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Published by fivefivefive

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: fivefivefive on May 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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om hraam sarv dusht grah nivaarnaay swahaa ||
Whole universe is in control of nine planet that means whatever good or bad ,happiness or sorrow , life and death comes all around us are because of navgrah . and no one can denied their role in up bring thses events in our life. Andthis is the well known facts that when solar spots comes on the sun’s surfacethan various major event happens in our earth history and last severalhundred year history is a proof of that. That means its the planet who responsible for rise or fall or any empire anymore things.In reality , the planet acts as catalyst and as the person karm happens so theirrays are act to bring the result in front of them. In astrology nav grah andkundali (nine planet and horoscope) has a major role to play. And an expertastrologer through his personal experience and accurate analysis he is able toreveals the past and coming future event accurately.And we can notunderestimate the power behind thses planet , and when no other remedialmeasure works and if the problem related to sadhana success or related tomaterial world continues , than we have to think that how the karmafal storedfrom past can be minimized through this nav grah shanti. The power of Bhagvaan hanuman every body knows. And through his blessingevery problem can be removed. Mantra :
om hraam sarv dusht grahnivaarnaay swahaa ||
 The general rules:Wear red color clothes and also us e red color aasan.Direction may be of east or north. Morning hours will be much effective for jap.Do jap with mounga mala , and in front of you , place photograph oSadgurudev and Bhagvaan hanuman.Do Sadgurudev poojan with full heart and devotion and ask his permissionmentally and start this prayog on any Tuesday or from Saturday . You have to chant 1,25000 mantra jap either in 11 or in 21days , and then dohavan of tenth part of the mantra jap you did, if not possible arranging havanof this quantity than do extra jap of one fourth of total mantra jap you did .During sadhana kaal follow bramhchary or celibacy .
When these rare practices were applied in routine at that time I understoodthat in real this very general looking processes of yogatantra are highlyeffective and if sadhak continues the practice daily; in very short span of timeone can achieve desired results. We understood about the special processesrelated to anulom vilom pranayam. In fact one should not get confuseddirectly in applying. One should practice it to particular time period andgradually the practice should be increased. While applying these processesone should never apply forceful efforts in practice or one should never eventry to modify the processes. These processes are directly in relation with
chakras and kundalini. One small mistake can even change the way of kundalini and can cause heavy damage to sadhak. It is always better to dopractice with cautions. It is also better for sadhak to practice process of kundalini activation for some days thus to prevent oneself from the negativeeffect of energy produced which may take place on unexpected kundaliniactivation. For kundalini activation one should first perform 5 types of anulomvilom pranayam with soham beeja the method of the same have beendescribed in previous posts which is very important for energy generation andbody cleansing. After that sadhak should practice Bhastrika Pranayaam. Whileperforming bhastrika often one of the reasons not getting the desired benefitis that when one breathes-in, air comes back from stomach only. But the inright method air inhaled in bhastrika should reach till muladhar chakra or inother words till anus. While coming on the force of the air, one should apply asmuch as force as they can while breathing-in and with the same force thebreathing out should also be done. By sitting with a straight spinal andpracticing it for few day sadhak will be able to pass the air breathed in duringbhastrika to muladhar chakra. In beginning sadhak should take care that thisprocess should not be done more than 15-20 times or else it may causebleeding from nose. This way one should slowly take this practice till 60 times.At that time impurities like yellow cough, solid blood particles aur blackcolored impurities may come from nose. These all are internal impurities whichare stuck in veins. One should clean these. Now the force of the practice couldbe increased. In one minute 6 times bhastrika should be done that means onetime in one second. In one second the full process of breathing in with force tomake the air reach to muladhar and finally breathing out with force should bedone. If sadhak have practiced previous mentioned practices, this will act veryeasy to do. In regards to this process sadgurudev told that if sadhak practicethis for 5 minutes (means 200 times) thus results in kundalini activation in 21days and muladhar becomes completely active. You can imagine that with just5 minutes of daily practice kundalini activation is possible. If sadhak continueshis practice further he may control the breath air to take it at any chakra andafter this if sadhak continues this process for 5 minutes daily, one can activateall the chakras with this.
 There are 10 doors of body from which air can come out of the body. As minorway, from our every minor halls of the body air can go out. But in majority itgoes out from 10 main doors. They are 2 ears, 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, mouth, anus,lingam and navel. There is a big importance of pranayam in yoga and yogatantra. One of the basic meaning of pranayam is to stop the pran in otherwords to control the pran. And in yog tantra, air is also called as Pran. As oneof the yoga concept, for the time a breath could be stopped, the samedevelopment of the body life could be developed. Naabhi is central part whereis collective veins are situated, this is also place for Manipur chakra. Jatharagniis also situated here. In whole body fire could be generated from this place.
Fire here means heat. In yoga concepts the process is about to save the viryaor jiv dravya and from solid to liquid and finally to convert it in gaseous form.When air gets heat, it travels upwards. This way this jiv dravya is transformedin air form and it is spread in whole body. This is possible through Manipurchakra.In the first stage of the second process of the naad in gunjaran process 7holes/doors are allowed to be closed. Now in further process, we are supposedto close more two doors also which are anus and sexual organ. For this sadhakshould establish anus on the foot hill of the left leg and with right leg’s foot hillone should press the opening of the lingam. Now all the energy will try tomove out from the Naabhi (navel) but because of the agni kunda it is noteasily possible. Thus, all that energy in the form of air will roam acrossManipur chakra. This way Manipur chakra will quickly get activation.Sadgurudev one told that if sadhak does this process for 20 minutes withoutbreaking the Gunjaran then he can have aasan in the air (levitation). Becausewhat so ever air will be, it will be gathered nearby Manipur chakra andbecause of the agni kunda the air stars being spread. This way the air will tryto come out of the body but because the doors or holes of the body are closed,the air will stars travelling upwards. Because of this situation, when it will goup, it will also lift the whole body. This way, it is very complicated process andsadhak must have patience. It seems very easy in reading but in actual a lotmore time hard work seeking.Here we are discussion in relation with Naad. When one gets involved in thisprocess that results in awaken of antschetna or inner consciousness. And atthe end of the Gunjaran process, Dharana stage could be gain. In this stageone can enter into inner self and becomes able to hear the ‘Anahad Naad’.
Till now we discussed about three steps of first process related to Naad. Now, movingon to the second process of naad which has ‘Gunjaran’ (humming sound) as base.Sadgurudev have many time told about this process that if sadhak do this process inright way, one can gain stage of meditation in few days. Literally, there is deep andimportant relation between Naad & Gunjaran. Naad is inner continued sound whichoutside could be heard through inner ways.Our mobilization has a big effect of Naad on it. If the efficiency of the Naad is to beincreased, that could be done with the medium of outer generated sound and canmodulate those sounds to increase capabilities. The basic relation of naad stays withheart and to forward that energy further from there is bit tough and thus there isGunjaran Process between the sadhak through which that energy can reach up to head.There is no direct affect of this energy on Head but it removes tardiness of knowledgesources and fibres by providing energy. With this process it is natural to have boost inknowledge power and if one does regular process for some days then it results in veryfree meditation stage. And one keep on doing the process further on can hear andunderstand basic Naad.

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