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05-4193 MetrohmPeak CRM

05-4193 MetrohmPeak CRM

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Published by chokrib

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Published by: chokrib on Dec 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Metrohm-Peak Chooses Sage SoftwareCRM and Accounting Solutions
New Company, Increased Challenges
A recognized leader in ion chromatographyinstrumentation and advanced analyticalchemistry services, Metrohm-Peak wasfounded in 1991 as Peak Analytical. In thatyear, Jeff M. Brewer set up shop in a smallrented office in Houston, Texas, with twoion chromatography instruments and anambitious vision for his business. After ninesuccessful years, Peak Analytical joinedforces in April 2000 with the Swiss-basedMetrohm, Ltd. to form Metrohm-Peak, Inc.Several formidable challenges arose fromthis merger between two leaders in afast-growing market. The newly formedcompany was unprepared to managerequirements for multicurrency supportand serialized inventory, and faced item-costing and invoicing issues resulting fromthe merger. In addition, existing systemswere based on time-consuming and error-prone manual processes that were a barrierto corporate growth.Metrohm-Peak entered 2001 withaggressive plans to increase sales 20 percentby 2002 and a goal to significantly increasetheir market share by 2003. Their mostchallenging obstacle to growth was thelack of a well-integrated and company-wideinformation source for their sales, marketingand customer service divisions. Metrohm-Peak knew they could not afford to continuewith “business as usual.”
Integrated CRM Promotes ProactiveService, Sales, and Marketing
After considering several competing solutions,Metrohm-Peak selected Sage Accpac ERP andSage CRM running on Microsoft SQL Serverto provide a centralized customer resourcemanagement and accounting system thatcould meet their various requirements.They turned to Houston-based Advanced
Laboratory equipment distributionand services
United States
Sage Accpac ERPSage CRM
Metrohm-Peak needed toimplement a streamlinedsystem for company-widecommuncations and globalbusiness processes.
Sage CRM and Sage AccpacERP run on a Microsoft SQLserver and provide a Web-based,integrated solution for Metrohm-Peak’s marketing, sales, service,and accounting needs.
Metrohm-Peak is able to increasesales productivity, give remoteusers access to synchronizeddata, and support multilingual,multicurrency accountingtransactions.
Applications, Inc., for help implementingthis integrated CRM solution. Certifiedconsultants for both Microsoft and SageSoftware, Advanced Applications successfullyguided Metrohm-Peak through the entireimplementation process in less than a month.Accessed through Microsoft InternetExplorer 6.0 on Microsoft Windows 2000 orMicrosoft Windows XP, Sage CRM and SageAccpac are both completely Web-deployed,enabling Metrohm-Peak to manageall aspects of marketing, sales, service,and back-office financials using a singleinterface. While on the road, the sales forceuses laptops synchronized to CRM via SoloSynch. The laptops are loaded with CRMSolo, Microsoft SQL Server Personal Edition,Microsoft Windows 2000, and MicrosoftOffice. These remote clients use theadvanced replication features of MicrosoftSQL Server to copy and synchronize datawith the central server.Metrohm-Peak selected their CRM-basedsolution in part because of the high levelof compatibility between Sage CRM, SageAccpac, and Microsoft products. “Metrohm-Peak was already a Microsoft shop, relyingheavily on the full suite of Microsoft Officeproducts, along with Microsoft Publisherand Microsoft Outlook,” observes ScottMcMillian, CEO for Advanced Applications,Inc. “Sage Software products were just anatural fit.”Seamless integration between SageSoftware and Microsoft solutions hasenabled Metrohm-Peak to centralize theirdisconnected information, address inventoryissues, and automate manual processes. Theintuitive Sage CRM system empowers alldepartments to take a proactive approachto service and sales through a single viewof the customer—allowing them to createand maintain the relationships critical forcustomer retention.Prior to installing Sage Accpac, Sage CRM,and Microsoft SQL Server, the sales groupcould only gather extremely limited dataon customers in the field. Attempts tosynchronize data centrally so that otherscould benefit from customer informationoften failed, causing sales staff to maintainseparate databases disconnected fromthe rest of the company. Forecasting,commissions, and reporting were time-consuming and inaccurate manualprocesses. The inability of the existingsystem to address inventory issues, such asmulticurrency, serialized inventory, warranty,and RMA-tracking made manual adjustmentsa common and expensive reality.“Each department from sales and marketingto receivables and customer service keptits own information,” says Jeff Brewer,CEO of Metrohm-Peak, Inc. “With separatedatabases of information throughout theorganization, individuals were forced to
“ By automating and streamliningour business, we are able toprovide a higher level of service while reducing our cost of doingbusiness.” 
—Kim BrewerCFOMetrohm-Peak
perform tasks without working from aconsistent view of our customers.” As aresult, customer service and sales wereunder-achieving, and analysis, reportingand forecasting were insufficient for thecompany’s needs. Equally important, thecompany simply was unable to deliver thehigh level of service they wanted to providetheir customers.With their new Sage CRM solution,Metrohm-Peak employees can now accesscompany information from anywherewith a Web browser, facilitating real-time transactions such as order entry, ARinvoicing, item lookup, commissions, andquoting. With this improved informationflow, the sales cycle at Metrohm-Peak isnow significantly shorter—access to timelyand reliable sales forecasts is easier thanever, and sales productivity has begun toincrease. In addition, the multilingual andmulticurrency capabilities of Sage Accpaceffectively addressed the company’sneed for globalization. Warranty, RMA,and serialized inventory problems alsoceased to exist with the implementationof this completely integrated businessmanagement solution.
Driving Business Efficiencies
A streamlined and shorter sales cyclecan be expected to significantly increaserevenue and decrease administrative costs.“Our goal is to increase sales 20 percentthis year. We want to have as much as 25percent of the overall market by 2003. Theautomated workflow will make us muchmore efficient and my expectation of oursalespeople is to spend time selling, ratherthan filling out paperwork. Our new SageSoftware solutions will be key to achievingour goals,” says Jeff Brewer. Thanks toCRM, the entire history of interactionswith customers, partners—and evencompetitors—is available in real time froma central repository. Every interaction can beinformed, proactive, and consistent.“The process of evaluating solutions andworking with Sage Software and AdvancedApplications to determine our specificneeds has forced us to analyze our businessprocesses and opened our eyes to howthis type of solution can help us providethe level of customer service any companywould envy,” Brewer points out. “Our entirecompany is excited about this ‘new day’ ofautomation for our business.The CRM solution makes it easy to analyzethe organization at every level. A managercan easily identify trends and recognizewhat’s working and what’s not for everyenterprise, from marketing campaigns tosales territory alignment to resolution ofcustomer support incidents. “By automatingand streamlining our business, we are ableto provide a higher level of service while
“  The process of evaluatingsolutions and working with  Sage Software and Advanced  Applications to determine our specific needs has forced us toanalyze our business processes and opened our eyes to howthis type of solution can helpus provide the level of customer service any company would envy.” 
—Jeff BrewerCEOMetrohm-Peak

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