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Book Of Nemesis

Book Of Nemesis

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Published by Spammalott

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Published by: Spammalott on May 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Imperial patrol fleet
[photo by RIP]
Schismatic class light cruiser inSteffenrith's Nebula (Segmentum Pacificus)
[photo by MKG]
 After a few months of hard team-work, I can proudly present the Book of Nemesis – thecomplilation of the best Battlefleet Gothic rules we have published on the Cypra Probatii portal.Most of them were extensively playtested during a few events and uncounted number of homegames.The idea of this publication was born at the 'Charkov System' event in July 2007. Wecreated and accepted at our events such a number of additional rules that I realised that they should be compiled in one place to avoid confusion. The Nemesis sector itself was invented inthe Spring of 2006, when I was preparing the for first BFG event in Poland - 'War in NemesisSector'. In the next year, piece by piece, I created its history, starting from loose beer discussionsto methodical work, and soon this region of the WH40k universe gained its final shape. Although we tried to make The Book as balanced as possible, remember that the rulespresented here are unofficial and you should consult your oppontent or event organiser tocheck that you can use them.I would like to thank to all Book's co-authors for their fine job, to Iain 'Cybershadow' Werry for proof reading, and to Andy Hall for giving me the motivation and allowing me to useGW owned graphics. And finally, last but not least, one technical note: the Book of Nemesis is designed for 2-page printing. You may print and bind it as a normal book.
 DI   T  O R '    S  N O T 
Marcin K. Gerkowiczmain editorLublin 15.IX.2007

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