o tensustainability megaorces that will impacteach and every business over the next 20years. We want to build awareness that theseorces do not act alone in predictable ways.They are interconnected. They interact.
Throughout this document, "KPMG" ["we," "our," and "us"] reers to KPMG International, a Swiss entitythat serves as a coordinating entity or a network o independent member irms operating under theKPMG name, KPMG's Climate Change and Sustainability practice, and/or to any one or more o suchirms. KPMG International provides no client services.
© 2012 KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. Member irms o the KPMG network o independent irms are ailiated with KPMG International. KPMG International provides no client services. All rights reserved.
usinesses today are operating in an ever moreinterconnected and globalized world. Supply chainsstretch across continents and are vulnerable todisruption. Consumer demands and government policiesare changing rapidly and will impact your bottom line i yourbusiness does not respond.Against this background o complexity we ace a new seto challenges. For 20 years or more we have recognizedthat the way we do business has serious impacts on theworld around us. Now it is increasingly clear that the stateo the world around us aects the way we do business.This report shows that population growth, exploitation onatural resources, climate change and other actors areputting the world on a development trajectory that is notsustainable. In other words, i we ail to alter our patternso production and consumption, things will begin to gobadly wrong. How wrong and or whom, is also explored inthe report.Intergovernmental treaties are yet to solve the issues and,at a national level, the transition to sustainable growthremains a goal rather than an achievement. The concept o“green growth” has gained ground but we still lack a preciseunderstanding o how we can achieve it along with higherstandards o living within the limits o our planet.Corporations are, o course, not passive bystanders in anyo this. Our report shows that global megaorces are likelyto bring signicant threats and opportunities.The resources on which businesses rely will become moredicult to access and more costly. There will be increasingstrain on inrastructure and natural systems as patterns oeconomic growth and wealth change. Physical assets andsupply chains will be aected by the unpredictable results oa warming world. And businesses will be conronted with anever more complex web o legislation and scal instruments.But this is not the whole story. Consumer and investor valuesare changing. And as they change more corporations arerecognizing that there is prot and opportunity in a broadersense o responsibility beyond the next quarters results. Thebold, the visionary and the innovative recognize that whatis good or people and the planet will also be good or thelong term bottom line and shareholder value. Competitiveadvantage can be carved out o emerging risk.At KPMG’s network o rms we have always been at theoreront o developments that shape business behavior.We are working with organizations to help them understandthe orces at work that will infuence markets and impactprotability in the medium to long term.This means moving on rom old notions o corporateresponsibility ocused purely on protecting and enhancingreputation. It means being aware that your business standto be aected as supplies o resh water decrease and costso energy rise and ecosystems decline. Knowing whatthose eects will be and how your business can managethem successully means developing a sophisticatedunderstanding o these actors and how they work.In this report we oer a starting point or discussion. Wepresent a system o ten sustainability megaorces that willimpact each and every business over the next 20 years. Wewant to build awareness that these orces do not act alonein predictable ways. They are interconnected. They interact.At KPMG, we encourage businesses to understand thissystem o orces; we help them assess the implicationsor their own organizations and to devise strategies ormanaging the risks and harnessing the opportunities. Wecan never know the uture. But it is good business sense tobe prepared or the possibilities: to expect the unexpected.This report cannot provide all the answers, and does notset out to, but it does suggest approaches that we believewill help to build business value in a changing world. Wehope it provides a useul springboard or new thinking,debate and above all business action to deliver a uturethat is both sustainable and protable.
Yvo de Boer
Special Global AdvisorKPMG Climate Change &Sustainability
Michael Andrew
ChairmanKPMG International
© 2012 KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), a Swiss entity. Member irms o the KPMG network o independent irms are ailiated with KPMG International. KPMG International provides no client services. All rights reserved.

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