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pigg cv

pigg cv

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Published by pidoubleg

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: pidoubleg on May 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stacey Pigg | CV
307D Colbourn Hall 1614 Weber Street
P.O. Box 161345 Orlando, FL 32803 Orlando, FL 32816-1345 @pidoubleg / pidoubleg.com stacey.pigg@ucf.edu 517.282.1889
 Assistant Professor, Department of Writing and Rhetoric.
 University of Central Florida. Fall 2011-present. Core Faculty in Texts & Technology Ph.D Program. Associate Graduate Faculty.
Graduate Research Assistant,
 Writing in Digital Environments Research Center. Michigan State University, 2007-2011.
Ph.D. Rhetoric and Writing.
 Michigan State University, 2011. Dissertation:
Embodied Rhetoric in Scenes of Production: The Case of the Coffeehouse
 Chair: Malea Powell | Committee: Dànielle DeVoss, Bill Hart-Davidson, John Monberg
M.A. English.
 University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2006. Concentration: Writing.
B.A. English and Spanish.
 Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN, 2003. Study Abroad: Montevideo, Uruguay, January – April 2002.
Pigg, Stacey.
“Emplacing Mobile Composing Habits: A Study of Academic Writing in Networked Social Spaces.”
College Composition and Communication
, Forthcoming. Moore, Jessie, Paula Rosinski, Tim Peeples,
Stacey Pigg,
 Beth Brunk-Chavez, Jeffrey T. Grabill, Dundee Lackey, and Paul Curran. “Revisualizing Composition: How First-Year Writers Use Composing Technologies.”
Computers and Composition
, Forthcoming. Bowdon, Melody,
 Stacey Pigg,
and Lissa Pompos. “Feminine/Feminist Ethics and Service-Learning Site Selection: The Role of Empathy.”
Feminist Teacher 
, Forthcoming.
Pigg, Stacey.
“Coordinating Constant Invention: Social Media’s Role in Distributed Work.”
Technical Communication Quarterly 
 23.2 (2014): 69-87. Print. Lead Article.
Pigg, Stacey
, Jeffrey T. Grabill, Beth Brunk-Chavez, Jessie L. Moore, Paula Rosinski, and Paul G. Curran. “Ubiquitous Writing, Technologies, and the Social Practice of Literacies of Coordination.”
Written Communication
 31.1 (2014): 91-117. Print. Grabill, Jeffrey T., and
Stacey Pigg
. “Messy Rhetoric: Identity Performance as Rhetorical Agency in Online Public Forums.”
Rhetoric Society Quarterly 
 42.2 (2012): 99-119. Print. Lead article.
Pigg, Stacey
, Kendall Leon, and Rife, Martine Courant. “Researching to Professionalize, not Professionalizing to Research: Understanding the WIDE Effect.”
Rewriting Success in Rhetoric and Composition Careers 
. Ed. Carrie Leverenz, Amy Goodburn, & Donna LaCourt. Anderson,
#$%&'(% )*+,!-
Stacey Pigg | CV
SC: Parlor Press, 2012. 191-208. Print. Ridolfo, Jim, Martine Courant Rife, Kendall Leon, Amy Diehl, Jeffrey T. Grabill, Douglas Walls, &
Stacey Pigg
. “Stories of Collaboration and Graduate Student Professionalization in a Digital Humanities Research Center.”
 Collaborative Approaches to the Digital in English Studies.
Ed. Laura McGrath. Logan, UT: Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press, 2012. Web. Dadurka, David, and
Stacey Pigg
. “Mapping Complex Terrains: Bridging Social Media and Community Literacies.”
Community Literacy Journal 
 6.1 (2011): 7-22. Print. Sano-Franchini, Jennifer Lee, Donnie Sackey, and
Stacey Pigg
. “Methodological Dwellings: A Search for Feminisms in Rhetoric and Composition.”
Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society
1.2 (2011): Web. Leon, Kendall, and
 Stacey Pigg
. (2011). “Graduate Students Professionalizing in Digital Time/Space: A View from ‘Down Below.’”
Computers and Composition 28.
1 (2011): 3-13. Print. Lead article.
Pigg, Stacey
. (2010). Teaching the new mediated student body: Five applications. In Cheryl E. Ball & James Kalmbach (Eds.) RAW (
reading and writing) new media
(pp. 231-255). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.
Pigg, Stacey. “
Review of Clay Spinuzzi’s
Journal of Business and Technical Communication
28.2 (2014): 395-400. Print.
 Pigg, Stacey. “
Review of Vilem Flusser’s
Does Writing Have a Future? 
Rhetoric Society Quarterly 
 42.5 (2012): 499-503. Print. Grabill, Jeffrey T,
Stacey Pigg
, & Wittenauer, Katie. “Take two: A Study of the Co-Creation of Knowledge on Museum Web 2.0 Sites.”
Museums and the Web 2009: Proceedings 
. Eds. Jennifer Trant and David Bearman. Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics, 2009. Web. Powell, Malea,
Stacey Pigg
, Kendall Leon, and Angela Haas. “Rhetoric.”
Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences.
Third Edition. Eds. Marcia J. Bates and Mary Niles Maack. New York: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, 2009. Print. Grabill, Jeffrey T., William Hart-Davidson,
Stacey Pigg
, Jessie Moore, Tim Peeples, Paula Rosinski, Beth Brunk-Chavez, Suzanne Rumsey, Dundee Lackey, Robyn Tasaka, Martine Courant Rife, Michael McLeod, and Paul Curran. “Revisualizing Composition: Mapping the Writing Lives of First-Year College Students.” Web. Reprinted in
Writing About Writing: A College Reader.
 Eds. Elizabeth Wardle and Doug Downs. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2014. 724-739.
Pigg, Stacey.
Outside the Office: Rhetorical Work in Transient Places.
 Book manuscript in process.
Pigg, Stacey
, William Hart-Davidson, Jeffrey T. Grabill, and Kirsten Ellenbogen. “Why People Care about Chickens and Other Lessons about Rhetoric, Public Science, and Informal Learning Environments.” Forthcoming in
Science and the Internet: Communicating Knowledge in a
Stacey Pigg | CV
Digital Age.
Eds. Alan Gross and Jonathan Buehl. Amityville, NY: Baywood Publishing.
Pigg, Stacey.
 “Distracted By Digital Literacy: Unruly Bodies and the Schooling of Literacy.”
Strategic Discourse: The Politics of (New) Literacy Crises 
. Ed. Lynn Lewis. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press / Computers and Composition Digital Press. Pending final review by press. Leon, Kendall, &
 Pigg, Stacey. “
Conocimiento as a Path to Ethos: Gloria Anzaldúa’s Networked Rhetoric.”
Ecological Eth
: A Feminist Approach to Women’s Rhetorical Practices.
Eds. Rebecca Jones, Nancy Myers, and Kathleen Ryan. Book received revise and resubmit from
Southern Illinois University Press 
Pigg, Stacey
and Morrison, Brett A.
Student Practices and Perceptions in Flipped Courses.”
Flipping the College Class: Case Studies From Across the Disciplines.
 Eds. Julee B. Waldrop & Melody Bowdon. Book under advanced contract with Routledge. Brunk-Chavez, Beth,
Stacey Pigg
, Jeffrey T. Grabill, Paula Rosinski, and Jessie Moore. “Building, Maintaining, Communicating, and Publishing Through a Research Network: Behind the Scenes of the Revisualizing Composition Research Network.”
Keeping Pace: Conducting, Disseminating, and Reviewing Literacy Research at the Speed of Technology.
 Eds. Joanne Addison and Sharon James McGee.
Pigg, Stacey. “
Researching Social Media Literacies as Emergent Practice: Changes in Twitter Use After Year Two of a Longitudinal Case Study.”
Literacy in Practice
. Eds. Pamela Takayoshi and Patrick Thomas. Grabill, Jeff, Kendall Leon, and
 Stacey Pigg.
“Tracing Rhetoric as a Social Practice: A Field Guide for Identifying Materials.”
Places of Persuasion: Studying Rhetoric in the Field.
Candice Rai and Caroline Gottschalk Druschke.
 Pigg, Stacey.
“Writing Connects, and Connecting Locates.”
Writing for the Curious: Why Study Writing? 
 Ed. Kishor Vaidya.
Pigg, Stacey
. “Rhetorical Invention, Technology, and Writing in Public Space.” $6000.
National Endowment for the Humanities 
 Summer Stipend, 2013. Hall, R. Mark,
Stacey Pigg
, Kevin Roozen, Angela Rounsaville, & Elizabeth Wardle. “Affordances, Constraints, and Roadblocks to Writing Transfer: A Longitudinal Study.” $1500.
Council of Writing Program Administrators,
2012. Fishman, Jenn, Mary Jo Reiff, Bill Doyle, Casie Fedukovich,
Stacey Pigg,
 and Hiie Sauma. “ Does it Transfer?: Tracing FYC Rhetorical Knowledge across Multiple Media.” $2000.
Council of Writing Program Administrators 
, 2006.
Pigg, Stacey.
 “Writing in Spaces Between: UCF’s Knowledge Commons as Civic Infrastructure.” $7500.
University of Central Florida Office of Research and Commercialization
, 2012.
Hetzel, Erin and
Stacey Pigg
. “Classroom Conversation in an IM World: Bringing Online Chat to the

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