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Scripting Examples

Scripting Examples

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Published by KeyaraMalika
Various web sources
Various web sources

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Published by: KeyaraMalika on May 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Best Shape Ever” journal. “Whoa. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten wolf whistles whilewalking down the street. I like it! This body of mine feels SOOO good!! I have energy to dowhatever I want – run with thedogs, race upstairs from the basement and not even be winded, haul heavy stuff through thestore without a cart! And I have to admit, I look good doing it! My clothes fit better than ever,and I love the new jeans I had to buy because my old ones started to hang on me. I wake upenergized, my skin looks fabulous, I get compliments all day long from family, friends andstrangers. I definitely did something right! Yay for me!!”Here are two random entries from my Build a Thriving Practice book:“Loving this practice I’ve built – with tons of perfect clients, subscribers and customers! It’s abeautiful combo of work –where I get to market products and coach clients and writeezines and articles! I’m a pro at all of it, too. Making lots of money because I am so worthy of doing it easy! Thank you, Universe, for all the inspiration, ideas, contacts, resources andperfect timing. I also love the financial rewards, the fabulous feedback and the excellentreputation! Not to mention all my own personal miracles. Life is good, Universe! Thanks! ☺”“I love this ‘work’ that isn’t ‘work’! My clients and I love our time together, appreciating eachother’s company and perspective and I’m paid grandly for it! How fortunate for methat I love every minute of it! My clients love me, they build miracles through our worktogether, they recommend me to everyone they know and I have a multitude of new peopleto ‘work’ with! The joy of having a full practice! To continuously meet wonderful new people,develop strong relationships and know I’m helping them change their lives! And get paid for it! What a great choice I made! I’m a coach!!! Woo Hoo!”“My handsome sweetie is so good to me! He adores me and makes sure I know it and at thesame time is firmly grounded in himself. We make the cutest couple! I love his old truck, Ilove the way his jeans fit him, I love his boots, I love his sweat, I love his smile. I love how hebrings me little flowers for my table. I love how he thinks about me during his day. I love howhe talks to others about me with such love and respect. I love his attitude and openness andknowledge of self. I love how he’s good to his dogs and my animals. I love that he cooks! Ilove his work ethic and ability to enjoy life. And that butt of his – my my my! I love how heloves me inside and out. I love how attracted he is to me. I love how fun he is to sleep with. Ieven love his friends! I love our time together, I love what we learn from each other, I lovehis eyes, his camping style, his voice, his body – it’s all good!
Good idea. I'm ready to share my story with you and others who might be interested.I'm fortunate to have an incredible amount of physical energy. My body (because I allowed it) has actually rejuvenated on many levels. I look and feel much younger than I did ten years ago. And I've always looked young for my age. Everyone isamazed. When they ask me what happened I make it easy on myself and send them tothe Abraham-Hicks information and let them decide for themselves what they would like to do. I also have had the good fortune of winning the lottery recently. That wasan exciting day!!!!! I am planning a spa retreat with a couple of friends of mine so I can relax and enjoy myself while I take the time to line up with making wise decisionswith that much money. It's a lot to come at once so I want to really make the best of it.I have such wonderful friends and family and they are very excited for me. I look forward to surprising them in all sorts of ways. I know I'm being a bit general right now, but I'll get back to you with more specifics as I make more decisions. Flying lessons huh? That might be interesting. I'll give that some thought. It sounds like you have created some wonderful things for yourself.I live in such a beautiful world. Everywhere I go and everyone I see is so happy and living their dream. It's absolutely amazing how wonderful life is. I am having anabsolute ball in life. I live at the beach in a warm tropical climate. I have the most 
marvelous friends who love to laugh and have fun. Actually everything I do is fun. I have an international business. I own my own island. It has recently been approved tobecome it's own country, so I get the pleasure of creating my country's flag, song,motto etc. I get to choose the national flower, my countries name, on and on. Oh what fun. I even get diplomatic status which means I get to shoot right through customswhen I fly to other countries. I can't even begin to tell you how cool that is.My business is all about having fun while at the same time it is generating income for many people around the world giving them the opportunity to use their talents and  passions. We all love the co-creating that goes on. My latest endeavor that I am very excited about is I begin taking flying lessons next month. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and now is the perfect time for it. After that I'm going for my helicopter's license. I could go on and on, but I'll share more with you in another post.I look forward to hearing what's going on in your life. I'm sure I'll get some new ideasto add to my mine. We're all in this together.I am a very wealthy and highly abundant person. I have more money than I will beable to spend in 20-30 life times. I live in a huge mansion on 20 acres of land and it issurrounded on three sides by water in Hawaii. I love the tropical atmosphere inHawaii and it’s so beautiful here year round. I have several full time staff that help totake care of my home and grounds. I have many lush tropical gardens and fruit treesand they require a lot of care. It’s well worth it though for the beauty that they  provide. I have a full time driver but of course I drive myself whenever or wherever I chose. I have several luxury and sport cars. I also have a private jet and my son is alicensed pilot and he loves to fly our jet. We have several homes around the world and visit them often. When we do, of course we take our private jet, it makes it soconvenient to be able to just pick up and go whenever we chose. I especially enjoy vacationing in Europe. I love being in the vineyards of France and Italy. We own awine vineyard in both France and Italy. I enjoy shopping in Paris and Milan also. Wealso have a yacht and love to sail it around the world for several months of the year.  prefer to stay in the warmer climates when we do however. I just enjoy lounging at the pool on the yacht and getting a wonderful tan. I truly enjoy living a life of luxury.It’s thrilling knowing that I have the resources to buy anything, go anywhere and doanything that I want whenever I want. I absolutely love knowing too, that I am a major  player in the world’s economy because money flows to me and through me freely.Thank you Universe, for such wonderful abundance and luxury. I am very appreciative of all that I have and all that is continuing to come.I live in such a beautiful area, and the weather and the water and the beautiful sunshine and greenery is currently reminding me why it's called the Emerald City.Everywhere I look I seem to be finding people who are loving their life. I have so many wonderful opportunities flowing to me and flowing around me. My friends are sparkly, joy oriented, optimistic people. We spend a lot of time together and we often end uplaughing so hard our stomachs hurt and our cheeks are frozen into smiles. I lovetaking advantage of the giant park with man-made lake, the energy of those whocome to run around it and play with their dogs, the various beaches with their own personalities nearby, the mountain views to both the east, west and south, the city view that lights up like a postcard in the evening and reflects off of the water.I always knew I'd be a world traveler and I love how independent and positive it feelsto know myself that way.I was shopping for a new jet today - I think I've decided on a global xrs frombombardier. I really love that bed in the back and the extra amenities and space that 
 plane has. I know it will come in very useful as we tend to fly a lot with friends and family and to far away locations.Boy, what a wonderful week I've had. I met the most amazing man. He's funny,intelligent and we have a connection that is undeniable. Oh, it's so much fun to get toknow someone new.I also moved my flying lessons up and start on Monday. I am so excited. I also found the perfect personal assistant who is helping me get my foundationstarted. It's called the Zova Foundation. It's named after my two god daughters Zoieand Vanessa. We're going to have our fingers in several projects. More details later.Let's see, what else? I wake up every morning so eager for the day. It's such awonderful feeling. The ideas for my company and my foundation are flying into my head. I know the Universe is bringing me all the perfect people for all of the roles tobe played. It's a blast watching it unfold. What a joyous journey I'm on. Thank you Universe. You're the best.Life has been absolutely amazing the last few years. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. My fiancé and I are madly in love and live our life as the adventure it was meant to be, to quote from a good friend, "laughing so hard our stomachs hurt and our cheeks are frozen into smiles". I did not know life could be this fun. I havebeen living the dream I always dreamed. I penned that new pub deal and have beentraveling the world working with everyone. Writing has been pure joy, easy, effortless,the most fun I've ever had. I have an amazing writing partner...I did not know it was possible to be so creatively in tune with someone. It has been so fun that I almost can't believe the success that has come out of it. Billboard singles, grammys, We'veworked with some of my favorite artists on the planet. Sessions are pure joy and creativity and full of laughter and love. Music just flows, and it seems like every song is a hit. It feels so amazing to make music that moves people. And theMoney...WOOOOHHH....It has been off the chart. I can't tell you how good it feels toreceive so much money from something I love so much. Every ASCAP check outdoesitself, I honestly never knew so many zeros could fit on one check. It feels so good tohave this money. We live life to the absolute fullest with no restrictions, anything wecan dream of that sounds fun, we do it, from renting out a rollerskating rink for theday for a friends and family 60's party, to going to the airport and just randomly  picking a flight to anywhere, laughing the whole way. We have a gorgeous condo inNY, a house on the hills in LA, a place in Hawaii, a ski house in Colorado and of course, the house in Paris. I love being able to visit with friends and family anytimewe want. We fly them out all the time to sip wine in Paris or go surfing in Hawaii...Thebest part is, I am completely confident and happy within myself. I have found a way tofeel good about myself and about life and I feel as though I am almost bursting withlove, joy, passion and invinciblity.I have a new house with a big front porch and an room upstairs for meditation with aview of the bay. Every room in my house is comfortably furnished. Every decorationis designed to evoke feelings of joy, peace or happiness. Every window has astunning view of trees or water. My work is fun and fulfilling. I love finding ways tohelp children learn math and have fun. My income stream is plentiful and covers all my desires, including the house, Alaska cruises every summer, someone to keep my house and car clean, really fast internet, supplies to keep my classroom fun,someone to help decorate and clean my classroom.I am usually in the Vortex, and I don't feel the bondage of time. My life stretchesahead of me and in every direction, as far as my imagination can stretch and beyond.I am alone much of the time, and the people in my life appreciate my need for solitude. The people in my life come in to amuse and educate me, and to help inspirethe contrast that makes my life stupendous.My life feels peaceful and exciting at the same time. Everything I want comes to me

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