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Stage 2 Invasion Games

Stage 2 Invasion Games

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Published by Paige Anlezark

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Published by: Paige Anlezark on May 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’
Stage 2 Year 4
 Related lesson outcomes (PDHPE & other KLAs):
V1 Refers to a sense of their own worth and dignity
V6 Commits to realising their full potential
GDS2.9 Describes life changes and associated feelingsPSS2.5 Uses a range of problem-solving strategiesINS2.3 Makes positive contributions in group activitiesDMS2.2 Makes decisions as an individual and as a group memberCOS2.1 Uses a variety of ways to communicate with and within groupsTS2.1: Communicates in informal and formal classroom activities in school and social situations for an increasing range of purposes on a variety of topicsacross the curriculum.TS2.2: Interacts effectively in groups and pairs, adopting a range of roles, uses a variety of media and uses various listening strategies for different situationsWS2.9: Drafts, revises, proofreads and publishes well-structured texts that are more demanding in terms of topic, audience and written language featuresWS2.10: Produces texts clearly, effectively and accurately, using the sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions of the text type
Part & Timing Content (WHAT) Teaching & learning strategies (HOW) Resources
10 min
What is gender?
As a class
students brainstorm the concept of ‘gender’
and what it means to them.-
Students play a game called ‘what’s my occupation’, in
this game each child is given a card with an occupationor role on it. There are three columns on the boardfemales, males and both. Children are asked to placetheir card under either one of the headings.-
They are then split into groups of five and are asked todiscuss with their group why they put their card in thatparticular column.-
Children are also asked what job they would like to havewhen they are older.-
Interactive whiteboard-
‘what’s myoccupation cards’
which the teacherwill have madeprior to class
30 min
Students will discuss theimplications of gender stereotypesand look at a way to change theirbeliefs and ideas surroundinggender
Students are to play a game in which they have to placean item of clothing onto a boy and girl. Once the
 pictures have been ‘dressed’ children will be split into
groups and discuss why they placed these items of clothing onto the picture.-
The class will then brainstorm together what the term
‘stereotype’ means.
As groups they will then be asked to come up withexamples of stereotypes and write them on a piece of paper for each group, upon doing this they will need todecide together why these stereotypes arose.-
Children will then play a game called ‘trait boxes’ in
which as groups they write as many traits they can think about for a boy and a girl into a box each within the settime limit. They are then to try and write the sameamount of traits outside of the box, demonstrating that
they are trying to defy the concept of ‘gender norms’
As a class children will then discuss why they gavethese particular traits to each gender and if they canthink of ways in which this can be changed.-
Two pieces of cardboard (onewith picture of girl, one withpicture of boy)
Pieces of clothingto stick ontocardboard
Five pieces of butchers paper
‘trait boxes’

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