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cd dokumentasjon

cd dokumentasjon

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Published by pn
Documentation to the muscal work "Principia Naturalis" by CatIndigo Studios. Some of the philosophy behind what we create.
Documentation to the muscal work "Principia Naturalis" by CatIndigo Studios. Some of the philosophy behind what we create.

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Published by: pn on Dec 23, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Principia Naturalis2007
1 Unity
Principia Naturalis is about the Principles of Nature. It’s about how to get backwhere we started. But without forgetting what we have learned.Mankind has come to this world from some sequence of events, exactly whichis yet to be understood. But we all exist as a direct consequence of Nature. Soon a very basic level,
we all share a common denominator 
.When a question is seen from the same angle, we all agree on the answer.With a common platform of knowledge, the ’truths’ are the same.Since we all come from the same initial conditions, it is possible to see everyconsept or event in such a way that everyone would agree.
But we
tohave different views
.One religion believes in some Cause, some other line of thought believes in another.But all religions, mathematics, physics and Science share the platform thateverything is
. Either through the concept of a
God, or a Singular-ity. Or with several Gods bound together through concepts such as Karma, likethe ’discrete’ building blocks of Quantum Mechanics ar bound together through’Conservation of Energy’.We all deduce the world from the same initial conditions, but get differentresults. We base our existence upon the abstract platform of deductions thatevery culture/religion/age/paradigm/family has done and passed on to theirlines of Ages.Every different culture and tradition of thought is just as bold, and they allreckon their choice of perspective as
the Truth 
, but no one stops to take a lookat the perspective itself. Plato started it, but everyone got fascinated by Matter.But after having built whole civilisations upon this knowledge given us aboutthe Universe through the perspective of Matter (our current Paradigm), peoplestart to fear to lose
Illusion, in favor of the
psychosis of ’the others’ 
- andmany are willing to fight and die to remain ignorant. Some waste their carri-ers and some loose their lives in battles fought both inside and outside the Mind.We
choose to see differently 
, even though we could have chosen to agree onsomething that is
common in every system of thought 
. Base an existence uponthese basic values and concepts, and thereby find strength. Strength
not to fear what others think 
.Your specific illusion of existence is only endangered by competing paradigmsof thought, if you have based your life upon
a high degree of abstraction from the basic Reality and Truth 
. The human race raffines its thoughts every passingsecond. We create smaller and smaller pieces for how to describe the world, andthe puzzle gets harder and harder to put together. We have the information.Now it is time to take a step back and see the whole picture with the new details.2
So what do these artificial abstractions, these illusions of real value do tous? People are often willing to die after having based their happiness on largeamounts of money and lost them. Even such and abstract way to denote ’value’is enough to drive the easily seduced human mind past the most basic instinctof nature:
. This should be a warning. Not a warning about the natureof money, but a warning about the state of the human Consciousness.We have forgotten what
is. We don’t see the
anymore. Wesee the paper bill as more real than what it represents, and therefore we de-stroy what it represents to create more of it, effectively harmin ourselves. Inmedicine we take the symptoms as the effect itself. In science, we see effects asthe explanation for their causes. It is a general trend;We see the shadows and believe they are real.
2 A clue to the task of Music
It might be because the vibrations of Music are of such a basic and simple na-ture, it might be pre-programmed in some way...: for some strange reason, weall recognize some simple characteristics of Music the same way.Glad and sad. Major and Minor. We all agree. Nobody would say the oppo-site about those Chords. These are the basic emotional constituents of Music.And they are also the most basic feelings in human Nature.There are no lower lows than the black depth of a depression, and there areno higher highs than the ecstatic white, focused light of happiness, that makesyou blind for every obstacle that might be in your way (so that you pass themeasily (unless you crash)).Every emotion exists within the span between these extremes. The medianis
. Like our Uni-verse pulsates between the difference of positive andzero, Music does the same. Like we agree on what is a tree and what is a river,we agree upon Major and Minor. Like we disagree upon our abstract deductionsof the World, we disagree upon the abstract interpretations of complex audiblevibrations - we have different taste in music.We just don’t fight about it.Let’s make the Chords more advanced.Add a 7 to a basic Chord, and most people will feel
. Add an-other note, and the feeling changes - it gets more complex, harder to describe.
The more complex the medium between the instrument and our earsvibrates, the more information it contains
- and the harder it is to agreeon its meaning...A common Platform Of Thought is required to interpret the specific messageon a more complex level, so after having made enough abstractions from the3

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