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Getting Better_a Short Story

Getting Better_a Short Story

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Published by Joe Openshaw
This is a short story (about 5200 words). Just throwing it out there to see what people think. Please leave comments.
This is a short story (about 5200 words). Just throwing it out there to see what people think. Please leave comments.

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Published by: Joe Openshaw on May 13, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Getting BetterA Short StoryJoe Openshaw
 It sounded like the slow drip of a faucet, far away. Jeremy tried to open his eyes, but his
lids were stuck together. The pain was overwhelming. He couldn‟t move his arms and didn‟t
think about trying to move his legs. He was cold and he sensed dampness. He wondered what the
smell was; it reminded him of the aquarium he had as a kid when he hadn‟t kept it clean.
He finally opened his left eye, but still could not see anything. He let out a mournfulsound as he squirmed; something was holding him in place. His moan echoed.
He couldn‟t remember where he was or where he had been. He heard a car approaching
slowly, and thought it odd that he could hear the sound of a tire crackling on the road surfacemore than the engine. Reflexively, he moaned again, and t
hen thought maybe he shouldn‟t have
done that. Maybe it would be better if no one found him, wherever he was.
“Hey!” he heard a male call out.“Hey, are you ok? Call 911,” he heard from another voice; a female.
 Someone was touching his legs, tugging on his feet.He tried to scream, but it was barely audible. He tried to kick with his feet, but theyhardly moved.
“He‟s able to move his feet,” he heard the male say.
“Let‟s get him out of there,” the female replied. “Careful, but we have to pull him out.”
“Hey, we‟re going to pull you out,” the male said, a little louder.
Getting Better/2
Pull me out of what 
, he wondered.
“Who did this to you?” the male asked, while running his hands up under Jeremy‟s hips.“I‟m trying to see how you are stuck in here.”
“Stug in wha,” Jeremy mumbled.
“It looks like somebody tried to stuff you into this storm drain.”
 He heard the far off sound of a siren.
“We‟re going to pull you by your legs. I think they are OK,” the male said as he felt his
legs being lifted.
“I‟m going to try to pull your arms and shoulders out,” he heard the female say.
He felt a searing pain in his left arm and cried out.
“Sorry,” she said. Then, in a lower voice, “I think his left arm is broken. But if I can get
his right shoulder loose, we can get him out, I think. Pull on his legs, while I manipulate his
 He felt a pull on his legs, and a quick pain in his left arm as his right shoulder wasloosened from the concrete that was holding it.
“Now we‟ve just got to drag you back a bit.”

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