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Family and Consumer Sciences Career Unit Professionalism 2 Day Lesson

Family and Consumer Sciences Career Unit Professionalism 2 Day Lesson

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Published by prop1man1

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Published by: prop1man1 on May 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Family and Consumer Sciences / Grade 7 (Career Unit)Three rules for success
Day 1: Farmer Worksheet and Mc Donald’s interview
Bell ringer on adviceB.
Farmer worksheet and discussionC.
Evaluation of ‘Chris’
Self evaluationDay 2: Three rules for successA.
Bell Ringer ‘What do you think
are the three rules for success in the work place?B.
Pictures and discussionC.
Professionalism handoutD.
3x5 cards and discussionE.
Ticket out the door-
‘3 rules for success’
Overview:The lessons will express the importance and main points of professionalism in the world of work. The lessons will also give students an idea of what is expected from them aftergraduation.Objective: In these activities, students will:1.
Identify the three major components of professionalism.2.
Identify proper dress for different occupations.3.
Explain why your best work is important.4.
Explain the importance of effective communication in the work place.Materials: Overhead visualsNote cardsHandoutsTicket out the doorPhotos
Procedure/ Anticipatory Set:Link prior knowledge and beliefs of professionalism to new material. Create a visual with atleast two pictures of workers dressed professionally for their appropriate occupations. Puteach picture on board for one minute for students to view. Have students explain why or whynot they are dressed appropriately for their job.Ask students the following questions:1.
What is the same about these photos?Answer: They are both dressed appropriately for their respective jobs.Body:There are three imp
ortant aspects to ‘Professionalism’
 AppearanceWorkRelationshipsCreate a handout that provides a map to list the aspects of professionalism and three branchesfor Work; Appearance; and Relationships. From each of these branches you will write a wordthat explains each of the three topics as you discuss them with the class.-Start with Appearance
have students brainstorm about what professional appearance is (e.g.clean, neat clothing, avoid extremes in hair length, make up etc.)Work- (e.g. neat, orderly, completed on time, what the boss asked for etc.)Relations- (e.g. pleasant, easy to talk to, good listener)After brainstorming go back and discuss important points that were made. Check forunderstanding and have students
record information.Closing:Activity time- Create 3x5 note cards. List professional, and unprofessional behaviors on eachnote card according to the three rules for success. Depending on class size 20-30 notes cardsshould work. These are some of the suggestions for note cards. Scuffed shoes; big clunkyboots with a suit; stretch pants; leather pants; skinny jeans; yelling at a co-worker; chewinggum; un tucked shirt; long un groomed hair; blue jeans; chipped fingernail polish.

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