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Published by nguyenquyhoang

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Published by: nguyenquyhoang on May 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Managing Activities to Achieve Results
Assignment 1 Page 1
Table of content 
 Describe the structure and culture of BSP and evaluate theinter-relationships between the different processes and functions. 3 Initiate and identify the mission, mission statement,the aims and objectives of an organisation 5 Define the methodology to be used to map processeson the organisation¶s objectives and functions  Evaluate the output of the process and analyse quality gateways 8 Develop plans which promote goals and objectives for the company 9State and ensure that the plans set are consistent with legal,regulatory and ethical requirements. 11Suggest objectives which are SMART standard to align the staff and other resources in an effective and efficient way 12 Prepare and agree implementation plans which translate strategictargets into practical efficient and effective actions. 14
Managing Activities to Achieve Results
Assignment 1 Page 2
 Manage the work activities to prevent ineffective and inefficient deviations from the operational plan through effective monitoring and control. 17  Implement appropriate systems to achieve the objectivesand goals of the plan 18
Conclusion 19
 Memorandum 19
 References 23 Appendix 24
Managing Activities to Achieve Results
Assignment 1 Page 3
Today, business and management continue to be transformed by high technology. The freecompetition in the enterprise is more and more violent. Therefore, business process is veryimportant to customer and for the company development. It makes a difference betweencompanies and other competitors and is one of the strengths that a business needs to promote.This report is performed with purpose to identify structure, culture, mission, goals of BSP.Beside that, we will develop plans for training and development to bring benefits. That thing will be helpful for improving the company¶s operation results.
Describe the structure and culture of BSP and evaluate the inter-relationships between thedifferent processes and functions.
n organisation¶s structure is a formal pattern. It is designed by managements. Its purpose is torelate individuals and groups¶ tasks. Furthermore, a good structure will help to achieve theorganisation¶s goals.BSP is a family run private limited company specialised in electronic projects developmentsystems. Van has agreed to continue the family¶s business, also bringing with him a team of hisµthink-tank¶ and his first task is to set out to improve its performance by giving BSP a better image. Its core product areas includes bedside panels, safe systems and housekeeping for hotels,nurse call systems for hospitals and smart card assess systems for integrated purposes. (
Sourcecase study)
From those things above, we can say that BSP structure is used the departmentationstructure -
Functional orgaisation.
en Sin
MarketingdepartmentProductiondepartmentFinancialdepartmentHuman resourcesdepartmentThink-tank Team
urse callsystems
Safe systems andhousekeeping

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