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Final Reflective Paper English 1102

Final Reflective Paper English 1102

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Published by Cory Dennis

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Published by: Cory Dennis on May 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cory DennisMr. BorreroEnglish 11024/23/12Reflective PaperIn the beginning of the semester my expectations for this class were not very high.All throughout my English career I have cruised through with little difficulty and Ibelieve that up until English 1102 I have not given a complete effort in my writings. In
high school I made A’s in every English course I took because it was more reading and
definition tests; not so much writing papers. In English 1101 my professor was extremelynice and helpful but I believe she was very lenient when it came to grading papers. Weturned in everything as a hard copy including our portfolio. We never used Moodle,which made the transition pretty new for me, which in turn hurt my grade in the first half of 1102. There are several specific events and incidents that I believe hurt me in thiscourse, but there are also some events that helped me greatly.One event that hurt me was the fact I did not ask questions when I was lost for thefirst month of class. I was new to turning things in on Moodle through forums but Iwould not ask for help in figuring it out until almost a month into class. This crippled megreatly because in the first month we had our Introduction letter, first draft of concept andresearch proposal, our final draft of the concept and research proposal, and post-
conference reflection all due. By me being apathetic I either didn’t turn these assignments
in, or was extremely late in doing so.One resource I should have, but did not utilize was the library research days. Icame to one of them and I did not use that day to my advantage. I went to the secondfloor and messed around with a friend during this time. If I would have used this timeeffectively I would not have had to cram all of my research into one night and my paperswould have been a lot more detailed and professional. Another resource I should have butdid not use to my advantage was the writing resources center. They offer great help andwould have been able to tell me where mistakes were made and what all I could do toimprove my writings. I wish I would have utilized this resource and I believe that in thefuture if I am struggling with a paper I will make a trip to the writing resource center.Another improvement I could have made is timing. For the majority of the semester Iwould do my papers the day before they were due or two days before they were due. Thisis not acceptable if I want to improve as a writer and I know I got better as the semesterwent on. Towards the end of the semester I started my pre-writing and first draft the dayour assignments were discussed. I believe this course has helped me in making stridestowards breaking my old habits of procrastinating; I just need to keep doing what I havebeen doing and I believe it will make my life as a writer a whole lot easier. I do notbelieve that throughout the semester I have had all negative experiences with my writing,and I know there have been events where I made choices to better myself as a writer aswell as better my grade as a student.One event that I believe helped me get on track with what I need to do to becomea successful student in English 1102 as well as a successful writer was the midterm
conferences. During this conference we discussed my performance in the course as of that point and what I needed to do in order to improve. We also discussed how Iperformed on multiple assignments that were due as well as participation in class. Goingin to my conference I had an idea of what grade I was shooting for, a C. I had not givenmuch thought to the work I had produced in the course thus far. I had the notion that we
would go in to the conference and say what grade we thought we were at, that’s when
you would agree and that would be that; I was mistaken. First we went through theassignments we had turned in so far as well as the attendance. We then proceeded to talk about which assignments I had turned in and how often I participated in discussions
without having to be called upon. I hadn’t given that much thought in all the variables
that played a factor in my grade and started to think the grade we would agree upon
would be a D. I had not produced my best work, if I even turned it in, and I didn’t
participate too much without being asked to; I was very worried about my grade becauseI have always excelled in school and I am the type of person who gets very stressed outwhen I receive a poor grade. After talking for about thirty minutes we agreed on a C,which was very generous on my professors part. I asked what I would have to do to getan A in the class and he told me that I would have to really work hard in order to do that,but it was pretty unlikely. I am a competitive person and after the meeting I took it as a
challenge; I didn’t look at it like he was insulting me because I know I put myself in a
difficult situation and it was up to me to turn it around. I realized I needed to buckledown and focus on what was really important, my schoolwork. This conference openedmy eyes to the fact that my professor wanted me to succeed, he wanted to get the bestwork he could out of me because the work I had been turning in was not my best and he

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