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Final Paper Poly Lit

Final Paper Poly Lit

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Published by Regi Simpson

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Published by: Regi Simpson on May 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Simpson 1
Regi Simpson10 May 2012INTL 3111ArnoldPolitics & Culture in Literature: Final PaperLiterature provides people with the ability to imagine, express, understand, and todevelop ways of seeing things that they may not have had a glimpse of before hand.Culture and Politics are two important aspects of literature, and are prevalent in the novel
 Nineteen-Eighty Four 
by George Orwell.
 Nineteen-Eighty Four 
is about Oceania, asociety ruled by the oligarchical dictatorship of the Party. By delving further into thegovernance of Oceania, I will explain how the authoritarian rule in Oceania fails, how thecontent of the novel is applicable to the real world, and how it has intensified my viewsregarding the need for small government.In
Nineteen-Eighty Four 
the extreme control of an authoritarian society drives itspeople to rebel against it and seek freedom, resulting in the
institution’s failure.
Aninstitution can be considered a failure when the people do not follow the rules that are setin place, ultimately meaning that what was planned for the Party did not succeed. Thesociety consists of war, the attempt to completely control the minds of their people,constant government surveillance, and punishment of death for slightly acting out of line.Throughout the novel the main character, Winston becomes disgusted by the fact that helives in a society where he has a
 bsolutely no personal freedoms. Winston’s first act of 
rebellion occurs when he purchases a diary and begins recording his thoughts in it. Thepeople of Oceania are not allowed to think for themselves, and the Party rules every
 Simpson 1
aspect of their lives. Under their authoritarian society, a thought crime is known as anybad thought against the government. Though thought crime may seem like a small act of rebellion, it is punishable by death. Winston commits several other crimes against thegovernment, one being his love affair with Julia. Both Julia and Wilson have verydifferent views in how they both dislike the Party and the fact that they are completelyand utterly controlled by this government. It is very important to look into the ways inwhich Winston and Julia rebel against the government, and how their two different waysof rebellion explain two different theories of why people might gain the urge to seek 
freedom in a society like the one the live in. Winston’s theory is best explained through
relative deprivation. Relative deprivation is when someone feels they are being deprivedof something (usually freedom of some sort), which they believe that they are in factentitled to. Because Winston has experienced life in a society with more freedoms, he
see’s the unfairness in the Party’s complete control of the people. Therefore, Winston
believes that he has a right to freedom. Julia on the other hand has never experiencedfreedom, because she has lived her entire life under the rule of the Party and it is
essentially all she’s ever known. Julia differs from Winston because she is scared of 
living in a new way that she is unfamiliar with. This being said, Julia still realizes that theParty is unfair and wrong, and she hates it so much that she sets out to spend her entirelife rebelling against the Party in any way she can.It is also important to realize that the content of 
 Nineteen-Eighty Four 
isapplicable to the real world because it explains what people feel like under authoritarianrule, and helps explain the truth-that people deserve and have a right to freedom. The
difference in Julia and Winston’s life under the Party is interesting because this proves
 Simpson 1
the unfairness of being born into a government that allows no freedom whatsoever.
Julia’s situation is of upmost importance because it shows the unfairn
ess of not knowingotherwise, and thinking that the way she was brought up it the only way and the best way.This proves that when people have only experienced an authoritarian or strictly controlledgovernment, this impacts the rest of their life by inhibiting them from making their ownchoices and thinking for themselves because for so long they have been brainwashed. It isalso sad that people cannot control whether they are born into a society like this one, andwhen you are you have to grow up not knowing the freedoms that you could have. Anindividual brought up like this ultimately cannot have much control over how they wantto live, and they are essentially limited to a society whose government reigns over thepeople with total control. People should be given the right to democracy because Godwants people to have the choice to fail or succeed by making their own choices. He wantspeople to have the choice to follow him or to not follow him. This is directly impacted bygovernment because if you are in a government that is completely controlling its people,the people do not have much way to do, think, and feel for themselves! The freedoms and
choices in life are your God given rights on Earth, and to be deprived of them isn’t right.
People living in America should be thankful everyday for being born into such a freenation that lets them live how they want to live.Lastly, the novel
 Nineteen-Eighty Four 
intensified my views regarding the needfor small government because it gave me further incite into what it would feel like to livein an authoritarian society. Seeing a group of people being oppressed by a governmentthrough a vivid and colorful work of literature like
 Nineteen-Eighty Four 
helps you seehow the people under this government feel, what they want instead of this government,

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