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#kidlitart 5-10-12

#kidlitart 5-10-12

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Published by kidlitart5768

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Published by: kidlitart5768 on May 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 @BonnieAdamson: TOPIC: Picking the spreads for your #PBDummy color samples.How do you choose? #kidlitart
 @kidlitart: TOPIC: Picking the spreads for your #PBDummy color samples. How doyou choose? #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @BonnieAdamson color samples? #kidlitart
 @WendyMartinArt: @KatGirl_Studio When you send a dummy to a pub or agent you include 2 color sample spreads. #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @matusic How's it going? #kidlitart
 @matusic: @KatGirl_Studio Keeping busy as usual. How've you been? #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @WendyMartinArt Oh ok now it makes sense #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @matusic super busy. Client projects, blog tour prep, the proof of my book just came today. #kidlitart
@WendyMartinArt: I'm putting final touches on my final art plates #PBDummy#kidlitart
 @matusic: @KatGirl_Studio I saw the book proof pic on facebook. Congrats! #kidlitart
 @matusic: @WendyMartinArt And congrats to you too! That's awesome, Wendy! #PBDummy #kidlitart
 @matusic: @WendyMartinArt Are you submitting to a few places? #PBDummy #kidlitart
 @WendyMartinArt: @matusic Thanks. I am so slow, it feels as if I will never finish this dummy. #PBDummy #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @WendyMartinArt I usually chose the most dynamic pieces. Either visually striking or with dramatic lighting. #kidlitart
 @matusic: @WendyMartinArt It's a war of attrition. :) #PBDummy #kidlitart
 @WendyMartinArt: @matusic ive 1 agent in mind. I was requested 2 send her a dummy after we met at a conference. From thr, who knows? #PBDummy #kidlitart
 @WendyMartinArt: @matusic what is? #PBDummy #kidlitart
 @matusic: @WendyMartinArt Putting together a PBDummy. #PBDummy #kidlitart
 @KatGirl_Studio: @matusic the inside is fab too but that's harder to photograph. #kidlitart
 @reneekurilla: #kidlitart I can't stay for too long, but I wanted to say hi while I'm here!:D HI!
 @matusic: @KatGirl_Studio That makes sense. Impress and show what you can do instead of playing it safe by coloring a more simple page. #kidlitart
 @WendyMartinArt: @reneekurilla Thanks for dropping by #kidlitart
 @matusic: @reneekurilla Speaking of busy... Howdy, Renee! #kidlitart
 @kellylight: I wanted to say also! Haven't chatted in ages! #kidlitart
 @WendyMartinArt: @kellylight Hi HI! #kidlitart
 @sneaksncrayons: Hi peepsn #Kidlitart

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