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April 29 Al Arab What's happening at DCMF?

April 29 Al Arab What's happening at DCMF?

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Published by shabina921

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Published by: shabina921 on May 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Article + 4 commentsTranslated from Arabic 1
 Alarab Newspaper
What’s happening at the Doha Centre for Media
29/4/2012, Readers count: 844By
Faisal Muhammad Almarzooqi
 Head of the Locals & Investigative Reports sectionFrom the headquarters of the Doha Centre forMedia Freedom, I paint you scenes of irresponsiblebehavior that demonstrate a squander of public
money. Here’s a glimpse of what’s taking place:
The Research Programme Manager(Dutch) was appointed with noconsideration to her lack of experienceand has done nothing since her
employment. She’
s suspected to be a very
close relative of the centre’s Director given
their physical resemblance!-
The aforementioned Research ProgrammeManager brought in her fiancée from hercountry (the Netherlands) and the couplemarried here; he was then appointedInternational Relations Manager, yet the
position is not part of the centre’s
organizational structure. Stranger still isthat in spite of the authorized Boardmember
’s refusal to sign the fiancé’s
contract, the latter continues working forthe centre!-
The Training Programme Manager wasappointed a year ago and has only been
 ٌرطا برا ٌح
92 –4 –9109دد ،:ءارا44  
يقوزرا دح صتحاو تحا فرش
 م لأ ما ٌرح حودا زر راد ر نو ،ما لًارد ت وؤ رٌغ دشثدحٌ ً مٌإ ،ح رٌغ
: -
ٌٌ م )ٌدو( زر ثحا ر ةرٌدل ي م مو ةرخ نود كوش ،ٌٌ ذ شا مح زرا ةرٌدًاد ٌر و
! -
ن ٌطخ تدا رذا ا را ةرٌدرٌد ٌظو ٌٌ مو ، وزو )ادو( دن تٌ ٌظوا نأ مغر ،ٌودا تاو نأ كذ ن برغاو ل ،زرا لٌرادا سو ،دا  عٌوا ضر بدا ة  سأر  لاز
،م ذ ٌٌ م )يدو( بٌردا ر رٌديأ عٌ مو ،تا  إ ٌٌ ذ دشٌ مود نٌ أ  ، ةر لاوط ار طخةرادا س و ن دو قو رٌغبدا
! -
ة لاررش  نٌ ،رط  ٌرخإرٌد ع طر ا زا مح زرا رٌد
Article + 4 commentsTranslated from Arabic 2seen occasionally. He did not submit anywork plan throughout the duration of hisservice. Moreover, his contract is neitherofficial nor adopted by the authorizedBoard member.-
A correspondent for a Qatar-based newschannel has been appointed Advisor to the
centre’s Director due
to a collegialrelationship they shared while previouslyworking together in Jordan!-
The Assistance Programme (Dutch), isprimarily interested with providing aid toSouth Sudanese journalists in particular!-
The Programmes Manager, a friend of the
centre’s Director Mr. Ian, drew attention
in his persistent effort to secure contractswith specific companies in Jordan. It waslater revealed that the manager of the
Jordanian Company (Nasij) is his wife! He’s
currently preparing a contract with thecompany in a plan to support her on the
centre’s expense!
The centre’s D
irector Mr. Ian created anew Finance & Administration office thatreports directly to him in order to bypass
the centre’s Finance &
AdministrationManager, following the latter
’s refusal
tosign letters of illegal appointments &promotions.-
There are 4 Qataris working for the centre
and they’re margin
alized in terms of activities and training courses.Conclusion:Where is the Audit Bureau?!
ندرا ًٌ  نإ زرا
! -
 رد م ،)يدو( تادا ر رٌدنادوا بو ٌح تادا مٌد وادٌدحا و 
 ا رٌد قٌد وو ،ارا رٌددٌا زرع د بوؤدا ٌ  رظا ت ،نٌإو  ٌ رشو ،ندرا  ةددح ترشٌدرا رشا ةرٌد نأًح نٌ ،دٌدحا وز  )ٌ(
ٌر طخ  رشا ع دًٌح رحٌ ووزرا بح  
! -
دٌا زرا رٌد ثدحانوؤشً نٌإزو كذو ،ةرش  عٌ ٌاو ٌرادانأ د ،زر ٌاو ٌرادا نوؤشا رٌدرٌغ تٌراو تٌٌا  عٌوا ضر ٌوا
! -
( نٌٌرطا دد4وأ طش يأ ن نوش مو ،)تارود وأ تٌ
ناوٌد نٌأ؟حا
(from latest to oldest)
)مدا إ ددا ن(
The greatest secret about the Dutch-francophonecentre remains hidden
Who’s the a
uthorized Board m
ember? What’s hisshare of the centre’s pie? What are
recruitmentprocedures that precede appointment? Whoappoints and brings these people to Qatar?
Where’s the Ministry of Interior? Where’
s theEvidence & Recruitment Department
? Where’s the
يوكاروا زكر ي مظعأ يخ و
 م  هرود و ؟بدا وا و نتاءارا ل مادا تاءارا  ؟ زرا؟رط مدٌ يذا نو نٌٌ يذا نو ؟ نٌٌا؟ زرا  رط موخد عٌوو صٌخر هدٌ ن؟ ماداو دا ب نٌا ؟ ٌخادا ةرازو نٌاود ٌرا تاوا نٌات 

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