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Anarchy for America

Anarchy for America

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Published by Alvin Sugar
Existing within a Mafia empire (totalitarian), survival taught by a cat!
Existing within a Mafia empire (totalitarian), survival taught by a cat!

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Alvin Sugar on May 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is an attempt to prove anarchy is superior to democracy, for America.
Permission; to begin with is a seal of approval to do criminal activities – because the law of America is based upon Equity (i.e. the law of contract – just like the Mafia). Common law (the moralcode for individuals) has been successfully eliminated by an illegal fraternity titled the Bar Association.[In violation to the original 13
Amendment ratified in 1815, published in 1827]Equity law pertains to corporations primarily, and it is a criminal action to make an individualresponsible for the 70,000 rules/laws created (under color of law), instead of natural civil common law.This completely violates “in God we trust,” and replaces Him with a wimpy human dictator that has anavailable myriad of legal researchers (attorneys), that will hunt for testament that supports a judge'swhim (de jure). What I am saying is; the Bar association is an illegal organization that is now using themedieval concept that “might makes right.” [Via extreme overpowerment of individuals.]The way this was accomplished was the same “legal” shenanigans that put Jesus Christ on thecross; i.e. Manipulate the mob by authority figures [celebrities]. Unfortunately this makesConstitutionally correct 6
Amendment attorneys, like myself, subject to massive reprisals for theirrefusal to join the
legal fraternity. When seeking justice with this kind of system, we arerepeating the Middle Ages with “Trial by combat” where closure becomes more important than justice.Unless one is supported by a legally approved member of the bar association, the individual must throwaway the cloak of common law, and just be the legally approved ventriloquist's dummy (with hisattorneys hand figuratively up his butt). The trial by combat uses weapons of money and babble (toconfuse those without comprehension of legalese; the language of law). This asinine developmentdestroys any attempt to redress the militant totalitarian overpowering force of an empirical governmentthat is totally out of control; it just becomes impossible. All because of permission - that is flavoredwith avarice. So we the people of America have to work our asses off, while the celebrity politicianslive within extreme legal prosperity (via equity). [Usually boosting income by cooperating withAmerican and foreign underworlds].Unfortunately, we have a society of very duped individuals, with academia creating a virtualreality – that I define as the “what if” syndrome. Wisdom and common sense generated by actual lifeexperience falls to the wayside when attempting to communicate with a cult of “knowledgeable”authorities, that prefer to propagate illusion reinforced with their manipulated statistics. This is theparadigm I am attempting to bridge with Christian philosophy; however, the robotic and emotionalpolitical barrier is now armed (and dangerous). “It pays to be ignorant” is now the true song of thepresent!The propagandist geniuses that put Hitler on a throne, demonstrates that a ruthless personselling productivity and peace to a fragile society, can become wrapped up as a 'celebrity' enough toeliminate common law, and then turn a peaceful society into a murderous throng of robots. This is thementality democracy encourages:i.e. A lynching, or warfare with nations that are weaker. “Not myfault, this is what the folks voted for!”
The Spirit of the Confederacy
One has to realize that conservatives tend to stay within the legal boundaries that supposedlyprotect them; the American Constitution for example. The Civil war is a primary demonstration of those that refuse to employ their Civil rights timely, lose them!
In 1832, the king George ransom for the revolutionary war was finally paid off. The AmericanGovernment (taxing authority for king George) refused to let up; and with the South following theConstitution (and dedicated to hard money) it became easy pickings for the Northern states thatstrongly supported Government, but were involved with concealable soft money. The end result wasthe per capita tax load in the South was four times that of Northern citizens. Adding to this fact theeconomy of the North was largely dependent on marketing Southern cotton, and selling human slavesworldwide. The North owned all the slave ships, along with the corporations transacting slaves fromAfrica. Now when you realize North was the middleman for all international cotton sales, while beingthe center of all slave sales; and distribution of slaves worldwide with the Northern might to becomesyndicated international bullies, one understands why Lincoln engaged criminal activities for control of the South. The peaceful South attempted to retract into the conservative blanket of the constitution by
creating the New American Confederate Nation [That had the abolition of slavery written intoits Constitution which was similar to the North; but without the comical “legally” ethical abuse of theNorth.]Some folks believe I am adventurous, and they are wrong. I am a believer of Christianindividuality, and am appalled at the attempted total destruction of liberty that the Civil War caused,that becomes obvious after researching history via older textbooks, and law libraries. The war wasconducted against a legally assembled nation! Abraham Lincoln prosecuted a war against this youngnation that had the right to exist knowing/believing the South was weak with little industrialization, itspopulation was half that of the North, and when the South would eventually lose, all property wouldbelong to the Northern corporations that had respect for the “American dictator.” Lincoln's sole rationalfor attacking the South was the same as Adolph Hitler's; because he could win!
Some more explanations of human frailties:
Organized religion attempts to make Christ an external spiritual image, whereas I believe thespirit of Christ is internal, and resides within all of us; and that was the basic teaching of Christ - withhis battle against the Roman Church (that he lost - proving that might makes wrong). Basically,Calvinism, at a later date, structured the church as defiance to Christ's philosophy; while beingsupportive to Roman rule, sealing off His true spirit, and replacing it with manipulative propaganda andrituals, that a “mob of folks” prefer; demonstrating why democracy stimulates stupidity. Once theruling class recognized this weakness, it used it to enslave all the various nations by having thepopulation believe in promises instead of surrounding reality. Good grief! I am supporting some of themandates of Hitler's Mien Kampf. Contrary to popular opinion, educated intelligence does not fabricatemoral little God's (in His image). So how do we get individuals to look inside themselves and free thetrue spirit of Christ. The first step is to stimulate the attribute of survival, and repair the confidence thatwas stolen away by Government. The Government is contrary to free thinkers like myself; who is nowconsidered harmless due to being crippled like a plantation slave, and whose posting is small scaleseeking only those that also have compassion.Every attempt I have made so far to enlighten those that need assistance, is always blocked by auncompromising peer pressure bully seeking closure to an argument, rather than concern for thevictims they damage. George Orwell was on the money in 1948, with his projection of 1984. If hecould have rewrote the book as he got closer to 1984, I believe his opinions would be a lot less gentle.As it is, I made an attempt to organize the Newtimers, a group of Senior Citizens that will beneeding transportation as the gasoline prices, automobile and related service prices, soar to the point
that the Seniors cannot enjoy the luxury of having a place to congregate. The directed interface of theSenior Center initially was supportive to me and asked for me to write the program up. The price of gasat the time was 3 dollars a gallon. I then acquired my mobility scooter that has a lot of safety featuresfor being street legal in addition to being comfortable for my crippling stynosis back injury. After areasonable period of time I checked on the progress of the Newtimers only to find the representativedid nothing! Then the lady went into a tirade about my “huge” scooter? That happens to be smaller thana wheel chair! She is so hung up on my machine that she looses track of the concept that she wishes shecould ride her bike to work, but willingly gives up that right by supporting the concept that all the roadsin Carrollton were designed/designated primarily for SUVs. Gas is now 4 dollars per gallon and stillclimbing with no sign of relief.[In fact President Obama backed off his valiant claim to setting limits on the price of gas.]It takes time to implement a realistic time share traffic system. The SUV driver is currently immorally,and illegally aggressive typically, and it will take Government to help straighten that problem out; i.e. if the majority of Carrollton (the Senior Citizens) press the City Council for their rights of passage, andrealize they are the prime owners of roadways, with SUVs and cars, to be accommodating instead of bullying. As an old man I ride “Freedom” (my one half 'horse' EW-36) like the cowboys of the past,but with more speed because of a constantly refreshed steed - that can travel 40 miles instead of 20 perday. [80 miles per day, if destination has “grazing” source for Freedom's total refreshment of electricity.] In basic honesty, I do not need a 200 mph vehicle to
travel in my 38 squaremiles of neighborhood jurisdiction.“How fast can it go” is a demonstration of brainwashed ignorance. An intelligent individualshould concentrate on natural goals, rather than performance. Freedom is a mobility scooter, and not amotorcycle. Its architecture accommodates a 15 mph velocity quite well with safety; and for smoothstraight-aways she gallops at close to 22 mph, and that truly is fast enough for young ladies wearingskirts, and young guys not wearing leathers or helmets. In fact climate has a lot to do with my velocity.Cold days I listen to bug teachings, and travel slower to cut down on the “air conditioning.” I studypassageways through my 38 square miles for safe travel, with no more than a 30 mph speed limit (thatshould be enforced). I now enjoy school zones without concern for speeding tickets. I can smell theroses and cut grass, while pausing to feed the ducks swimming in the ponds that are now in my line of travel. Department stores and supermarkets have become 'drive through' in the fullest sense of theword. This is my wonderful world of retirement that a personal NEV has opened up to a cripple, thatmy Senior Center sponsor wishes to contain from other seniors - that have unused mobility scooters,bicycles, tricycles, or the ability to fast walk; to travel through the maze of roadway that truly belongsto them! The totally brainwashed public that is terrified to exercise their rights (will eventually havethem legally stolen). I am just attempting to stir up the same type of gumption that Sally attempted inthe classic movie “Cabaret.”
“Don't sit alone in your room, come hear the music play. Life is a Cabaret old chum, cometo”
Carrollton's Senior Center!
Ramblings of Sanity
68 Thousand
folks are killed on American highways every year. This figure is greater than allthe wars our armies are presently facing annually, with the enemy seriously energized to kill us? Yet allwe do is band-aid these kinds of problems with corporate salable goodies, instead of seriouslyattacking the corrupted philosophy generated by corporate marketing. Performance today is more

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