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Helsinki Equity Report Peer Review Draft - Version 10/05/12

Helsinki Equity Report Peer Review Draft - Version 10/05/12

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Go to http://equitytransport.wordpress.com for additional background
Go to http://equitytransport.wordpress.com for additional background

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Published by: Eric Britton (World Streets) on May 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Examining the prospects for
Equity-Based Transportation
A Public Enquiry lead by the City of Helsinki
Phase 1. Report, First Findings, RecommendationsPhase 2. Peer Review, Commentary & Finalization
 Eric Britton, New Mobility Partnerships, LyonVer: 10/05/12 
Helsinki Department of City Planning and TransportationKansakoulukatu 1 A FI-00099 City of Helsinki
Examining the Prospects for Equity-Based Transport in Helsinki
Phase I. Outreach, first findings & draft recommendations for review Page 2
The following is work in progress, a step in anon-going collaborative brainstorming exercise,and not in this form intended to serve as a how-to guide for decision makers or practitioners.To facilitate comments, corrections andadditions the review draft has line numbers oneach page for reference. We invite you to workwith the latest version.
Reading the latest version
Yes, what you have here is not a finality but an evolving process.True to this spirit this report is being updated on a regular basis asnew materials and ideas flow in. So if you are sitting down to read itfor the first time, we invite you to work with the latest version.Updates will be posted regularly on our EBT Library which you can freely access athttp://www.scribd.com/collections/3494669/Equity-Based-Transportation.In principle you will find the latest version atthe top of the listing.To facilitate your comments, corrections and additions the reviewdraft has line numbers on each page for easy reference.
Peer review: Working draft for comment
Phase II. Peer review, brainstorm and finalization
Page 3
A word of introduction
Nothing is more attractive to me than a muddled discussion awaiting its first theory.
3- E. O. Wilson, Biophilia, Harvard University Press, 19844And if ever there were a "muddled discussion" in the domain of public policy, just about everything5we have heard and seen over the last decades under the heading of "sustainable development" and6 "sustainable transportation" has to be placed firmly in this category. Hopes, rhetoric and promises7have run higher than high, while concrete achievements and realities have been tragically few and8far between. We are grievously losing the war of sustainability on just about every front you can9imagine. Something has to be very wrong, something fundamental, something structural and10something which apparently is not getting the attention it requires.1112Against this background the goal of this project is to see if we can make way toward some kind of 13unified approach or theory of sustainability on the basis of one concept which has not gotten much14play in the past and which just might help us to cut through all of the confusion, all the muddle, and15give us something firmer to build on. To this end we set out on a wide-open brainstorming16expedition of the challenges of creating a better and more sustainable transport system in the city of 17Helsinki , working specifically through the lens of 
. (Note: The idea of equity stresses fairness18and equal opportunities, not be confused with the concept of equality. But more on all that shortly.)1920The draft that follows and the open collaborative process behind it were commissioned by the21Department of City Planning/Transportation of the City of Helsinki. However the information and22views you will find here are the responsibility of the author alone. That is not to say that these are23my original ideas: to the contrary my role in this project is more that of co-organizer and keen24listener than author and certainly not authority. That said, I have to say here up front that anything25you find that is foolish or wrong, almost certainly comes from your author. And anything that you26find engaging and worth more thought almost surely comes from someone else.27Here and there you may get the impression that I am not sufficiently aware of all the good ideas,28projects and progress advanced in your beautiful city up to now. I am afraid that is inevitable for a29non-Finnish speaking visitor on his third trip here. But what I can say in my behalf is that I have30come here not to be right and certainly not wise, but to see if I can do my bit to get a discussion31going on a new approach that I truly believe can serve Helsinki and other cities very well indeed.32And yes, the accomplishments of Helsinki in the sector until now have been at a high level. With the33goal being to do better yet. Which is where this report and process may come in handy.34
To comment on report:
35This is work in progress and more specifically what we call a "thinking exercise". My hope is that it36will in the month ahead benefit from many and vigorous comments, criticisms, and corrections from37you and others. You are therefore cordially invited to share your thoughts on any aspect of this38report. You can reach me directly at: eric.britton@ecoplan.org | T. 336 5088 0787 | S. newmobility39Eric Britton40EcoPlan International, Lyon, 9 May 20124142

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