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Tech Final Evaluation

Tech Final Evaluation

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Published by Dhruv Seth

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Published by: Dhruv Seth on May 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rating of creation in terms of animation & presentation
Tech Evaluation
In order to successfully collect data, and identify the overall effect of my final creation I designed 5testing methods:
The first testing method I used was to verify whether each button and command functionedas expected.Each and every, button and command worked as expected, excepting in a few cases where theuser was forced to double click to move on.
The second testing method I used was, to share my created animation on the Scratchwebsite to receive comments and feedback.
The third testing method I used was to share my animation on my blog to also receivecomments and feedback. I shared my blog link through Facebook, and Webmail.
The fourth testing method I used was to create a survey, designed to receive feedbackregarding my final animation.I currently have 10 responses to my survey, mostly being positive in terms of animation yet negativewhen it comes to the consistency, accuracy and amount of information provided.It is almost a guarantee that my survey has been filled out by users within the age range of 13-14,because my blog link was emailed to people within this range, and this age range also applies to myfriends on Facebook and the people who regularly view my Nist Blog. However it is not for certain,that the users viewing my animation from the Scratch website are within this age, therefore theirresponses will be different from others due to a different opinion.The results I received (in terms of presentation & animation
) are conveyed in the pie chartshown below:
The final testing method I used was to; compare my animation to another one bothrepresenting safety using social media.
 Similarities and differences from my animation and animation 2 are:
Animation 2 has no Continue Sprite, therefore the gap between a wrong answer page andthe next question is timed hence this causes users to end up clicking randomly, while myanimation has a continue sprite which not only is straight forward but also gives users timeto read the additonal tips.
Animation 2 has no sound and movement while my animation does, pushing it to the betterside because, movement and sound help catch the audience and make it more interesting,and fun to complete.
A majority of the backgrounds used in Animation 2, are from web images making it lookmore professional, however the backgrounds/sprites used in my animation, are mainlycreated by computer designing software, giving it a more stuctured, organised andunrealistic look (slightly more appropriate for the target audience) .
Animation 2 has a wide range of facts/tips refering to safety using Facebook, while myanimation only has a few short tips on each wrong answer page regarding the specificed
question, which is a disadvantage because it doesn’t convey as much factual content as done
so by Animation 2.According to my Scratch animation, the feedback received, and the 5 testing methods; I will use mySpecifications to, get a final opinion of whether my animation was a success or not.Specification ExplanationMy animation must beinteractiveEach myltiple choice option, consists of acommand that has to be clicked toproceed in the quiz.My animation must beinteresting for the targetaudience.My scratch animation has 21 views, and afew likes/responses from my link onfacebook, which proves that theaudience find it interesting.Animation 1 (My project)To view animation click here.  Animation 2 (Another Project)To view animation click here. 
The user must learnsomething,A question in
my survey was “Your
knowledge of Facebook out of 5. Before
and After”.
 Each user who completed my survey,stated that their knowledge of facebookhad increased after doing my animationthan before.The information providedin my animation must beeasy to followEach tip in my animation, was stated inclear and easy english appropriate forthe target audience.My animation must havesoundMy quiz included sound at the beginning.My animation must have achange in stage.Each question was represented as adifferent stage, hence it was almost anecessity to have at least 20 stages if notmore.
Ways to Improve
According to the feedback I received, and my own personal opinion; I can improve by:
Including more facts and text, because all in all my animation doesn’t matter as much as the
information conveyed to the audience.
The overall effect of my final animation, was extremely cartoonish which wasn’t suitable to a
few users therefore, making it more realistic; by using screenshots of the real Facebooktheme; could have been
suitable for my target audience
A few responses I received stated, that my quiz was too long since, a single question had 4parts making it at lest 20, therefore reducing the questions from 5 to 3 could have made itmore suitable
And finally, the questions were unfamiliar to the user therefore making the questions easierby, choosing challenging yet familiar questions or simply stating a fact that taught the userssomething before they actually answered the question would have made it easier.Ways to Improve, responded by the target audience is conveyed in the chart shown below:

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