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Published by lxtroy

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Published by: lxtroy on May 12, 2012
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100% Recycled Paper
May You Have a Great MonthWith a $10 Savings From Mitch
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The Magnicent Month of May
May is the month we associate with a celebrating ourmother’s. But have you ever wondered how this day became a national holiday? It makes sense, of course,since we all have one, and the majority of us wouldagree that our mothers deserve their own day to honorand praise their achievements. But a brief history of thissignicant day began as far back as the early Egyptians,who believed mother’s to be the patron saint of women.ey also believed she possessed great magic.Over the years, there have been many dierent forms of honoring mother’s, but nally, in 1907, Anna M. Jarvis,a Philadelphia schoolteacher, began a movement to setup a national Mother's day in honor of her late mother.Anna worked tirelessly petitioning government ocialsto ocially recognize Mother's Day. Her hard work nally paid o. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilsonproclaimed the second Sunday in May as a nationalholiday in honor of mothers. Ever since then, Mother'sDay has become the most popular day of the year.Americans spend approximately 2.6 billion on owers,1.53 billon on gis that pamper (such as spa treaments)68 million on greeting cards, and is the most popularday of the year to dine out in restaurants.No matter how busy you are, let your mother know howmuch she means to you. Remember, to a mom, a hugand “I love you” means more than the most expensivepiece of jewely or the biggest bouqet of owers.But Mother’s Day is only one of the important days of 
May 2012 Holidays and Events
National Photo MonthGet Caught Reading MonthInternational Victorious Woman MonthNational Barbecue MonthNational Good Car-Keeping MonthNational Military Appreciation MonthNational Smile Month1-7 Update Your References Week 6-12 Be Kind to Animals Week 6-12 Kids Win Week 6-12 National Family Week 6-12 National Hug Holiday week 6-12 National Pet Week 7-13 Children’s Book Week 14-18 National Etiquette Week 2 Great American Grump Out3 Lumpy Rug Day 3 Paranormal Day 4 International Respect for Chickens Day 4 No Pants Day 4 Star Wars Day 6 No Diet Day 6 No Homework Day 8 National Teacher Day 12 Limerick Day 13 Mother’s Day 15 International Day of Families18 Visit Your Relatives Day 19 Armed Forces Day 25 Towel Day 28 Memorial Day 30 Hug Your Cat Day 
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607 E. Los Angeles Ave Simi Valley, CA 93065 805-581-2340
 Auto-Insights -
Keeping you on the road to better living 
Page 2Schneider’s Automotive 805-581-2340 ‒ www.SchneidersAuto.netMay. Memorial Day marks the ocial start of summer, aday to think of three day weekends, picnics, barbeques,or maybe to simply do whatever you want. But MemorialDay is meant to be so much more. It is a day to honorthe fallen men and women who have given their lives topreserve the freedom most of us take for granted.On May 30, 3 o’clock, stop whatever you are doing, pausefor a moment of silence, then take the time to show yourgratitude and honor to all these brave men and womenwho shall never be forgotten.
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Got Peanut Butter?
Although you can leave commercial peanut butterin your pantry, it is best to store it in the refrigerator.All natural peanut butter must be kept in the fridgeand should not be stored in the pantry. Peanut buttercontains oil which can begin to spoil at warmertemperatures. Keep the jar tightly sealed and use itwithin six months.
Crunchy Chicken
2 1/2 cups cornake crumbs1/4 tsp. garlic powder1/2 tsp. paprika or chili powder1 tsp. dried oregano3 lbs chicken pieces1/2 cup melted butterIn a large plastic bag, add the garlic powder, oreganoand your choice of spices to the cornakes. Shake tomix.Dip the chicken pieces in melted butter. Place eachpiece, one by one, in the bag and shake to coat.Place the coated chicken pieces in a greased 9 x 13baking dish, skin side up.When nished coating, pour any remaining chipsand butter over the chicken.Bake uncovered at 375 degrees for 50-60 minutes, oruntil the chicken is done.
Why Weight?
While many people start a weight loss regimen at NewYear’s, summer is also a great time to begin a diet.Extra sunlight increases your natural serotonin levels,which can reduce your need to eat. With the warmerweather and longer days, it is easier to nd the time toexercise. You’ll also have access to lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, making it easier to eat healthy.
What’s the Name?
A man and his wife were driving their RV in Florida andsaw a road sign for Kissimmee. Tey argued for a whileabout how to pronounce it and couldn’t gure out whowas correct.As they neared the next exit, they decided to pull into afast food restaurant for lunch. Aer ordering their meal,the man leaned into the guy behind the counter andsaid, “Let me ask you something. My wife and I can’tseem to gure out how to pronounce this place. Will youtell me where we are and say it very slowly so that I canunderstand?”Te counter guy said, “Um…ok. BuuuuurrrrrgerrrrrKiiiinnnnnnggg.”
Egg Whites and Wrongs
Te risk of contracting a food borne illness fromeggs is small. It is estimated that only one in every 20,000 eggs has harmful bacteria in it. However,bacteria love the nutrient rich environment of eggs.You never know when a particular egg might haveproblems. Your best bet is to wash your hands beforeand aer handling eggs, and to make sure that youreggs are properly cooked. Always keep your eggschilled and discard any that have dirty shells, cracks,or are broken or leaking.Eggs should always be refrigerated. Te “sell by” datemarked on the carton is thirty days aer the datethat the eggs werepacked. Generally,eggs are good forfour to ve weeksaer this pack date.Hard boiled eggs aregood for one week.
Page 3Share your issue with a friend or call us at 805-581-2340 for extra copiesSpring is in the air and thoughts turn to annual springcleaning chores. Spring cleaning can be hard enoughto squeeze into your busy schedule. But it can beeven more dicult if you make some of the commonmistakes people make when performing this annualritual. To make your spring cleaning tasks easier, stay away from these common pitfalls.Don’t try to tackle cleaning a room without a plan. Startby decluttering any area that you wish to deep clean. If you try to clean without removing items that are out of place or that need to be discarded, you will nd that ittakes much longer to accomplish your goal.Don’t use the wrong cleaning products. Read the labelsbefore using to ensure that you are using the correcttype of cleaner. You should also be aware of any safety precautions you should take, including whether youneed to have high levels of ventilation.Don’t take on more than you can handle. It is admirableto have a goal of cleaning your whole house in aweekend, but it is sometimes better to only tackle oneroom a week. By doing this, you will ensure that eachroom is cleaned well and that you won’t suer fromburnout.Don’t hurt yourself. Take care when liing heavy objectsand moving furniture. If necessary, ask for help beforeattempting strenuoustasks.Don’t be distracted.Let your answeringmachine handle any incoming phone callsand keep visits fromfamily and friends to aminimum. If you focusonly on your springcleaning job, you willnish faster. In fact,if you are constantly interrupted, youmay end up simply abandoning the job at
How Not to Spring Clean Your HomeHere’s Two Quick Organizing Tips
Your child’s closet can be a disorganized mess if he orshe doesn’t have the right items to organize clothes, toys,and sporting goods. Start by installing a second rod inthe middle of the closet to give your child easier accessto hanging things. Install some hooks along a hallway to hold hats, a backpack, and sports gear. Put a bin forshoes on the oor of the closet and place a stackingbasket organizer in the closet for other small items.Finally, make sure your child has a small hamper to holddirty clothes so they don’t end up on the oor.One of the most dicult things to do when tacklingyour clutter is deciding what to do with those really useful items. It is easy to get too many of one type of thing, like pencils, sticky notes, or rags. But why get ridof something you might use eventually? Well, becauseit is taking up too much space. If you have too muchof one item, gure out how much you can use in thenext six months and give the rest away to a charity or tofriends who might need that item.continued on page 6

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