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Inspired Talks by Swami Vivekananda

Inspired Talks by Swami Vivekananda

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Published by 4c2c81b4

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Published by: 4c2c81b4 on May 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LIBRARYUNlVEKtlY OP CAUPOHNIA \ SWAMI VIVEKANANDA(From a photograph taken just before leaving Madras for the Parliament ofReligions at Chicago, showing the Swami in the orange robe and with theshaven head of the Sanyasin. )VEDANTA PHILOSOPHYINSPIRED TALKSBYSWAMI VIVEKANANDA(Recorded by a disciple during the seven weeks at Thousand Island Park)Second Edition[Copyright] All Rights ReservedPUBLISHED BYTHE RAMAKRISHNA MISSIONMYLAPORE, MADRASMADRAS: G. C. LOGANADHAM BROS. THE "GUARDIAN" PRESS,MOUNT ROAD
V+3TTo His HolinessSWAMI BRAHMANANDAJIIn Loving MemoryofSWAM I VJVEKANANDAThis Bookis dedicated byHis Devoted Disciples.i . "INSPIRED TALKSCONTENTSFrontispiece Swami Vivekananda.House at Thousand Island Park.Page. I. Preface iII.Introductory Narrative 1III.
The Master 24IV. Inspired Talks 51PREFACEThis invaluable book is published for the second time. In this edition I haveadded a few notes where Swamiji's utterances may appear to be abruptand unconnected. Some typographical mistakes also have been attendedto and no pains have been spared to make it intelligible to all readers andfree from all errors, as far as possible.Swamiji is known all over the world as the greatest and most powerfulexponent of the Vedanta in modern times. Many have felt the irresistiblecharm of his eloquence in India and abroad. In the present case Swamijidid not stand before a vast and critical audience toPrefaceconquer them by his irrefutable arguments based upon sound logic, hisbewitching persona- lity and his rare gifts of explaining the most abstrusesubjects in a most perspicuous manner accompanied by his "cyclonic"eloquence, but he was sitting before a few of his already conqueredchosen disciples who had begun to see in him their only guide to take thembeyond the ocean of ignorance and misery. There he sat in the glory of hisown all-illumining realisation diffusing the balmy rays of his inner light bymeans of his most sweet and musical voice, all about him, softly raisingand opening the lotus buds of the hearts of his ardent devo- tees. Peacereigned all around him. Blessed indeed were those few fortunate souls whohad the rare privilege of sitting at the feet of such a great sage and Guru.The cyclonic monk was not there carrying everything before him. There satthe peacefuliiPreface

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