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Published by Makena Lei

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Published by: Makena Lei on May 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Founder: Stelana
Manual by Detelina Monova,Multidimensional Energy Master/ Teacher
Artemis’ Ray
Artemis is the giver of life. She takes care of all of Nature and mankind.She makes the grass grow, gives color to trees and plantlife, and blesses nature with beauty and birth. She also presides over weddings and marriages. (Rich Greek women make sacrifices to the daughter of Zeus and Leto, Artemis, so that she presides over weddings and marriages.).Goddess Artemis, with an onions and a quiver behind shoulders, with a spear of thehunter in hands, cheerfully hunts in shady woods and the fields filled in by the sun.The noisy crowd of nymphs accompanies her. Majestic, in short, hunts womanappearal, reaching only up to knees, enabling her to run and move efficiently on thewoody slopes of mountains. Nymphs hasten to please and be with Artemis. Thecheerful laughter, shouts, leave rack of out dogs are far distributed in mountains, andloudly mountain echo answers them. When the goddess went hunting, she and thenymphs would rest in acred Delphi when they tired. Under divine sounds gold kifharaApollo drives round dances with muses and nymphs. For all to see there is Artemisdancing in a circle with everyone. Here the best of the nymphs and muses resting inthe green arbors, breathing the cool air with ArtemisUse the instead of on endocrine system, under its influence there Is a normalizationof a hormonal background and a metabolism, the leather of a body is tightened,excess weight leaves.The session lasts from 30 till 40 minutes, there are tactile sensations, Improvementoccurs stage by stage on all physical and Power body. After attunements it is possibleto help another, or use this energy for self attunement.
Preparation for Attunement
You will need 30 – 50 minutes for this attunement. The energy will increase duringthis time. Do not be alarmed by this.Sit or lay down somewhere where you will not be disturbed and have some quiettime to yourself for the attunement.You can observe any changes in your body, in hands, legs, and head. It can bewarm, heat, fluctuations around of a body, color visions, touches of invisibleessences. Everyone receives various sensations during the process for energy. 99% people test all these sensations.
Everyone who accepts this attunement will be attuned to their highest good and getsa fine gift.Take this time to be alone where you will not be disturbed during attunement, or there, where to you will not disturbed.
Clear reason and address to the Higher Self:“I ask my Higher Self to attune me on Artemis’ Ray energy which has been sent tome from … (your teacher’s name).”Then mentally repeat:"I accept attunement in Artemis’ Ray from … (teacher’s name) NOW ".The stream of energy from the attunement will go where it needs to go within eachindividual. Upon termination of attunement do not forget to thank the Light Forcesand your Guardian angel.
You can use this energy for self treatment.You can perform self treatments daily to clear your mind. Call the name “Artemis’Ray” and the energy will begin to flow.It is not necessary to concentrate on preservation of a stream of energy, it will flowfreely, only relax and enjoy energy. Upon termination of a session of self-treatmentthank the Light Forces and everyone who helps you.

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