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BARSP Newsletter - May 2012

BARSP Newsletter - May 2012

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Published by Philip Paulus

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Published by: Philip Paulus on May 11, 2012
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 Volume 20
Issue 6
BARSP Newsletter May 2012
Bay AreaRetired School Personnel
Sandy DeWaele
1st Vice President
Michael Andress
2nd Vice President
Betty DefrainJanet Brandt
Joyce Sigelko
Phil Bosco
Past Pres
Dr. Mary Boettger  
 Luncheon Meetings
DoubleTree Hotel
One Wenona ParkBay City, Michigan
10:30May 10, 2012
President’s Message…….
Knowing is not enough; we mustapply.Willing is not enough; we must do.Goethe
SB 1040
: MARSP is opposed to Senate Bill 1040. This bill would increase contribu-tions to the member investment plan and require all Tier 1 members to contribute at
least 5% of compensation. It would also increase current retirees’ health care premi-
ums from 10% member cost share to 20% member cost share. This bill would double health care pre-
miums for current retirees. In addition, per the Senate Fiscal Agency’s
-by-Section Analysis of 
MPSERS Reform Legislation” (March 22, 2012),
the “reforms addressed in Senate Bill 1040 wouldnot result in any State savings.”
,Mike Green (517) 373 1777
866-305-2131 (toll free)
today and urge him tooppose this assault on the retirement of Michigan's dedicated school employees. Current employeesshould not have to pay even higher out-of-pocket costs to keep the benefits that have been promisedto them. Retirees cannot afford their health insurancepremiums to increase, especially in light of thestate's new pension tax. Also, register with
With the sheer number of attacks from Lans-ing since February 2011, it is important to keep informed of the current issues and to voice our opin-ions to our state lawmakers.
Sign this Petition!!!
Michigan "Protect Our Jobs" Amendment
needs to be on the
 statewide ballot inMichiganas an
.The "Protect Our Jobs" campaign seeks to eliminate the assault on collective bargaining rights in Lansing by amendingthe Michigan Constitution to include language that will enshrine the basic right of collective bargainingto every Michigan worker. This will give every worker the opportunity to have a voice in their employ-mentrelationship. The proposal would add the following to Article XI, Section 5 of the State Constitu-tion:
Classified state civil service employees shall, through their exclusive representative, havethe right to bargain collectively with their employer concerning conditions of their employment,compensation, hours, working conditions,retirement 
,pensions and other aspects of employ- ment except promotions, which will be determined by competitive examination and perform- ance on the basis of merit, efficiency and fitness.
In order to place the measure on the
 supporters must collect a minimum of 322,609 valid signatures and submit them to the
.Signthis petition at the first opportunity you have.
The Michigan "Protect our Jobs" Amendment peti-tion will be available at our May BARSP meeting.
Together, we can win the fight and protect our  jobs, our voice and our future!
Public Relations:
We need to let the public and potential members know about MARSP and BARSP.Our organization is for everyone who has worked in education. We stand together to protect and main-tain our retirement and health benefits. Belonging also gives us an opportunity to socialize and net-work with friends and extend our support to community service projects. Give a positive word of mouthabout MARSP and BARSP every chance you get. Mike Andress, our publicity chairmen will try to getmore articles in the Bay City Times telling about our One Time Donations, Classroom Teacher Schol-arships and Community Service projects like eyeglasses for the Lions (which we will continue). I'd liketo suggest two more community service projects: used magazines for patients to read in the waitingroom at the Helen M. Nickless Volunteer Clinic and food donations for the Salvation Army Food Pan-try. We would have two collections for each per year, one Fall and one Spring . Used magazinesshould have the mailing label removed or blackened out. Food donations must be nonperishable andat least six months from expiration date. Volunteers would be necessary to deliver the magazines and
food donations. This month’s survey will give you an opportunity to volunteer. (cont. pg.2)
Cindy says….
 A big thank-you to everyone who
has paid their dues. It’s a great
help to have them in such atimely fashion. Please encour-age newly retired friends to joinus NOW! By joining now, mem-berships are good until June 30,2013. By waiting until next fall,
they get less than a year’s mem-
bership for the same price. Pickup membership forms for themat our next meeting. Members90 or older are honorary mem-bers and BARSP waives their dues.Cindy Bosco Membership Chair 
Michael AndressLeeds BirdMargaret BirdDr. Mary Boettger Cindy BoscoPhil BoscoGloria BublitzDeb BulaGrace Chevalier Betty CliffordSandy DeWaeleJanet DixonMary Ida DoanSally FinzelMarty GilkeyFranklin GrantRosanne HemeJoan Hildinger Ron Hildinger Bill JonesMarion JonesNancy KasperskiJerrolynn Katzinger Leon Katzinger Inez LuceMarilyn MoralesMary MoskalMildred Nuffer Sue PostRika SchoenfeldJoyce SigelkoBarbara SkowronskiPeggy SullivanJoAnn Vanover Edna WittbrodtPhyllis Woody
I need your input !! 
Rika Schoenfeld, Editor 989-793-9467usrika@sbcglobal.n
May 2012 
Dolores MailetteRae and Wally MacPhail
President’s message (continued from page 1)
 Calling Committee
: Thanks to the eleven people who volunteered to organize a Calling Committee to help our group get toknow each other better. We will meet in mid-June to discuss a modified plan for this Calling Committee. The sign up sheetwill be at the May meeting if others would like to join us. If possible the committee will begin calling in August.
Another Reminder:
Starting in
September 2012 our BARSP meetings will be on the second Monday of the monthinstead of the second Thursday
. This change was necessary so we could have our meetings on the same week and dayof every month .Having the meeting on the same week and day of the month makes it easier for all of us to remember theBARSP meeting date and plan our other appointments accordingly.
The MARSP Annual Meeting
lead by Area 11 Director, Joan Hildinger will be on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at the Double-Tree Hotel at
Please note the time change.
This is an important event so plan to be there.
Welcome Aboard
Kathryn SchwartzMartha GilkeyLinda Herner Mitchell Jarosz
In Memorium
Joan Moreau 11/2/11 (76)Katherine Young 1/23/12 (98)Donald Grobbel 3/28/12 (78)Rose Remington 4/9/12 (93)Jan Wiles 3/22/12 (71)Robert Defrain 2/15/12 (91)
May Prepays
Happy Mothers Day
What’s the difference between
Moms and Dads? (according to a2nd grader.)Moms have magic , they can makeyou feel better without medicine.
for the great job you have done allyear..You are great volunteers andyour positive attitudes and smilesare so appreciated. Anyone wishingto greet for the 2012-2013 year,please see me at the May meeting.
-JoAnn Vanover 
Note: from the Mailing committee
Members receiving this newsletter via e-mail will no longer be receiving hard cop-ies. Also duplicate mailings to the sameaddress will be eliminated. (starting 9/12)If you have special circumstances whichrequire you to receive both please informPhil Bosco so that he can print mailinglabels. Thank-you
BARSP Meeting Reservation FormThursday, May 10,2012
10:30 a.m.
DoubleTree Hotel
$9.50per personName (s)_____________________________________________________________________________________ No. Attending________________ Amount Enclosed __________________________(please do not staple)
Make check payable to
and mail by May 4
Carl Learman6353 Lawndale RoadSaginaw, MI 48604-9457989-793-8089
Meeting was called to order by President Sandra DeWaele.The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed with the
singing of “America the Beautiful” and “Happy Birthday” to
those with April birthdays.
“We remember our colleagues with prayers
and thoughts of their selfless giving to education and their 
Deceased members remembered: JoanMoreau , Katherine Young Donald Grobbel, Rose Reming-ton,Janis Wiles, Robert Defrain.
is at 577 with four new members: KathrynSchwartz, Martha Gilkey, Linda Herner, and MitchellJarosz.
Laura Keenan with 4 members of her WesternHigh School Select Choir performed songs. Janet Brandtpresented Laura and her singing students with a certificateof appreciation on behalf of BARSP.
Secretary’s Report:
Correction to March 2012 minutes.Marion Jones not Sharleen Jones volunteered to help withRetirement 101. Motion was made by Dr. Mary Boettger and seconded by Clarence Miller to accept the minutes ascorrected.. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report:
Phil Bosco
Motion to accept the treasure’s report as written was made by
Frank Grant and seconded by Nancy Kasperski, Motion
Legislation Report:
 An update on Senate bill #1040 wasgiven by President DeWaele. It is important to let your staterepresentative know how you want them to vote. Keep your-self informed by signing up for MARSP informational e-mails.
Luncheon Reservations:
Carl Learman reported 74 reser-
vations for today’s meeting and 67 meal tickets.
Insurance Report:
Dr. Boettger gave a short report on the Affordable Care Act. She also suggested that each retireelook over their retirement statement from ORS. Those bornbefore 1946 should not be having Michigan tax taken out of their retirement. Some are finding it is being deducted andyou must inform MPSERS so the correction is made. If youhave any questions or concerns about your insurance, feelfree to contact Dr. Mary or Sue Post for help. Dr. Mary distrib-uted maps of Michigan from Rep. Charles Brunner. Mary alsoreported about the phone scam that is once again hitting our area. Do
send money to anyone who calls and saysyour family member has been in an accident and needsmoney.
Old Business
: More volunteers are needed to sign up totelephone BARSP members and encourage them to attendour meetings.
New Business:
President DeWaele reminded everyone thatthe May meeting will begin at 10:30 a.m. due to the MARSP2012 annual business meeting.Motion to adjourn was made by Bill Jones, seconded by MaryIda Doan .Motion carried.Blessing for next meeting to be given by Barbara Skowronski.50/50 winners: $ 37.00 - Mary Ida Doan$ 12.50
Lillian Lockwood$ 12.50
Leeds BirdSubmitted by Joyce Sigelko, Secretary
BARSP Minutes
April 12, 2012
Income $1,459.50Expenses $1,245.36Checking Account $7,095.16Savings Account $1,739.20Life Acct. CD $7,362,78
MARSP Annual Meeting
Joan Hildinger Director Area 11

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