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May / June BE Healthy

May / June BE Healthy

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Published by beaumontenterprise

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Published by: beaumontenterprise on May 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BEHealthySETX.com | May/June 2012
Greator theheart,easyon your joints
It’s a bird,it’s a plane,it’s ourSuper Foods!Is there such a thingas eating too healthy?
Tips oravoidingtravel bugs
Macho, macho man:
May/June 2012 | BE HealthySETX.com
Settle t e score wit stu orn lumps an umps li e mu
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BEHealthySETX.com | May/June 2012
ocus on health
Each edition, BE HealthyMedical Adviser Dr. Garrett K.Peel will cut through the previousmonth’s medical and health newsand bring you the most relevant and interesting tidbits to help youmake informed health decisions.
Medical NEWS 
High blood pressure contributes to about 50percent o all cardiovascular deaths worldwide.The risk o developing cardiovascular diseasehas been proven to increase signicantly asblood pressure increases. According to the WorldCongress o Cardiology, a study showed patientswith hypertension (high blood pressure) reducedtheir risk o dying rom cardiovascular disease byreducing their blood pressure by 40-50 mmHg with exercise alone. Your blood pressure can bereduced signicantly with an active liestyle andhealthy, low-salt diet.On another ront, the risk o Alzheimer’sdisease and cognitive decline could be reducedby any kind o physical activity, even in thosewho are older than 80! Results o the researchers’study rom the Rush University Medical Centerare published in the recent issue o Neurology.The results o the study indicate that all physicalactivities including exercise, as well as other ac-tivities such as cooking, washing the dishes, andcleaning also reduce the risk o 
Nutritional experts at the University o Ab-erdeen recently reported that adding beetroot,which contains high levels o antioxidants, toburgers prevents the body rom absorbing the‘bad’ at. In order to test their ndings, the teamcreated their own turkey and beetroot burger.Processed oods are not healthy and can be linkedto various medical problems. Any ood high inantioxidants is an excellent choice to replace oodhigh in at and preservatives.A recent study in Brain, Behavior and Immunityreports that men who care or a wie with breastcancer suer a measurable negative impact ontheir health years ater their wie’s cancer has beendiagnosed and treatment has been completed.According to the study, men who reported thehighest levels o stress, due to their wives’ illness,had the highest risk or physical symptoms andweaker immune responses. For those men acing a breast cancer recurrence with their spouse, thestress was even worse. Women who battle cancerand the physicians who care or them should takethe caregiver’s health into account. Screening spouses or stress symptoms and encouraging them to participate in support groups and stressmanagement, as well as relaxation activities, areimportant to caring or the breast cancer patientas well.
Exercise Alone Can Reduce Blood Pressure, Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
‘I’d Like a Hamburger With Mustard All the Way, Throw in Some Beetroot’Husbands of Breast Cancer Patients Might Need Diagnosis, Treatment Too
Researchers in Japan Have Cured Baldness – in Mice. Could Men be Next?
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 Japanese researchers have made hair olliclesrom adult stem cells. They have shown the newhair interacts with surrounding tissue and havenormal hair cycles. The research, in which thesubjects were bald mice, was reported in the jour-nal,
 Nature Communications.
The study is signicant as it uses adult, notembryonic stem cells, and the newly grown hairis implanted in the surrounding tissue, something that has not been seen in previous studies. Thestudy also raises hopes or growing organs to beused in transplant procedures.

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