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Trails & Techno_Text_December 20

Trails & Techno_Text_December 20

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Published by Patrick Archer
Trails and Techno: A South American Odyssey is the tale of two young Americans dodging Corporate America long enough for a 30-day, 120-beats-per-minute journey through Argentina, Chile, Boliva and Peru.

Trails and Techno: A South American Odyssey is the tale of two young Americans dodging Corporate America long enough for a 30-day, 120-beats-per-minute journey through Argentina, Chile, Boliva and Peru.


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Published by: Patrick Archer on Dec 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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cordillera:mountain rangeconocer:to get to knowPontificia:papalUniversidad:UniversityCatolica:Catholicbuenamoza:attractiveArgentito:little Argentinetarjeta postal:postcard
I rose around the crack of noon still exhausted from our
PubLicity/ Geo-Pub/Laberinto
triple-header the night before. Despite being a strangerin a strange land, I was in pretty good hands with
Señorita Gabriela
, astreet-smart Santiago native and fourth-year medical student at the
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 
. We rolled out of her crib on
 Avenida Andres Bello
and walked a few blocks to a neighborhood
for a late breakfast.Gabby was not only 
, she was also quite the scholar. Having justfinished final exams the day before, she was looking forward to having some timeoff over the summer. She told me abouther medical school classes and vacationplans and I told her about my Texas study abroad program and travels in South America. When she learned that Ihad been calling Buenos Aires home for the past few months, sheimmediately went on the defensive in a playful way. She would jokingly refer to me as
and rubbed in the fact that Chile’s national teamhad tied Argentina back on Sunday night. After breakfast, Gabby walked me to the
 Manuel Montt subte 
stationand told me the fastest way to get back to Johns pad at 3075
Don Carlos 
. As she would be on-call at the hospital for the remainder of the weekend(at least that’s the excuse that she gave me), she would not be able tomeet up with us for dinner and drinks. I promised to send her a
tarjeta posta
l from Machu Picchu and look her up the next time that I was inSantiago. I imagine that she had her locks and phone number changedsometime later that week.Back at home, The Fresh Prince of 
El Golf  
and Andy were vegginghard-core in front of Fox Sports Américas. An afternoon
matchup was holding them captive when I walked in the front door fresh from
viernes20 de diciembreSantiago de Chile
D L M M J D L M M J D L M M J D L M M J D L M M J V V V V V  
1 2 3 4 5 6
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 
Objetivo:Conocer SantiagoModo :Pies y TaxiDistancia:25 kilómetros
cuevazo:lucky streakentonado:Warm, fuzzy feeling aftertwo or three rounds of drinks.pilas frescas:fresh batteriesazul profundo:the deep bluea la plancha:on the skilletCerro San Crist
bal:Most famouspark/landmark in Santiago. Site ofthe towering Virgin Mary statue.tragos:drinks, cocktails
my Santiago walk of shame. As expected, I caught plenty of grief fornot, as we say in the South,
 goin’ home with the ones that brung me 
. Itried unsuccessfully to play down my unexpected love connection, but John and Andy werent hearing any of it. Andy brought up the fact thatI had gotten friendly with Sylvia the night before on the train fromTemuco. John busted out laughing. I assured him that it was only afreak 
and that my hormones were only making up for lost timespent in the wilderness for the past two weeks. Andy assured me that my absence was truly appreciated, as he was sole occupant of the bed in Johnsguest room. He closed with some additional words of encouragement,“Hey, do it again tonight if you can!” John, Andy and I met Locke, Andy’s roommate from Buenos Aires,for lunch early Friday afternoon at 15:00. Locke, who was heading back to the States for the holidays, had a seven-hour layover in Santiago anddecided to spend it drinking in town with us. We were the first to arrive at
for Friday afternoon happy hour. The restaurant, like much of what I had seen in this trendy part
of Santiago was an awkward attempt to emulate
U.S. pop culture. At least thefood had a distinct Chileanflavor; I had the
Dallas Burger 
. We also ordered a fewrounds o
andBloody Marys during thealmost three hours that welounged on the sun-drenchedpatio. Later, we were joinedby two graduate students from the States, Catherine and Kelly, a Chileannamed Ive who worked as a stewardess for the national airline,
and Gustavo, a native of Guatemala who was working as a marketingdirector for
’s Santiago office. A relaxing three hours of coldBloodys in the early summer heathad left us all feeling a bit
. After settling up the eight-way bartab, Andy, John and I lumbered fourblocks back to
Casa Hodges 
for amuch-needed
. Fortunately, John had a VCR with an excellentassortment of tapes. We decided to watch
for easily the hundredthtime. Somewhere between Provo and Los Angeles, the three of us wereunconscious.
 At 21:30, we woke with
 pilas frescas 
, showered and decided to havea night on the town. The road to Oz would begin in
, aninteresting bohemian-chic neighborhood north of downtown on thenorthern bank of the
Río Mapocho
is full of restored turn-of-the-century dwellings, great restaurants and several fine art galleries. Theneighborhood, which hosts a three-week music festival every January, was once home to the legendary poet Pablo Neruda. We stepped out of our taxi at the corner of 
 AvenidaSanta María
and into one of Santiago’s better seafood joints. Nerudahimself would have approved of our choice of restaurants,
 Azul Profundo
.The decor resembled his own Chilean abode (now a
museum)and reflected his unique way of looking at the world. The two-story restaurant’s interior has a distinct nautical feel. The decorations includethe actual galley of an old vessel with its original bronze hardware, oilpaintings of various Spanish galleons, and hardwood floors with elaboratehand-painted floral designs.Once inside, we tracked down Sam and company at the hostess stand. We were seated upstairs in the restaurant’s crow’s nest: an intimate, c-shaped section with eight wooden tables. It was
Pisco Sours 
s allaround for appetizers with the best salmon steak I have ever tasted for themain course. The fish was served
a la plancha
with tomatoes andmushrooms. The highlight of the meal was the tableside acousticperformance by the strollinghouse minstrels whokept us entertainedwith their guitarand accordion ballads.After dinner, weslipped downstairs to thebar area and waited forthe rest of our crew to finish dinner. It was going on 1:30 and desperatemeasures were called for. Eight hours of drinking combined with theresidual Skank effect were starting to get the better of us all. Andy and Iknew that there was but one way to revive this weary crew:

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