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Our Presidents and Their Mothers

Our Presidents and Their Mothers

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The impact of mothers on the presidents and history of our country.
The impact of mothers on the presidents and history of our country.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OUR PRESIDETS and THEIR MOTHERSBY William Judson Hampton, D. D.ITRODUCTIO BY THEHOORABLE WALTER E. EDGEGovernor of the State of ew JerseyCopyright, 1918,By William Judson Hampton.COTETS.PageIntroduction — by Governor Edge 5"Gems" 7Mothers of the Presidents 9Mary Ball — Washington, George Washington.. 17Jane Randolph — Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson ... 25ellie Conway — Madison, James Madison 27
Abigail Smith — Adams, John Ouincy Adams. ... 28Elizabeth Hutchinson — Jackson, Andrew Jackson 32Elizabeth Speer — Buchanan, James Buchanan. . . 35ancy Hanks — Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln 39Mary McDonough — Johnson, Andrew Johnson.. 44Hannah Simpson — Grant, Ulysses S. Grant 48Sophia Birchard — Hayes, Rutherford B. Hayes.. 53Eliza Ballou — Garfield, James A. Garfield 57Anne eale — Cleveland, Grover Cleveland 62Elizabeth Irwin — Harrison, Benjamin Harrison.. 65ancy Allison — McKinley, William McKinley.. 71Martha Bullock — Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt 80Louise M. Torrey— Taft, William Howard Taft.. 84Janet Woodrow — Wilson, Woodrow Wilson .... 88ITRODUCTIO.By his Excellency,Governor Walter E. Edge.This interesting volume will find its way straightto the hearts of those fortunate enough to have ex-perienced the deathless devotion and unerring guid-ance of a mother's love. It will rekindle tender
sentiments that perhaps have merely smouldered un-der the heavy weight of life's dull cares and every-day, matter-of-fact affairs. It should serve as an in-spiration toward a reconciliation with the whole-some rules of living first uttered at the cradle andlater understood in the play-room. Finally, it mustthrow a penetrating light on the reasons for thegreatness of the Great, uncovering those wholesomeinfluences that make possible the carving of trulyeminent characters, through shaping early impres-sions.ot from motives of gratitude alone, but as a mat-ter of historical accuracy, most of our Americanstatesmen freely admit that many of their personalcharacteristics which the world terms worth whileconstituted the love-given legacy of an idolizingmother. What compassion and gentleness shetaught! What patience and fortitude and otherfoundation stones of a creditable career! How sheearly marshalled the forces of common sense andrighteousness against all manner of moral weak-nesses! How she endured and forgave! How sheloved !* * *It seems to me that a work treating thus inti-mately with the mother influence upon great Ameri-cans is particularly appropriate at this time — nowwhen hundreds of thousands of mothers throughout

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