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Giorgio Tsoukalos vs Thor Heyerdahl on Easter Island

Giorgio Tsoukalos vs Thor Heyerdahl on Easter Island

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Published by jim100ab

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Published by: jim100ab on May 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Giorgio Tsoukalos V.S. Thor Heyerdahl on Easter IslandSo, let’s look at Erich von Däniken has to say in
Chariots of the Gods
videotime index 1:02:15 and ending 1:08:46. The narrator Wilhelm Roggersdorf, dose agreat job with the script but we have no idea how he feels about the subject matter.For this reason I’ll just give you some of the facts stated in the segment. The clipshow the carvings of bird people the script asks the question are they bird heads or do the natives just think there are they could be helmet with oxygen masks? Legendhas it flying people came to the island amidst fire. 2000 people live there now but,scholars agree that no more then 4000 ever lived here a one time. Out of the total population 70% are woman, children or the elderly most of the able bodied men areneeded for food production this doesn’t leave enough men to carve the 600 or sostatues. The stone is so hard that repeated hammering with a steel chisels hardlyscratches it. Some statues stand 65 feet tall and weight 400 tones. The stone statueswere moved over 12 miles from the volcanic crater were they were caved. There areno trees for rollers and no evidence as to how they were moved. A legend says thatthe statues moved themselves with the use of manna which only two priests couldinvoke. When the priests left with the manna the caving was stopped. A Frenchexpedition in 1964 end with do to the height level of magnetism and unusualgeographic phenomenon one can’t rule out
extraterrestrial contacted.Okay lets hear from Giorgio A. Tsoukalos in
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on EasterIsland – YouTube
time index 1:49 and ending 3:48 I have no problem with quotingGiorgio A. Tsoukalos “I say that if they tell us who have a living tradition still that the
statues were never pulled by any ropes or rolled across the terrain with woodenrollers we should listen to them. Now it’s up to us to figure out well what was thismanna. Time index 2:31and ending 2:43 “and
Rapa Nui history their 
legends arefilled with accounts of these strange bird people that descended from the sky. Theyweren’t bird people in a spiritual or in a divine way. They had technology to fly andtheir entire history is based on a significant event that in the ancient astronautopinion was an
extraterrestrial visit. The largest statue is 65 feet tall and so you have a 65foot stone head that weights like 200 cars of today. That feat would be incredible even withour modern day technology to complete. Thor Heyerdahl tried to use the stone tools andafter a week of doing this they gave up. They said they didn’t make any progress so theanswer is clear that stone tools don’t work”.Well, finding Thor Heyerdahl wasn’t hard at all and I’d like to quote him now as adirect rebuttal to what Giorgio A. Tsoukalos said about him. But first did you know that in1955 Thor Heyerdahl went to visit Easter Island and asked the natives how the statues wereerected and published his results in a book calledAku Aku which came out 10 years before
Chariots of the Gods. A video was released by Graham Massey and Nova in 1977 asa rebuttal to
Erich von Däniken’s book 
Chariots of the Gods and makes for veryinteresting viewing. In the video
The Case of the Ancient Astronauts (BBC HorizonPBS NOVA 1977) – YouTube
time index 35:24 and ending 39:39the narrator asksThor Heyerdahl “are the statues an unsolved mystery?” Thor Heyerdahl’s answer was “no it’snot a mystery any longer today we ah actually we know who made them, when they made
them, why they made them, how they made them, and even when they stopped makingthem. As a matter of fact they were made by the ancestors of the people living on the islandtoday. And the tradition they remember how their ancestors did it and they did it in front of our eyes. They erected and caved a statue it looked like a very slow procedure in the beginning but they poured on water as they worked and when they first got inside the hardouter shell of rock the work went much quicker.” Holding up a rock Thor Heyerdahl says“dose this look to you like a very sophisticated tool or a tool from a spacecraft this is atypical Palaeolithic tool a Stone Age tool. It’s not even polished as some of the other toolsthey use. This is what they used to carving the statues.”The narrator says “after only a fewdays the out line of a statue had already appeared”. Thor Heyerdahl says “we went on for only three days to make an estimate and it was easy for the archaeologists to figure out thateven the largest statues could be completed with in a year.The narrator says “he also persuaded the islanders how their ancestors had moved the statues”.Thor Heyerdahl says“since we were less then two hundred men could transport an average statue even if theydidn’t concentrate on one statue at a time they could easily transport two or three or four statues with a couple thousand men. The island could with no difficulty what so ever feed10,000 20,000 people. Scientists have been estimating really what the agriculture couldfeed there and with no problem 20,000 people.The narrator says “the islands forest had been destroyed by fire andagriculture but at the time the statues were carved there was plenty of wood for levers. Under the direction of the mayor the islanders used them to raisea statue as their ancestor had done. They levered up each side and placed rock underneathvery soon the statue rested on a platform of boulders. More rocks were placed underneathto support the statue as the levers gradually inched it up right. It took 12 men three leversand 18 days to erect the statue.”It was amazing to see real video footage of the islanders at work with stone toolscarving and erecting a huge statue. Why would Giorgio A. Tsoukalos say what he didabout Thor Heyerdahl and Easter Island? If an armchair researcher like me could find itwhy couldn’t he?The video didn’t answer the question about the bird men. I’d like to point out thatThor Heyerdahl believed that the natives of Easter Island came form South America he waswrong about that. To answer the bird man question and where the islanders came form wehave to look at
The Mystery Of Easter Island - Part 1 – YouTube
this is a 6 part video.
The Mystery Of Easter Island - Part 1 – YouTube
time index 5:54 and ending 8:31 Prof Erika Hahelberg a geneticist from University of Oslo says “tiny island in the middle of the pacific ocean if you look at the map people could have come from ether direction”. Thor Heyerdahl believed that the natives of Easter Island came form South America and showedthat it was possible to sail a raft to Easter Island. Others thought that the natives came fromPolynesia. Prof Erika Hahelberg “accentually no one had looked with modern techniquesthe idea to be able to find out and to look directly at the genetic material of prehistoric people it’s a terribly exciting prospect”. Prof Erika Hahelberg used DNA from skeletons of early natives from the island. Using this DNA she found the Polynesia motif. This is agenetic marker that is exclusively found in Polynesians and nowhere else. Prof ErikaHahelberg “because it’s unambiguous it showed that these people had to have beendescends of Polynesians”.
The Mystery Of Easter Island - Part 2
time index 0:18 and ending 0:38 Thenarrator John Shrapnel says “carbon dating suggests that the Polynesians reached Easter 

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